Games Galore!


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One of the best things about having a class blog is participating in projects with other schools. For one of our last projects of the year we are sharing procedures about how to play games with our friends, Mrs Monaghan and A Room with A View in England and Mrs Yollis in America.

Beanbag Toss



Origami Rabbit (technically not a game, but still fun to do!)



Duck, Duck, Goose



Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules Football is a very popular game in Australia. It is quite a different version of football to the one our friends in A Room with a View play.

There are many, many rules to this game. We have included the main ones in our procedure. If you want to learn more about the rules, click HERE.


What is your favourite game to play? Why?


Can you teach us a game?


The Term That Was…


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We are currently on school holidays after finishing Term Three on 18th September. We packed a fair bit into our ten week term. In addition to learning about procedures (more here), reports, finding the main idea and supporting details of a text, comparing texts, skimming, scanning, summarising, fractions, decimals, location, data and natural disasters we also had some special events, including:

A First Aid course



– A Hoop Time Basketball tournament






– Working with Miss Newton and Mr Sinclair (our pre service teachers)

– An Athletics Day (sorry, no photos – we forgot to take the camera!)

– Winning a T-Ball grand final

– Cooking



– eSmart Week and a cyber safety workshop with Susan McLean



– Developed growth mindsets and completed a ‘Seven Day Growth Mindset Challenge’.

– Dressed up as a favourite character from a favourite book to celebrate Book Week.












– Continued our #globalpal Twitter project with Mrs Monaghan in England, Mrs Yollis in America and Ms Shannon in Darwin.



– Went to Allambee Camp


– Some of us also went to Tasmania to visit Mrs Smith and our friends in 5/6CS. We also learnt about Australia’s convict history. Click HERE to read Mrs Smith’s blog post about our visit.


– Said ‘Goodbye’ to Mrs Laffan (our principal) with a special Mrs Laffan dress up day, flash mob dance and assembly.



No wonder we were all very tired at the end of term – we were busy little bees!

Our last term for the school year begins on Monday 5th October.  It is sure to be another busy and exciting term. Check out the ‘Curriculum’ tab in the ‘Parents’ section at the top of the screen to see what we will be learning about. There will also be ‘Where’s William?’ Day on Friday 10th October, a Genius Hour Day, Grade 6 Graduation, Christmas Carols and Awards Night, a Christmas Skype with Mrs Monaghan and some High School Days. We will also be welcoming Mrs Egan, our new principal for Term Four.


What did you enjoy most in Term Three? Why?


What are you looking forward to doing in Term Four? Why?

Artist Trading Cards


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Earlier this year, Mrs Smith and 5/6CS in Tasmania invited us to create and swap Artist Trading Cards.

Upper Plenty Primary School and Montagu Bay Primary School students last completed this project back in 2013 and it was great to be working with Mrs Smith and her class again. Click HERE to see the 2013 Artist Trading Cards project.

Artist Trading Cards are a set of three small, original cards. Artist Trading Cards originate from Switzerland and many people believe M. Vänçi Stirnemann is the person responsible for making them popular today.  The cards can have any theme the artist desires and you can use paint, crayons, pencils or any other medium to make them.

Here are some of our Artist Trading Cards:




















Opening the parcel from Tasmania was very exciting. We lucky dipped a set of cards from the box. It was interesting to see all the wonderful cards and nature themes chosen by 5/6CS. We are not allowed to trade ‘Footy Cards’ at UPPS but we were allowed to trade our Artist Trading Cards!










Jolly George, our visiting Global Pal, was very excited to join in the fun. He even got his own set of ATC!



Jolly George couldn’t wait to take his cards out of their special card jacket





One very happy dragon with his Artist Trading Cards


What would you draw on your Artist Trading Cards?


Have you ever traded cards with other people? Tell us about it!



The Eagle Has Landed!


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‘The eagle has landed’ is a pretty famous saying and one that we borrowed on the last day of term. An astronaut named Neil Armstrong originally said it in July 1969 when a lunar module he was in called Eagle landed on the moon.

Regular blog followers will know that our first global project for the year is #globalpal with Mrs Monaghan, Ms Shannon and Mrs Yollis. Last week, Liberty landed at Upper Plenty.

Josephine, our UPPS Global Pal is spending the next few weeks with Ms Shannon in the Northern Territory. We are looking after Liberty who is originally from California, USA but has spent the last few weeks with Mrs Monaghan in Middleham, UK.

