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We are learning about how to make inferences and draw conclusions when we read. If we can do this, it helps our comprehension and that means we understand the text better.

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Authors often give you clues about character personalities, thoughts and motives and events.  Click HERE to visit the website we used last week (and from where the text below is from).

Adrian wiped her sweating hands on her skirt and immediately checked to be sure she hadn’t stained the shimmering fabric. Through the thick curtain she heard the audience murmuring. Although she could not yet see them, her ears told her it must be a packed house. She’d dreamed of this moment all her life, spent years training her body to move gracefully in rhythm with the music. The final weeks leading up to tonight had been especially trying, and Adrian had the blisters and calluses to prove it. They were carefully hidden, of course, under delicate satin slippers with ribbons that encircled her ankles. The first notes of the opening number were hanging in the air as Adrian quickly took her place center stage. She took a deep breath, as she’d been taught, and tried to send all of the negative emotions out of her body as she slowly exhaled. The curtains parted.  


We used the clues in the text combined with our prior knowledge to infer that Adrian is waiting nervously to go on stage for a ballet performance that she has been preparing for over years.


The clues that helped us were:

-‘wiped her sweating hands’

-‘thick curtain’

-‘heard the audience’

-‘delicate satin slippers…’

-‘shimmering fabric’

-‘years training her body to move gracefully in rhythm with the music’

-‘blister and callouses’

-‘first notes were hanging in the air’

-‘took her place centre stage’

-‘took a deep breath….tried to send all the negative emotions out of her body’

Can you work out the ‘What Am I?’ poems below by inferring information?


Leave your answers in a comment!


Thank you to the ‘This Little Teacher’ website for supplying the poems.

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