Last Weeks of Term


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This was our last week of Term Four and our last week for the 2014 school year. We finished the year with a bang with a number of exciting events.


This year we had a class bank account to help us learn about managing money and economics. Throughout the year we ran events to earn money for our account.

Some of the events we organised were:

* Two market stalls (one at school and one locally). Click HERE, HERE and HERE to read more about our markets.

* ANZAC Day cookies

* A Trivia Night for kids

* Pyjama Day for the whole school

* Kiosk at our school production

* Guess the lollies in the jar competition

* Two raffles (basketball and iTunes voucher)

At the start of the year we set ourselves the goal of earning $1000. We were thrilled to exceed our target and ended up depositing $1365 into our account.  Our money was always going towards an end of year excursion and when we knew we had enough, we voted on where we would like to go. We decided on Funfields. Our money paid for our admission and the bus. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the year with our friends and family.


Toboggan Ride

Toboggan Ride


More toboggan fun

More toboggan fun


Anyone for golf?

Anyone for golf?


A quick game of golf

A quick game of golf


The Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship


Dodgem Cars

Dodgem Cars


Two of the three water slides

Two of the three water slides



Earlier this week, we held our Grade Six Graduation. It was a very enjoyable night. Our Grade Sixes presented their families with a ‘Memory Book’ filled with photos, work and written reflections of each year spent at primary school. Upper Plenty presented our Grade Sixes with a framed certificate, graduation gift and a yearbook.






The Graduating Class of 2014

The Graduating Class of 2014


You can see some of the clips we presented on the evening below.



We wish our Grade Six Graduates all the very best as they move to new schools and Year 7.


Class Party & Kris Kringle (K.K)

Our class party and K.K was great fun. At the start of December we each drew a name out of a box. We then had to buy a present for this person and place it under the Christmas tree – without them knowing! On Wednesday we opened our presents and guessed the identity of our K.K.


Waiting to open our KK presents

Waiting to open our KK presents


Thank you K.K!

Thank you K.K!


With our K.K presents

With our K.K presents


Let the party begin!

Let the party begin!


Cubbies made an appearance at the party

Cubbies made an appearance at the party


Party in a cubby!

Party in a cubby!


Christmas Carols & Awards Night

Last night we held our annual Christmas Carols and Awards Night. Each class sang a Christmas song and awards were handed out for academic merit (includes effort, achievement, behaviour), sports achievement, citizenship, art and two special awards in memory of past students.  Congratulations to all our performers and award winners.

Here’s a little Christmas song we sang today especially for all our blogging friends…



 We are now on holidays until the end of January. See you all in 2015.

Merry Christmas everyone!


A Visit from Shy and Harold


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Earlier this week, we had a visit from Shy and Harold from the Life Ed van. The Life Ed van comes to our school every second year to teach us about how to live a healthy and happy life.


Different year levels learnt about different things. Younger children learnt about making friends, people who can help us and medicines.  We learnt about alcohol and how it can harm our bodies. Shy told us some facts:

* Alcohol can affect lots of different parts of the body. It travels around the body through the blood.

* The brain keeps growing until we are 25 years old and alcohol is especially dangerous for brains that are developing.

* Long term alcohol use can result in memory loss, injury to the brain, muscle weakness and bleeding in the stomach.

We worked in small groups to complete activities, watched some short film clips and did some role plays about how we can handle tricky situations we might face as we get older.


Completing one of the activities

Completing one of the activities


Completing an activity to show the body parts affected by alcohol

Completing an activity to show the body parts affected by alcohol


Just before we left, Harold came out to say hello. Harold has been helping teach children about living well since Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther were kids! He said that we were all very well behaved and he hoped that we had enjoyed the session.



We would like to thank Miss Varker for arranging the Life Ed visit, Shy for teaching us about how to live well and Harold for helping Shy.

Have you been to the Life Ed van? What did you learn?


How do you live a healthy and safe life?


