Forest Lodge Farm Camp


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in School Event | Posted on August 15, 2014

On Tuesday we arrived at school with suitcases and sleeping bags instead of school bags – we were off on camp for four days! We spent our week at Forest Lodge Farm, with a quick pit stop at Warrook Cattle Farm.

When we arrived at Forest Lodge we were greeted by Paul who led us into the lounge, turned on the stereo and started dancing. We danced along to a few songs and then had a tour of the farm to see the activities we would be doing over the next few days. We also met some of the local residents, including ‘Spider Pig.’ In the evening we went for a night walk and toasted marshmallows on a camp fire. We practised singing our Alice in Wonderland songs for the school production around the fire.

Day Two soon arrived and it was action packed! Our activities for the day were the giant swing, flying fox, archery and canoeing. In the evening we had a concert with a range of performances. There was a flash mob, magic show, comedy sketches and a couple of dances. Princess Fairy Tinkerbell and Princess Fairy Binkertell were the special guest judges.

On Day Three we split up into three groups so we could take turns ponding, doing some bush cooking and playing frisbee golf. In the afternoon we were in two groups and spent time hut building and doing a low ropes course.  In free time most people played in the hay bales. There were 84 of them arranged in equal rows (much to Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther’s delight) and we worked out that there were seven rows of 12. How did we end up doing maths on camp?! To finish the day we watched the movie ‘Tangled’ after dinner.

All too soon it was the last day of camp. We played a couple of team games and then boarded the bus for home.

We took over 500 photos and movies on camps. Some of the highlights are in the slideshow below.



We would like to thank Bende,  Miss Fenech and our parent helpers Leanne, Robbie and Robyn for all their help on camp. We would also like to thank Abby, Kathryn, Paul and Rhonda from Forest Lodge for helping us to have so much fun.


What was your favourite thing about camp? Why?


What do you like about camps?


Where should we go for our next school camp?

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