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This week is Education Week in Victoria, Australia. It is a week dedicated to sharing and showcasing the wonderful things that happen in schools all around the state. Each year Education Week has a focus and this year’s focus is maths.

This year’s challenge was to ‘get involved, intrigued and inspired by maths’ and that is exactly what everyone at Upper Plenty Primary School did!

Monday was Maths Day. The whole school was divided into small groups with students from Foundation all the way to Grade Six. Each group participated in four rotations with four different teachers. The students in 5/6 Team had a list of group members and made sure everyone made it safely to their next destination.

All the activities were maths based. Activities ranged from ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’ to ‘Tangram Pictures’. It was great fun completing different activities with different teachers and different students.






After lunch we split into two groups; a Foundation to Grade Two group and a Grade Three to Grade Six group, for a maths relay. It went like this:

1. Form a team of six students (there had to be students from different year levels in each team)

2. First person in the team runs to a student leader in the middle of the oval/basketball court to collect a card with a maths question on

3. Run back to team

4. Solve the problem as a team

5. New runner races back to the student leader and gives them the team’s answer. If the answer is correct, the team gets a new question

6. Continue until time is up

At the end of the relay all teams received an envelope with their correctly answered questions. Teams added up their scores and celebrated their correct answers.



Teams racing to the student leaders for the next question.



Solving the problem as a team


Below is a copy of the Grade 3 – 6 questions in case you want to play at home!


What do you like most about maths?


What maths have you done today? (It doesn’t have to be at school!)




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