How to Have a Great Day


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Our regular blog visitors will know that we have been reading and writing procedures recently. A procedure is a text that tells you how to do or make something.

This week we all wrote about ‘How to Have a Great Day’. It was a writing moderation piece. This means that Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther will take our writing to a staff meeting and the teachers will talk about what we have done well and what we should do to improve our procedural writing. They will also use some documents from the Department of Education to help them because the Department has guidelines on what students need to do in each year level. The grade 3/4s also had to write a text with the same title.

Our writing moderation sessions went like this:
Tuesday: Planning (5 minutes)  & Drafting (20 minutes)
Wednesday: Drafting (20 minutes) & Revising and Editing (10 minutes)

Watch the video clip below to see us planning and drafting.


Here are some of our writing moderation pieces so far. We had to use a red pen to make any changes.








How would you have a great day?





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We are reading and writing narratives. Narratives tell a story to entertain an audience. They have a beginning, middle and end, characters and can be set anywhere. The storyline is called the plot. We used a graphic organiser to find these features in a picture storybook called The ANZAC Puppy.


We also used the above organiser to plan our own narratives. When we started drafting we had to experiment with different ways to ‘hook’ a reader and make them want to continue reading. We had to try four different opening sentences before writing our opening paragraph. We had to try:

* An action

* A noise

* Dialogue

* Short and sharp

Here are some examples of how Aidan decided he could start his narrative:

I was hanging on for dear life as Dad fish tailed up the hill.

Vrooom, vroom.


Dad killed it.



Which opening sentence do you think Aidan should use? Why?


Narratives also have interesting words that help the reader to picture what is happening.  We have added lots of words to our class word collector this week and will be trying to use them in our writing.


What interesting words have you read this week? What do they mean?


What interesting words have you used in your writing this week?


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