Liberty arrived just in time for our school holidays – he flew in with the last post before the end of term. When the parcel was delivered to our classroom we used the clues on the envelope to predict the contents. You can tell a lot from the stamps and stickers on a parcel!



Major Clue: The parcel contained a soft toy and Mrs Monaghan had packed it.



We also discovered that it cost five pounds and five pence to send the parcel.


At first we guessed it was Jolly George, Mrs Monaghan and Middleham’s global pal. However, then we realised that we had been reading blog posts about Liberty spending time in England so we changed our prediction.




We gave Liberty a very quick tour of Upper Plenty and introduced him to Ezmond, our school dragon. Yes, you read that correctly – we have a dragon at school!



Liberty also joined in with Earth Hour. He was in charge of switching off the lights. He told us that the light switches in Australia are different to the ones he saw in England.  For 60 minutes, no one at Upper Plenty used any power. There were no lights, no computers, no announcements…nothing!

Earth Hour is really held on the last Saturday in March. However, as we would not be at school then, we held ours a little earlier. Earth Hour is a lights off event that started in Sydney in 2007. In 2014, 162 countries and territories participated. Click HERE to read more about Earth Hour.



Liberty is taking it easy over the school holidays. Stay tuned for more adventures once school starts on April 13th.

What should we show Liberty during his stay at UPPS?


Did you participate in Earth Hour? Tell us about it!


Have you participated in a global project? What was it?


Global Pal Project #globalpal


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We are excited to be starting our first global project for 2015! You can read about some of our past projects under the ‘Collaborative Projects’ tab at the top of the page.

Our ‘Global Pal’ project involves four global pals from four different schools around the world. We are very much looking forward to working with our friends from last year’s Twitter projectMrs Monaghan and Class 3 in England, Mrs Yollis and her third graders in America and Ms Shannon from the Northern Territory.

After lots of discussion and voting, each class selected a global pal. This pal is a mascot which will represent the class as it travels the world. Throughout the project (which runs until the end of July) each mascot will spend time in the three other classes. We will be using Twitter to communicate with the ‘owner’ of the mascot. We will be learning about the other country’s:

* Location (hemisphere, latitude, longitude, local terrain etc.)

* Currency

* Weather

* Favourite foods

* School and subjects being learnt

* After school activities

* Any special holidays or celebrations that might be happening


Liberty is Mrs Yollis’ class mascot.


Jolly George is Mrs Monaghan and Class 3’s mascot.

Jolly George

Snappy is Ms Shannon and Oskar’s mascot.


Josephine is our class mascot.


A number of animals were suggested as our global pal mascot. Josephine was the winner! We think a kangaroo is the perfect pal for us to send to other schools; they are native to Australia and we can often see them from our classroom windows.

She is named Josephine, after Josephine from the book ‘Josephine Wants to Dance’.  Josephine is taking the book with her to read to the other classes she visits. You can watch it here, thanks to the a lady named  Pam Gonzalez and the wonders of YouTube!

Liberty is currently making the long journey from England, where he has been visiting Mrs Monaghan’s class, to Upper Plenty. We are eagerly awaiting his arrival!

You can follow our #globalpal project on Twitter.

 What do you think we should show Liberty first?


Have you ever done a project with students in another class? Tell us about it!


Gingerbread Group Challenge


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Being able to work well in groups is an important skill for everyone. There are many times in life, both at school and out of school, when we work in groups.

Here are some tips for successful group work:









Together Everyone Achieves More!

This week we our group work skills to the test. In teams of three we are responsible for looking after a gingerbread person.



We have given our gingerbread people names and created a timetable for their care. We have to know where they are at all times but we are allowed to have them ‘babysat’ for 30 minutes at a time. Some of us have made our new friends houses, seats and beds. On Friday we can eat our gingerbread people!





Ruby all tucked in!



Will they still be smiling on Friday?


What team challenges have you participated in?


What would you name your gingerbread person?



Korean Christmas Conference Call


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This year we have been working with a school in Korea to learn about each other’s cultures. Click HERE to read more about it.

Yesterday was our last conference call for the year. It was our Korean Christmas Conference Call – try saying that 10 times!

Preparations started a few weeks ago with students in both classes writing cards and buying presents to send.


Some of the presents waiting to be packed for their trip to Korea

Some of the presents waiting to be packed for their trip to Korea


Some of our present waiting to be packed

All set and ready to send. Do you think we used enough packing tape?



