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If you haven’t heard of Chuseok before, you’re not the only one! Until this afternoon we hadn’t heard of it either.

Chuseok is a very big celebration in South Korea. We found out about it this week when we had a virtual conference with our South Korean friends. Each fortnight, as part of the Asia ConneXions project run by the University of New England and supported by the Australian Government, we speak with a class from Daebyun Primary School in Busan, South Korea. They are learning how to speak English and we are learning about their culture as well as a few key words. It gives us an opportunity to learn about another part of the world and also helps us to practice speaking with different audiences.




The conferences last for about 40 minutes. Each class takes it in turns to present a PowerPoint presentation on a topic chosen by the teachers.  Our teachers email each other with the PowerPoints so each class can look at the slides whilst the other class talks about them. This week’s focus was on festivals and celebrations. You can see the presentation  Daebyun shared with us below.



We chose a few celebrations that happen in Australia to share with Daebyun. Below is the slideshow we spoke about.



At the end of the presentations there is a quiz. Some questions are ‘True or False’ questions. If we think the answer is true we put our hands on our head. If we think the answer is false we cross our arms.


The answer is...TRUE!

The answer is…TRUE!


In our previous conferences we have swapped general information about our countries,  foods and sports. We even got to try a popular traditional Korean food called ‘Kim Chi’ which is fermented cabbage.  Our friends in South Korea tried Tim Tams and Vegemite. We were warned, but it is safe to say that Kim Chi is a little hotter than we expected!


Which celebration is your favourite? Why?


What traditional foods have you tried from another country?


What country would you like to learn more about? Why?


My Class Ate My Homework!!


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You’ve probably heard the old excuse about not being able to hand homework in because “The dog ate it.” Well, this week, Sam handed in his homework and the class ate it!

This term our Unit of Inquiry centres around Indonesia. For homework we have a grid with a variety of tasks to complete to help us learn about our Asian neighbours. One of the tasks is to research and make a model of a volcano. Sam made an edible model of Sangeang Api which last erupted in 1999 and is a Category 3 volcano. The highest category is Category 4.

Sam's 'Cake Volcano'




Thanks Sam for sharing your homework! It was delicious.

We have had lots of very creative homework tasks arrive at school. There have been  Lego models of famous landmarks, playdough models of Indonesia, models of houses, exploding volcanoes and jewellery creations. People have also created posters about currency, clothing, inventions, and famous places to visit. Here’s a small selection of our recent homework tasks:










What are your favourite types of homework tasks? Why?


What do you know about Indonesia?


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