My Class Ate My Homework!!


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You’ve probably heard the old excuse about not being able to hand homework in because “The dog ate it.” Well, this week, Sam handed in his homework and the class ate it!

This term our Unit of Inquiry centres around Indonesia. For homework we have a grid with a variety of tasks to complete to help us learn about our Asian neighbours. One of the tasks is to research and make a model of a volcano. Sam made an edible model of Sangeang Api which last erupted in 1999 and is a Category 3 volcano. The highest category is Category 4.

Sam's 'Cake Volcano'




Thanks Sam for sharing your homework! It was delicious.

We have had lots of very creative homework tasks arrive at school. There have been  Lego models of famous landmarks, playdough models of Indonesia, models of houses, exploding volcanoes and jewellery creations. People have also created posters about currency, clothing, inventions, and famous places to visit. Here’s a small selection of our recent homework tasks:










What are your favourite types of homework tasks? Why?


What do you know about Indonesia?




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No, it’s not a typing mistake. Halo is Indonesian for Hello! Last week we had our first Indonesian lesson. We interviewed our teacher, Pak Wan and found out all sorts of things.

Pak (which means Mr) Wan has been teaching Indonesian for 3 – 4 years. He teaches children and adults. Pak Wan decided to teach Indonesian so people could learn about Indonesia which is one of Australia’s very close neighbours.


The Indonesian Flat

The Indonesian Flag


Pak Wan likes the colours blue and brown. He enjoys playing badminton, which is a very popular sport in Indonesia. Soccer is another popular sport. Pak Wan really likes chilli and could eat a whole bowl full of brussel sprouts with chilli!  He would like to visit Egypt because it is an ancient culture.

We found out that Indonesia’s population is 250 000 000 whilst Australia’s is only about 24 000 000. That means Indonesia has roughly 10 times as many people.

Pak Wan’s favourite number is 9. He calls it the ‘King of Numbers.’ He also likes the number 8 because it is a lucky number.

We’ve added the ‘Indonesian Word of the Day’ widget below to our blog.  The widgets are on the right hand side of the blog.



Sampai jumpa! (See you later!)


Do you learn a language? What words do you know?


Why do you think it is good to learn another language?


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