Many Hands Make Light Work


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Classroom | Posted on February 10, 2015

‘Many hands make light work’ is a saying, also known as an idiom. It means that if lots of people work together a big task becomes a small task that is done quickly and easily.

Keeping a classroom running smoothly is a big job. So, in 5/6 Team we all help out. At the start of the year we made a list of all the jobs that need doing in our room each day and allocated monitors.

We have monitors for the following jobs:

* Laptop cupboard & computer

* Class meeting ‘chairpeople’

* Class meeting secretary (takes the minutes)

* Hot lunch monitors

* Tidy inspectors

* Thermometer

* Teachers’ helpers

* Office

* Whiteboard

* Recycling & Paper

* Class library

* Emergency (fills in when someone is away)

* Bag lockers

* Mail

* Compost bins

* Electricity

* Telephone

* Chairs


We are lucky enough to have three couches in our classroom. So, we also have two ‘Couch’ monitors. Every morning when the music starts they pull paddle pop sticks with our names on out of the ‘Need a Turn’ container and write the names under the little couches. Three people get to sit on each couch for the whole day.





We also have two ‘Quizzle’ monitors. A quizzle is a cross between a puzzle and a quiz. Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek have 100s of quizzles from a book written by Michael Pohl. Two quizzles are put up at the start of each day and we guess them as part of our End of the Day Process. You can read about our Start and End of the Day Processes in our Class Learning Plan.


Quizzles are words, expressions or lines from a song, in disguise. To solve them you have to think about how the words are written on the page. For example, the clues might be that the words are big, little, in between another word, jumbled up, at the top of the page or at the side of the page.

The answer to the quizzle below is ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’. It is a line from a song in The Wizard of Oz. The clues were that the word ‘Somewhere’ is written above/over the word ‘Rainbow’.

When we work out a quizzle we talk about what it means and try to use it in a sentence.


Can you work out the two quizzles below?


Leave your thoughts in a comment!





What monitor jobs do you have in your classroom?


Which monitor job do you think would be the best one to have?


Gingerbread Group Challenge


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Collaboration | Posted on February 3, 2015

Being able to work well in groups is an important skill for everyone. There are many times in life, both at school and out of school, when we work in groups.

Here are some tips for successful group work:









Together Everyone Achieves More!

This week we our group work skills to the test. In teams of three we are responsible for looking after a gingerbread person.



We have given our gingerbread people names and created a timetable for their care. We have to know where they are at all times but we are allowed to have them ‘babysat’ for 30 minutes at a time. Some of us have made our new friends houses, seats and beds. On Friday we can eat our gingerbread people!





Ruby all tucked in!



Will they still be smiling on Friday?


What team challenges have you participated in?


What would you name your gingerbread person?



A Brand New Year!


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Classroom | Posted on January 29, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 school year! Today was the first day of Term 1 for many state schools in Victoria. There was lots of excitement in 5/6 Team as we saw our friends again, shared our holiday news and settled into our classroom.

We began by watching the short clip below from YouTube.  Thanks YouTube!

We decided the following main messages were in the clip:

* When you work in a group you can do more than when you work by yourself

* A big obstacle becomes much smaller when you are part of a team or group

* Groups members should look after other group members

In a nutshell…

Together Everyone Achieves More!


We will be working together as the 5/6 Team this year. We played ‘Toilet Paper Truths’ so we could get to know the people in our team. This is how you play:

1. Sit in a circle

2. Pass a roll of toilet paper around the circle

3. Each person takes as many sheets as they want. At this point in the game, no one knows why they are taking the sheets or what they will do with them

4. When everyone has some sheets, each person shares one fact for each sheet

Here are some of the things we found out about the 5/6 Team members:

* Someone has seven ferrets

* Two people have five cats

* Someone did a backflip for the first time during the holidays

* Someone races motorbikes in competitions

During the next few days we will be making decisions about how we will learn and act in our classroom. Today we brainstormed and decided on our ‘Class Code’ or ‘Class Constitution’. It is a set of rules we will follow to make sure we make the most of every opportunity. Did you know that Australia has a constitution? It was created in 1901 and has eight chapters. Ours is a bit newer and shorter!

5/6 Team Class Constitution

In 5/6 Team, we agree to:

* Treat people with respect by talking politely, using school appropriate words and listening when others are talking

* Respect our classroom environment by keeping it clean and tidy

* Be honest, trustworthy and take responsibility for our actions

* Include everyone, work as a team and make people feel welcome

* Focus on our work and stay on track

* Be willing to learn new things and try new tasks enthusiastically

* Use ‘five star’ effort for all tasks and parts of learning

* Encourage classmates and celebrate achievements

* Complete tasks by deadlines

We had to make sure we agreed completely with the dot points because we have to sign and follow the document.

Today we also decided upon what makes ‘Five Star Bookwork’. You can read our expectations below:



Putting our five star bookwork expectations to work



Following our class constitution


The day was over before we knew it. We are looking forward to a year full of learning and fun. We hope you will share our year with us through this blog!

When do you work in teams?


What do you enjoy most about the first day of a new school term?


What advice do you have to make our year the best year ever?

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