Principals’ Day


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Today is Principals’ Day in Victoria, Australia. It was started by the Victorian Principals Association and is a day to recognise and celebrate the work done by all principals (head teachers for our UK blogging friends).

Our principal is Mrs Laffan. Mrs Laffan works very hard to make sure our school is the best it can be. She likes to visit our classroom and hear about what we are learning about, helps us learn about these things, comes to all our special events, gives us opportunities to lead activities, makes sure that we have the resources we need and even shovelled cow poo off the oval when the cows visited!

We knew Mrs Laffan wouldn’t be at school today so our FAF (Family and Friends) group asked us to help surprise Mrs Laffan last week. We were happy to help!

The front cover of Mrs Laffan's card.

The front cover of Mrs Laffan’s card.


Everyone in the school signed it!

Everyone in the school signed it!


Inside the card...

Inside the card…


The back cover.

The back cover.


The whole school snuck into the central learning space just before home time. We practised (in whisper voices only!) one line the whole school had to say at the end of the speech and then the Semester 1 school captains went to Mrs Laffan’s office and said there was something important we wanted to talk to her about in the central learning space. She had seen us all arrive in the space but thought we were having a final practice for one of our whole school songs in Alice in Wonderland. Mrs Laffan had no idea we were all gathered to wish her a happy early Principal’s Day. She was very surprised and happy to receive flowers, a yummy little treat and her card. We also watched a photo slideshow of Mrs Laffan ‘in action’ over the years.


Waiting quietly.

Waiting quietly.


Speech time!

Speech time!


A very happy and surprised Mrs Laffan.

A very happy and surprised Mrs Laffan.


What do you like most about your principal?


What do you think is the most important thing a principal does?


If you were ‘Principal for a Day’, what would you do?

Alice in Wonderland – A Whole School Production


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After weeks of planning and practising, learning lines and songs, we finally had our evening performances of Alice in Wonderland this week.

We were very excited to perform on stage and under lights for two nights in a row, and show the parents and families what we had been busy rehearsing!

All of the students did a wonderful job making props, costumes, helping backstage and performing.

Here are some photos from the dress rehearsal and the evening performances.




You can see some scenes from Act II in the video clip below.


Thank you to all of the friends and families who helped us to get ready, made props or costumes, and came to support us on the night.

What did you learn about yourself as a performer?

If you could adapt a movie into a play and perform it on stage, which one would you choose and why?

Forest Lodge Farm Camp


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On Tuesday we arrived at school with suitcases and sleeping bags instead of school bags – we were off on camp for four days! We spent our week at Forest Lodge Farm, with a quick pit stop at Warrook Cattle Farm.

When we arrived at Forest Lodge we were greeted by Paul who led us into the lounge, turned on the stereo and started dancing. We danced along to a few songs and then had a tour of the farm to see the activities we would be doing over the next few days. We also met some of the local residents, including ‘Spider Pig.’ In the evening we went for a night walk and toasted marshmallows on a camp fire. We practised singing our Alice in Wonderland songs for the school production around the fire.

Day Two soon arrived and it was action packed! Our activities for the day were the giant swing, flying fox, archery and canoeing. In the evening we had a concert with a range of performances. There was a flash mob, magic show, comedy sketches and a couple of dances. Princess Fairy Tinkerbell and Princess Fairy Binkertell were the special guest judges.

On Day Three we split up into three groups so we could take turns ponding, doing some bush cooking and playing frisbee golf. In the afternoon we were in two groups and spent time hut building and doing a low ropes course.  In free time most people played in the hay bales. There were 84 of them arranged in equal rows (much to Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther’s delight) and we worked out that there were seven rows of 12. How did we end up doing maths on camp?! To finish the day we watched the movie ‘Tangled’ after dinner.

All too soon it was the last day of camp. We played a couple of team games and then boarded the bus for home.

We took over 500 photos and movies on camps. Some of the highlights are in the slideshow below.



