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Today, April 25th, is ANZAC Day. This year, it is extra special because it is 100 years ago that Australian and New Zealand troops landed on the shores of Gallipoli. Their aim was to capture Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey) and open the Dardanelles to their navies. They did not expect soldiers from Turkey to be there. The battle dragged on for eight months and thousands of soldiers were killed.



Over the past week we have been learning more about ANZAC Day and its many traditions. Today there were ceremonies right across Australia and also in Gallipoli.

During our research we discovered:

– Poppies were among the first plants to grow on the battlefields in northern France and Belgium.

– In soldiers’ folklore (what they believe) the red of the poppy came from the blood of the soldiers.

– The sight of poppies on a battlefield gave Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae the idea for a poem. It is called Flanders Fields.

– People wear rosemary sprigs on ANZAC Day. It grows in the wild on the Gallipoli peninsula.

– The Last Post is a bugle call that tells everyone the day’s activities are finished. It is also played at military funerals to say that the soldier is at his last resting place.

– Some people think the Dawn Service started because soldiers liked to launch attacks just before dawn.

– An man named Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick, better known as Simpson, was one of the men who landed at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli. Together with his donkey, he collected wounded soldiers from the beach.


We also learnt that soldiers wrote messages on leaves when there was no paper.


Some of us went to other classes in the school to teach younger students about poppies and why people wear them on ANZAC Day. We also helped them to make poppies.




We ran a special assembly at school to remember the men and women who fought for Australia.
Click HERE to learn even more about ANZAC Day.

Last year, BTN ran the segment below on ANZAC Day.


Lest We Forget


What special days do you celebrate in your country?


What does ANZAC Day make you think about?

The Eagle Has Landed!


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‘The eagle has landed’ is a pretty famous saying and one that we borrowed on the last day of term. An astronaut named Neil Armstrong originally said it in July 1969 when a lunar module he was in called Eagle landed on the moon.

Regular blog followers will know that our first global project for the year is #globalpal with Mrs Monaghan, Ms Shannon and Mrs Yollis. Last week, Liberty landed at Upper Plenty.

Josephine, our UPPS Global Pal is spending the next few weeks with Ms Shannon in the Northern Territory. We are looking after Liberty who is originally from California, USA but has spent the last few weeks with Mrs Monaghan in Middleham, UK.

Liberty arrived just in time for our school holidays – he flew in with the last post before the end of term. When the parcel was delivered to our classroom we used the clues on the envelope to predict the contents. You can tell a lot from the stamps and stickers on a parcel!



Major Clue: The parcel contained a soft toy and Mrs Monaghan had packed it.



We also discovered that it cost five pounds and five pence to send the parcel.


At first we guessed it was Jolly George, Mrs Monaghan and Middleham’s global pal. However, then we realised that we had been reading blog posts about Liberty spending time in England so we changed our prediction.




We gave Liberty a very quick tour of Upper Plenty and introduced him to Ezmond, our school dragon. Yes, you read that correctly – we have a dragon at school!



Liberty also joined in with Earth Hour. He was in charge of switching off the lights. He told us that the light switches in Australia are different to the ones he saw in England.  For 60 minutes, no one at Upper Plenty used any power. There were no lights, no computers, no announcements…nothing!

Earth Hour is really held on the last Saturday in March. However, as we would not be at school then, we held ours a little earlier. Earth Hour is a lights off event that started in Sydney in 2007. In 2014, 162 countries and territories participated. Click HERE to read more about Earth Hour.



Liberty is taking it easy over the school holidays. Stay tuned for more adventures once school starts on April 13th.

What should we show Liberty during his stay at UPPS?


Did you participate in Earth Hour? Tell us about it!


Have you participated in a global project? What was it?


Happy Easter!


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This is our last week of Term One before a two week holiday which includes Easter.

Earlier in the week we worked with our Foundation buddies to create an Easter basket. We coloured in the template together and then cut it out. We are hoping that the Easter bunny might hear about our empty baskets and fill them for us!


















Click on the images below to play some Easter themed games.




Capture 2




Click HERE to learn about how Easter is celebrated in different countries around the world.


Happy Easter everyone!


How do you celebrate Easter?




A Football Clinic with ‘The Bombers’


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We are focusing on recounts in writing at the moment. So, recounting our recent excursion is a perfect opportunity for us to share our recount writing skills with our blogging friends! We wrote most of this text as a whole class earlier today in our writing whole class focus.

Football Clinic

On Tuesday 24th February we travelled to an oval in Broadford for a football clinic. A dozen players from an AFL club named Essendon Football Club met us there and taught us new skills.

Our day started with a 20 minute bus trip. When we arrived we noticed footy players waiting patiently in their cars. We also discovered an oval filled with footballs, cones, handball targets and tackling bags.

Students from local schools assembled in the centre of the oval and the players introduced themselves. We heard from the players who included David Zaharakis, Paul Chapman, Dustin Fletcher, Adam Cooney, Brent Stanton, Tom Bellchambers, Joe Daniher and Heath Hocking.

