Home Learning

Our school has a Homework Policy.

Each week students in 5/6 Team have homework from different curriculum areas. To mirror secondary school and help us to develop time management and organisation skills, homework is handed out and due back on different days.

We have weekly spelling, numeracy and literacy homework. We also complete two projects/essays each term. Details about our homework can be found below.


Current Homework Tasks

1. Resilience Essay   Handed out 16th October &  DUE 4th November (extended from 2nd November due to Curriculum Day) 

Example essay written in class

2. Maths (time) homework sheet Handed out Friday 30th October & DUE Wednesday 4th November

3. Spelling words Handed out Wednesday 4th November & DUE Friday 6th November



Spelling homework runs from Monday to Friday.

Monday @ School

The week’s spelling words are copied into homework books after they have been introduced using the SMART spelling strategy.


Everyone has ten words. Eight of the words have the weekly spelling focus and two words come from the student’s writing.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ Home

Complete the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ column each night


Friday @ School

1. Complete the Friday column of ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ in the time provided.

2. Hand in homework book.



Our numeracy homework is handed out during our last numeracy session of the week. This is either a Thursday or Friday, depending on our timetable.

Homework handed out on Thursday is due back on Monday.

Homework handed out on Friday is due back on Tuesday.

Our maths homework is a single sheet of questions that matches what we have been learning about during the week in class. It is our time to practise problems. Sometimes our sheet will be multiplication and division drills if we are focusing on a ‘non number’ area in class, such as 3D shapes.



Our main literacy homework is to read, read, read. Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther expect us to read for at least 15 minutes, five times a week.  The title of our text has to be written in our diary.


Research Project

In Term Four we will have one essay and one research project to complete.

The title of our essay is ‘Resilience is key to happiness. Discuss.’ We are completing this task to help us get ready for high school essays. We will practice writing an essay on a similar topic at school before we have to complete the homework essay.

Our research project is linked to our inquiry unit. We will be researching either an explorer or someone else who has contributed to Australia significantly.


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