Artist Trading Cards


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Earlier this year, Mrs Smith and 5/6CS in Tasmania invited us to create and swap Artist Trading Cards.

Upper Plenty Primary School and Montagu Bay Primary School students last completed this project back in 2013 and it was great to be working with Mrs Smith and her class again. Click HERE to see the 2013 Artist Trading Cards project.

Artist Trading Cards are a set of three small, original cards. Artist Trading Cards originate from Switzerland and many people believe M. Vänçi Stirnemann is the person responsible for making them popular today.  The cards can have any theme the artist desires and you can use paint, crayons, pencils or any other medium to make them.

Here are some of our Artist Trading Cards:




















Opening the parcel from Tasmania was very exciting. We lucky dipped a set of cards from the box. It was interesting to see all the wonderful cards and nature themes chosen by 5/6CS. We are not allowed to trade ‘Footy Cards’ at UPPS but we were allowed to trade our Artist Trading Cards!










Jolly George, our visiting Global Pal, was very excited to join in the fun. He even got his own set of ATC!



Jolly George couldn’t wait to take his cards out of their special card jacket





One very happy dragon with his Artist Trading Cards


What would you draw on your Artist Trading Cards?


Have you ever traded cards with other people? Tell us about it!



Genius Hour


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Over the last ten weeks we have been working on our Genius Hour projects.

The rules of Genius Hour are simple:
1. Learn at least one new skill
2. Create something to share and present at our exhibition

We started our projects with a plan. We had to sketch a design or write about what we were planning on making. This involved research about the best materials and procedure we would need to follow. When our plan was approved we began the construction phase of Genius Hour. This phase was different for everyone as we had a large variety of projects.

The video below shows parts of our Genius Hour journey.



In addition to learning new skills from creating our actual project, we all learnt about time management, persistence, organisation and lateral thinking. Even things that we thought were going to be easy, ended up being harder than we thought.

Today we celebrated our learning and achievements with family and friends at our Genius Hour Exhibition.



Our visiting Global Pal, Jolly George, was a special guest.


Jolly George enjoyed playing with Campbell’s ‘Drinkinator 3000’



Jolly George sharpened his dragon claws on Daniel’s cat scratching post



Jolly George tried his hand at some magic


Jolly George made a new friend - Hugo the goat.

Jolly George made a new friend – Hugo the goat


What do you like best about Genius Hour?


What do you think is the most important thing Genius Hour teaches people?


If you could do a Genius Hour project, what would you choose? Why?


How would you make Genius Hour even better?


The Eagle Has Landed!


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‘The eagle has landed’ is a pretty famous saying and one that we borrowed on the last day of term. An astronaut named Neil Armstrong originally said it in July 1969 when a lunar module he was in called Eagle landed on the moon.

Regular blog followers will know that our first global project for the year is #globalpal with Mrs Monaghan, Ms Shannon and Mrs Yollis. Last week, Liberty landed at Upper Plenty.

Josephine, our UPPS Global Pal is spending the next few weeks with Ms Shannon in the Northern Territory. We are looking after Liberty who is originally from California, USA but has spent the last few weeks with Mrs Monaghan in Middleham, UK.

Liberty arrived just in time for our school holidays – he flew in with the last post before the end of term. When the parcel was delivered to our classroom we used the clues on the envelope to predict the contents. You can tell a lot from the stamps and stickers on a parcel!



Major Clue: The parcel contained a soft toy and Mrs Monaghan had packed it.



We also discovered that it cost five pounds and five pence to send the parcel.


At first we guessed it was Jolly George, Mrs Monaghan and Middleham’s global pal. However, then we realised that we had been reading blog posts about Liberty spending time in England so we changed our prediction.




We gave Liberty a very quick tour of Upper Plenty and introduced him to Ezmond, our school dragon. Yes, you read that correctly – we have a dragon at school!



Liberty also joined in with Earth Hour. He was in charge of switching off the lights. He told us that the light switches in Australia are different to the ones he saw in England.  For 60 minutes, no one at Upper Plenty used any power. There were no lights, no computers, no announcements…nothing!

Earth Hour is really held on the last Saturday in March. However, as we would not be at school then, we held ours a little earlier. Earth Hour is a lights off event that started in Sydney in 2007. In 2014, 162 countries and territories participated. Click HERE to read more about Earth Hour.



Liberty is taking it easy over the school holidays. Stay tuned for more adventures once school starts on April 13th.

What should we show Liberty during his stay at UPPS?


Did you participate in Earth Hour? Tell us about it!


Have you participated in a global project? What was it?


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