Fred’s Head


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Literacy | Posted on March 18, 2014

This week in spelling we are focusing on the ‘e’ as in bed sound. There are different ways we can make this sound. Sometimes the letter ‘e’ makes the sound, such as in the word bed. At other times, the digraph (two letters) ‘ea’ makes the sound, like in bread. Occasionally, the digraph ‘ai’ makes the sound in words such as said. The digraph ‘eo’  also makes the sound in the word leopard.

Today we decided to write a short story using as many words with the ‘e’ as in bed sound. Here it is…

One sunny morning, Fred was in bed. He fell out and bumped his head. He imagined he saw a leopard on a red sled eating bread. His mum Evelyn fled in from the shed holding a medical book. His dad, Ed, stayed outside and fed the family’s ten hens.


His mum said, “Fred, is your head okay? I hope you’re not dead!”

Fred said…


Can you continue the story using words with the ‘e’ as in bed sound?


What other letter/s do you know that can make this week’s sound?




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