We would like to thank Bende,  Miss Fenech and our parent helpers Leanne, Robbie and Robyn for all their help on camp. We would also like to thank Abby, Kathryn, Paul and Rhonda from Forest Lodge for helping us to have so much fun.


What was your favourite thing about camp? Why?


What do you like about camps?


Where should we go for our next school camp?

We Must Be Crazy!!


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Saturday morning. 7am. 4 degrees Celsius.

What would you do? Well, we headed off to a local market with a car load of goodies to sell that we had either made, collected through donations from letters written to companies or donated ourselves.

Open for business!

Open for business!






It was all part of our work with numeracy and economics and our quest to earn $1000 by the end of the year. If we reach our target we will be able to plan our very own excursion. It doesn’t even have to be about what we are studying – we can go ANYWHERE…as long as we can afford it!

Throughout the year we have been working steadily towards our goal of $1000. Regular blog visitors may remember our first market stall held at our school market night. Since then we have sold ANZAC cookies, run an iTunes Raffle (winner received a $20 iTunes card) and held a ‘Guess the Lollies in the Jar’ competition.  We earned $117 at the local market which brings our total savings to $635.90.

Having a class bank account and working together to earn and save money has been lots of fun. It has also taught us many things. Here are just a few of them:

– How to present our ideas well. We have written proposals and presented them to our principal, Mrs Laffan. Two people have to present to School Council.

– How to count different money amounts. We take it in turns to ‘bag up’ the money into little bank bags so it can be banked. There are bank rules about how much money can be put in a certain bag according to the type of coin.

– How to ‘sell’ and advertise our events.

– How to work together to get everything done so that an event can run smoothly.

– Lots of maths skills including rounding, estimating, budgeting, adding, subtracting and working out discounts. We were even doing maths on a Saturday at the market!

Future plans include a food stand for interval at our school productions, a gold coin donation ‘Pyjama Day’ (after our school production) and a Kid’s Trivia Night.  We might also hold a movie night.

What has been your favourite event so far? Why?


What are some of your tips for saving money?


What events do you think we should run in the future?


A Marvellous Market Night


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On Friday afternoon we set up our stall at the school market.  For the past few weeks we have been planning and organising our market stall items and it was finally time to see if our hard work had been enough.  We made some of the items and people chose something from home to donate (with parent permission of course!). Click HERE to read Billie and Tanyshah’s previous post for more details about our preparations.

We were rostered on for different times throughout the evening and had a steady stream of customers all night. The lucky dip prizes were very popular and we sold out!  Towards the end of the evening we reduced our prices and sold a few more of the other items.



Having a market stall was lots of fun and it also helped us learn:

* You can do more if you work together

* People have different strengths and can use them to do different jobs

* You have to think about what items people will want to buy and what they will pay for them

* Deals like ’50 cents each or 3 for $1′ work

* How to calculate change

* Reducing prices at the end of the night helps sell a few more things

* It’s important to set up your stall well to advertise the items so people want to buy them

* There are expenses running a stall that you have to pay before you get to make a profit

It cost us $10 for the stall spot and we put in a $6 float for change. After paying Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther back, it looks like we have made abut $70 for our class bank account. We haven’t made a final decision on how to spend it yet. It might be used to rent a class pet, buy things for Genius Hour or other class projects.


What would you sell if you ran a market stall?


How do you think we should spend our $70?



Market Stall


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Guest post by Billie and Tanyshah

This week 5\6 Team have been really, really busy! We have been making bookmarks, loom bracelets, lucky dip prizes and signs for…



We are really excited about selling all sorts of stuff and raising money for our school. It has been super-dooper fun, enjoyable and we hope you can come (if you live locally!) There will be many stalls other than ours that are also very interesting. Just writing this is making me hungry because there is going to be a cupcake stall, MMM YUMMY!!

Here are some photos of us getting ready for our market stall.







We will fill you in with how it went after it has happened!

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