Class Meetings…Decisions, Decisions!


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Classroom | Posted on July 24, 2014

Each week, normally on a Thursday, we have a class meeting. It gives everyone a chance to have their say, listen to other opinions and make decisions about the things that happen in our classroom.

At the start of the year we set our class meeting expectations. You can see what they are if you watch the video below. We have an agenda with some items that Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther put on before the meeting and we have a ‘Car Park’ for other items that we want to discuss. The car park has four sections and you write your idea or question on a sticky note and put it in the appropriate space. It can be anonymous.

car park

There are two chair people and a minutes secretary. These are three of our classroom monitor jobs and they are very popular! We swap monitor jobs throughout the year so different people can have an opportunity to lead our class meetings. Click on the link below to read the minutes of today’s meeting.

Class Minutes 2014 24 07 2014

Our class meetings run for about half an hour. You can watch an edited version below.


Do you like participating in meetings? Why/Why not?


What would you add to our class meeting car park?



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