We kicked off the morning with an activity called ‘Sink the Boat’. Some students had to handball the balls out of the boat (inside of the white cones) and other students had to handball them back in.



We spent four minutes at each station. The second station was designed to practise handballing. Teams stood on each side of a square. Inside the square was a giant tennis ball which we had to knock by hitting it with a football. The idea was to keep the tennis ball away from your team.




We made our way around to six other stations. Activities included handballing a ball through a target and kicking practice. There were also tackling stations which were pretty popular, especially as we are not allowed to bump or tackle at school!

Watch the video below to see us in action.


We were very lucky to meet the people we normally only get to see on TV or playing at big venues. We never usually get to talk to them, let alone have them show us skills and drills, sign our shirts or pose for photos.





Lots of people made it possible for us to participate in the clinic. Thank you to…
* Miss Fenech for organising for us to attend the clinic
* Rosie and Frank for being our parent helpers
* Parents who dropped in to see us
* Players from Essendon Football Club
* Organisers from the AFL

We had a wonderful day and would have loved to stay and play for longer.

Do you follow a football team? Which one?


Have you participated in a sports clinic before? Tell us about it!


What do you think of our recount writing skills?

Random Acts of Kindness


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Last week was ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ week. A random act of kindness is when someone (or a group of people) do something nice for someone else. The person doing the random act of kindness does not expect anything in return – they are simply being kind and trying to make someone happy.

Mrs Placek told us the story of how when she was working in a shop (when she was at university and before she was a teacher) someone bought a box of chocolates and asked her to wrap it up. The customer asked Mrs Placek to then give it to the next customer who came into the shop. Mrs Placek did as she was asked and the lady who received the unexpected chocolates was so happy she cried. It turned out she had been having a really tough time because her mother was sick. She was so touched by the stranger’s random act of kindness that she bought another box of chocolates and did her own random act of kindness.

There are all sorts of ways you can make someone happy with a random act of kindness.  They don’t have to cost any money and can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Here are some examples we brainstormed of how you can make someone’s day with a random act of kindness:

Sometimes you might not think you can make a difference, but you can! Whenever you think that your small act of kindness won’t make a difference, remember the story of the little boy on the beach and the starfish…


Source: unknown

Source: unknown


Have you ever received a random act of kindness? Tell us about it!


Have you ever carried out a random act of kindness? What was it?



Last Weeks of Term


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This was our last week of Term Four and our last week for the 2014 school year. We finished the year with a bang with a number of exciting events.


This year we had a class bank account to help us learn about managing money and economics. Throughout the year we ran events to earn money for our account.

Some of the events we organised were:

* Two market stalls (one at school and one locally). Click HERE, HERE and HERE to read more about our markets.

* ANZAC Day cookies

* A Trivia Night for kids

* Pyjama Day for the whole school

* Kiosk at our school production

* Guess the lollies in the jar competition

* Two raffles (basketball and iTunes voucher)

At the start of the year we set ourselves the goal of earning $1000. We were thrilled to exceed our target and ended up depositing $1365 into our account.  Our money was always going towards an end of year excursion and when we knew we had enough, we voted on where we would like to go. We decided on Funfields. Our money paid for our admission and the bus. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the year with our friends and family.


Toboggan Ride

Toboggan Ride


More toboggan fun

More toboggan fun


Anyone for golf?

Anyone for golf?


A quick game of golf

A quick game of golf


The Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship


Dodgem Cars

Dodgem Cars


Two of the three water slides

Two of the three water slides



Earlier this week, we held our Grade Six Graduation. It was a very enjoyable night. Our Grade Sixes presented their families with a ‘Memory Book’ filled with photos, work and written reflections of each year spent at primary school. Upper Plenty presented our Grade Sixes with a framed certificate, graduation gift and a yearbook.






The Graduating Class of 2014

The Graduating Class of 2014


You can see some of the clips we presented on the evening below.



We wish our Grade Six Graduates all the very best as they move to new schools and Year 7.


Class Party & Kris Kringle (K.K)

Our class party and K.K was great fun. At the start of December we each drew a name out of a box. We then had to buy a present for this person and place it under the Christmas tree – without them knowing! On Wednesday we opened our presents and guessed the identity of our K.K.


Waiting to open our KK presents

Waiting to open our KK presents


Thank you K.K!

Thank you K.K!


With our K.K presents

With our K.K presents


Let the party begin!

Let the party begin!


Cubbies made an appearance at the party

Cubbies made an appearance at the party


Party in a cubby!

Party in a cubby!


Christmas Carols & Awards Night

Last night we held our annual Christmas Carols and Awards Night. Each class sang a Christmas song and awards were handed out for academic merit (includes effort, achievement, behaviour), sports achievement, citizenship, art and two special awards in memory of past students.  Congratulations to all our performers and award winners.

