1. Click Here to watch a National Geographic video about landslides.

2. Watch the video again. Take notes.

3. Use your notes to write a summary


Main Idea & Supporting Details

This week we are learning about the main idea within texts and the supporting details.

The main idea is the main thing the author wants you to know. The supporting details are the pieces of information which support the main idea. For example, in the text below, the main idea is that Lucy’s friends are messy. The supporting details are that they pulled everything out and didn’t put anything back, they spilled glue on the rug, nail polish was spilled on the bedspread and they wiped chocolate on her curtains.

Lucy would never get her room clean. It looked like a tornado had hit it. She couldn’t believe how much damage her friends had done. They pulled everything out and didn’t put anything back. Glue was spilled all over her rug, and fingernail polish was spilled on her new bedspread. They had even wiped their chocolate covered fingers on her curtains. Wow! What a mess.

Click Here to complete an online quiz called ‘What’s the Main Idea?’

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