Presents from our friends in Korea


Unpacking our parcel from Korea

Unpacking our parcel from Korea


It was great fun opening our presents. We counted to three and all unwrapped our presents – even though we were in different countries! We took turns singing Christmas songs and then sang some songs together in English.












Thank you to all our friends for teaching us about Korea throughout the year and for our wonderful presents this week.


What questions would you ask our friends in Korea?


What is your favourite Christmas song?


Team Challenges


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Together Everyone Achieves More.


Every Monday we work in teams to solve a different team challenge. We have approximately 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the challenge) to work with our team members who are selected randomly. Sometimes we draw a coloured counter out of a tin and work with other people who have the same coloured and shaped counter.  Today the first person on the Grade Six roll worked with the first person on the Grade Five roll and so on. Sometimes we work in teams of three and sometimes just with a partner.

Here are the challenges from the first two weeks of this term. Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek found them on this website. They are based on logic. Can you solve them?


Today we worked with a partner to build the tallest ‘House of Cards.’ We had five minutes and one pack of cards.

IMG_4508 IMG_4509 IMG_4511 IMG_4512 IMG_4513 IMG_4514 IMG_4515 IMG_4516 IMG_4518 IMG_4521 IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4524


Our team challenges have helped us:

* Work with different people. Sometimes we prefer to work with our close friends and miss out on working with new people.

* Keep trying new things even when they are difficult. Lots of our cards fell down today but we didn’t give up!

* Take on different roles in groups to solve the challenge. We have to share the jobs and take turns. Good team members also encourage other members of the team and share ideas.

* Organise ourselves and equipment so we can straight away – there’s a time limit and every second counts!

* Choose a good spot to work and make sure everyone in the team can see or join in with the challenge.


What do you like most about working in teams?


Apart from at school, when do you work in a team?


What are the benefits of working in teams?


Have you got an idea for our next team challenge? Share it with us!



Giant Caterpillars, Candles & Spring


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For much of this year, the students in 5/6 Team have been working with UPPS’s amazing art teacher, Mrs Lewis, to create giant lanterns. When combined, the lanterns formed giant caterpillars.

The following excerpt is from The City of Whittlesea’s website

For the past 3 years we have been engaging in a collaborative art project in the Whittlesea Township and surroundings areas, as part of a community recovery and readiness process. Each year, people from local areas parade together as a personal, public and collective ritual to welcome Spring, reflect on the effect of enforced change in our lives and look to the future together.

Earlier tonight the lanterns were the feature piece in the ‘Into the Light’ lantern parade. There were other schools at the parade as well. Lots of people carried lanterns of all shapes and sizes and lit up the local showgrounds in order to welcome Spring.

Congratulations to Mrs Lewis and all the 5/6 students who built the lanterns and a special thank you to those students who were able to attend the parade.  A job very well done!


What was your favourite part of the parade?


Have you ever been in a parade? Tell us about it!


If you made a lantern, what would it be like?





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If you haven’t heard of Chuseok before, you’re not the only one! Until this afternoon we hadn’t heard of it either.

Chuseok is a very big celebration in South Korea. We found out about it this week when we had a virtual conference with our South Korean friends. Each fortnight, as part of the Asia ConneXions project run by the University of New England and supported by the Australian Government, we speak with a class from Daebyun Primary School in Busan, South Korea. They are learning how to speak English and we are learning about their culture as well as a few key words. It gives us an opportunity to learn about another part of the world and also helps us to practice speaking with different audiences.




The conferences last for about 40 minutes. Each class takes it in turns to present a PowerPoint presentation on a topic chosen by the teachers.  Our teachers email each other with the PowerPoints so each class can look at the slides whilst the other class talks about them. This week’s focus was on festivals and celebrations. You can see the presentation  Daebyun shared with us below.



We chose a few celebrations that happen in Australia to share with Daebyun. Below is the slideshow we spoke about.



At the end of the presentations there is a quiz. Some questions are ‘True or False’ questions. If we think the answer is true we put our hands on our head. If we think the answer is false we cross our arms.


The answer is...TRUE!

The answer is…TRUE!


In our previous conferences we have swapped general information about our countries,  foods and sports. We even got to try a popular traditional Korean food called ‘Kim Chi’ which is fermented cabbage.  Our friends in South Korea tried Tim Tams and Vegemite. We were warned, but it is safe to say that Kim Chi is a little hotter than we expected!


Which celebration is your favourite? Why?


What traditional foods have you tried from another country?


What country would you like to learn more about? Why?


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