Here’s a little Christmas song we sang today especially for all our blogging friends…



 We are now on holidays until the end of January. See you all in 2015.

Merry Christmas everyone!


High School Day


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There are nine more school days left before our Grade 5s become Grade 6s and our Grade 6s head off to other schools as Year 7s.

Last week we had our second ‘High School Day’ for the year.  We invited teachers from some of the secondary schools our Grade 6s will be going to in 2015. Five secondary school teachers, from three different schools, spent the day teaching us English, maths, science and art.  The day ran like a traditional day at secondary school.


We had to follow a lot of ‘High School’ rules. We were only allowed to go to our lockers at the start of the day, before recess, after recess, before lunch, after lunch and at home time. This meant we had to be organised and plan ahead. It seemed a bit funny taking our writing folders to art!

We have a healthy snack at 10am and 12:30pm. High School students only get to eat at recess and lunch time. Luckily, this was one rule we didn’t have to follow!


On the move - from first English to art

On the move – from first English to art


We learnt about art elements

We learnt about art elements


Our English class with Ms Barnes

Our English class with Ms Barnes


The fable we read in English with Mrs Coyle

The fable we read in English with Mrs Coyle


We learnt about acids and bases in Science

We learnt about acids and bases in Science


We worked out the mean, median and mode in Maths

We worked out the mean, median and mode of our heads in Maths



Today we completed some reflections about High School Day. Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther emailed us a High School Day feedback form using ePals. We had to complete it and send it back via email. Year 7s submit work electronically so it was perfect practise for us! You can read some of our reflections below.



Everyone enjoyed High School Day and it will make going to High School easier for us. We would like to thank Miss Perry, Ms Barnes, Mrs Coyle, Mr Devine and Mr Langdon for coming to Upper Plenty and teaching us. It was definitely the highlight of High School Day!


What is your favourite subject at school? Why?


Do you have any High School tips to share with us?






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ANZAC Day is a day where we remember men and women who served in wars. It is on April 25th every year, because the date marks the anniversary of the landing of Gallipoli, 1915.

The 5/6 Team were involved in many different activities to learn about and teach others about ANZAC Day…..

In the Classroom
We read some picture books, The Anzac Puppy by Peter Millett, and Anzac Day Parade by Glenda Kane & Lisa Allen. Some students wrote their own narratives using the Anzac Puppy as inspiration. Other students researched famous poetry, such as In Flanders Fields.

The 5/6 Team researched ANZAC Day. Here are some facts about ANZAC Day the students found out:
– ANZAC Day is April 25th
– The Last Post is played ANZAC Day because a trumpet or bugle was played at 10pm on the battlefields to advise all of the soldiers to head back to their quarters for the evening
– Attending a Dawn Service at the War Memorial is one way to commemorate ANZAC Day
– Some people take part in marches on ANZAC Day
– ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
– A period of silence (one or two minutes) is observed as a sign of respect.

Sergeant John’s Visit
The 5/6 Team had a visit from Sergeant John. He talked about his experiences in the army.

Chelsea took some notes during the session we spent with Sergeant John:

Today we were lucky enough to have a special guest from the army.
– On the 24th February, 2004 Sargent John started in the Army.
– Lots of training was involved before he was ready to help out in the world.
– He travelled to help Indonesia following the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. He spent six months in Afghanistan.
– People in the army are training if they are not involved in conflict or helping.
– Sometimes people are 50 years old when they join the army.
– Sgt John showed us some medals he was awarded, the uniform he wears, the items in his backpack, and food rations.

ANZAC Biscuits
The 5/6 Team baked ANZAC Biscuits. ANZAC Biscuits are sweet biscuits made of rolled oats, golden syrups, coconut, butter, sugar and flour. It is said that the biscuits were made and then sent to the soldiers in World War I by their wives and girlfriends. The ingredients in the biscuits do not spoil easily and therefore they are suitable to send overseas.


Making Poppies

Some of the 5/6 students went to the other classes to teach them about the significance of poppies on ANZAC Day, and to do a craft activity with them. Poppies grew on the battlefields in the First World War and are now often worn as a sign of respect for the fallen soldiers. The Prep-4s enjoyed learning about poppies and proudly wore their creations to the ANZAC Day ceremony.


ANZAC Day ceremony

At the end of a busy week learning about ANZAC Day, the Grade 5/6s held a ceremony for the whole school. At the ceremony, the students made speeches about The history of Anzac Day, the Last Post and the Minute’s Silence. Students shared what they learnt from Sergeant John’s visit through a PowerPoint presentation, and a video about the poppy craft activity was also played. The Last Post and the National Anthem was played, the flag proudly displayed, and the school observed one minute’s silence.

Well done to the 5/6 Team for demonstrating cooperation and effort to plan the ANZAC Day ceremony and for showing respect throughout the assembly.

Have you ever participated in a march or service on ANZAC Day?
What does ANZAC Day mean to you?

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