A Brand New Year!


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Welcome to the 2015 school year! Today was the first day of Term 1 for many state schools in Victoria. There was lots of excitement in 5/6 Team as we saw our friends again, shared our holiday news and settled into our classroom.

We began by watching the short clip below from YouTube.  Thanks YouTube!

We decided the following main messages were in the clip:

* When you work in a group you can do more than when you work by yourself

* A big obstacle becomes much smaller when you are part of a team or group

* Groups members should look after other group members

In a nutshell…

Together Everyone Achieves More!


We will be working together as the 5/6 Team this year. We played ‘Toilet Paper Truths’ so we could get to know the people in our team. This is how you play:

1. Sit in a circle

2. Pass a roll of toilet paper around the circle

3. Each person takes as many sheets as they want. At this point in the game, no one knows why they are taking the sheets or what they will do with them

4. When everyone has some sheets, each person shares one fact for each sheet

Here are some of the things we found out about the 5/6 Team members:

* Someone has seven ferrets

* Two people have five cats

* Someone did a backflip for the first time during the holidays

* Someone races motorbikes in competitions

During the next few days we will be making decisions about how we will learn and act in our classroom. Today we brainstormed and decided on our ‘Class Code’ or ‘Class Constitution’. It is a set of rules we will follow to make sure we make the most of every opportunity. Did you know that Australia has a constitution? It was created in 1901 and has eight chapters. Ours is a bit newer and shorter!

5/6 Team Class Constitution

In 5/6 Team, we agree to:

* Treat people with respect by talking politely, using school appropriate words and listening when others are talking

* Respect our classroom environment by keeping it clean and tidy

* Be honest, trustworthy and take responsibility for our actions

* Include everyone, work as a team and make people feel welcome

* Focus on our work and stay on track

* Be willing to learn new things and try new tasks enthusiastically

* Use ‘five star’ effort for all tasks and parts of learning

* Encourage classmates and celebrate achievements

* Complete tasks by deadlines

We had to make sure we agreed completely with the dot points because we have to sign and follow the document.

Today we also decided upon what makes ‘Five Star Bookwork’. You can read our expectations below:



Putting our five star bookwork expectations to work



Following our class constitution


The day was over before we knew it. We are looking forward to a year full of learning and fun. We hope you will share our year with us through this blog!

When do you work in teams?


What do you enjoy most about the first day of a new school term?


What advice do you have to make our year the best year ever?

Last Weeks of Term


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This was our last week of Term Four and our last week for the 2014 school year. We finished the year with a bang with a number of exciting events.


This year we had a class bank account to help us learn about managing money and economics. Throughout the year we ran events to earn money for our account.

Some of the events we organised were:

* Two market stalls (one at school and one locally). Click HERE, HERE and HERE to read more about our markets.

* ANZAC Day cookies

* A Trivia Night for kids

* Pyjama Day for the whole school

* Kiosk at our school production

* Guess the lollies in the jar competition

* Two raffles (basketball and iTunes voucher)

At the start of the year we set ourselves the goal of earning $1000. We were thrilled to exceed our target and ended up depositing $1365 into our account.  Our money was always going towards an end of year excursion and when we knew we had enough, we voted on where we would like to go. We decided on Funfields. Our money paid for our admission and the bus. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the year with our friends and family.


Toboggan Ride

Toboggan Ride


More toboggan fun

More toboggan fun


Anyone for golf?

Anyone for golf?


A quick game of golf

A quick game of golf


The Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship


Dodgem Cars

Dodgem Cars


Two of the three water slides

Two of the three water slides



Earlier this week, we held our Grade Six Graduation. It was a very enjoyable night. Our Grade Sixes presented their families with a ‘Memory Book’ filled with photos, work and written reflections of each year spent at primary school. Upper Plenty presented our Grade Sixes with a framed certificate, graduation gift and a yearbook.






The Graduating Class of 2014

The Graduating Class of 2014


You can see some of the clips we presented on the evening below.



We wish our Grade Six Graduates all the very best as they move to new schools and Year 7.


Class Party & Kris Kringle (K.K)

Our class party and K.K was great fun. At the start of December we each drew a name out of a box. We then had to buy a present for this person and place it under the Christmas tree – without them knowing! On Wednesday we opened our presents and guessed the identity of our K.K.


Waiting to open our KK presents

Waiting to open our KK presents


Thank you K.K!

Thank you K.K!


With our K.K presents

With our K.K presents


Let the party begin!

Let the party begin!


Cubbies made an appearance at the party

Cubbies made an appearance at the party


Party in a cubby!

Party in a cubby!


Christmas Carols & Awards Night

Last night we held our annual Christmas Carols and Awards Night. Each class sang a Christmas song and awards were handed out for academic merit (includes effort, achievement, behaviour), sports achievement, citizenship, art and two special awards in memory of past students.  Congratulations to all our performers and award winners.

Here’s a little Christmas song we sang today especially for all our blogging friends…



 We are now on holidays until the end of January. See you all in 2015.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Class Meetings…Decisions, Decisions!


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Each week, normally on a Thursday, we have a class meeting. It gives everyone a chance to have their say, listen to other opinions and make decisions about the things that happen in our classroom.

At the start of the year we set our class meeting expectations. You can see what they are if you watch the video below. We have an agenda with some items that Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther put on before the meeting and we have a ‘Car Park’ for other items that we want to discuss. The car park has four sections and you write your idea or question on a sticky note and put it in the appropriate space. It can be anonymous.

car park

There are two chair people and a minutes secretary. These are three of our classroom monitor jobs and they are very popular! We swap monitor jobs throughout the year so different people can have an opportunity to lead our class meetings. Click on the link below to read the minutes of today’s meeting.

Class Minutes 2014 24 07 2014

Our class meetings run for about half an hour. You can watch an edited version below.


Do you like participating in meetings? Why/Why not?


What would you add to our class meeting car park?



Market Stall


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Guest post by Billie and Tanyshah

This week 5\6 Team have been really, really busy! We have been making bookmarks, loom bracelets, lucky dip prizes and signs for…



We are really excited about selling all sorts of stuff and raising money for our school. It has been super-dooper fun, enjoyable and we hope you can come (if you live locally!) There will be many stalls other than ours that are also very interesting. Just writing this is making me hungry because there is going to be a cupcake stall, MMM YUMMY!!

Here are some photos of us getting ready for our market stall.







We will fill you in with how it went after it has happened!

Three Out of 38


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Guest Post by the only two students at school at 9:30am

There were only three students out of 38 today when school started at 9am. Can you guess why?


The small Grade 5/6 Team

The small Grade 5/6 Team


Well, we’ll tell you.  It is because there is a problem with the water and the sewerage.  The toilets are not working and neither are the water taps.  So that’s a bummer.

But, the good part about it is that there were four girls (including Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther) and one boy.  The boy had to go home so it’s a girls room now!

We get to do anything we want to do but we’re not allowed to trash the classroom!  After this blog post we are going to sort out all our class library books into categories.  We’re going home soon.

And then there were none…

Last 'dog' standing - Scruffy our class mascot.

Last ‘dog’ standing – Scruffy our class mascot.


The sewerage leaked over the weekend which is why there was no water at school today – the leak emptied our water tanks.  The water trucks are busy helping fight the nearby bushfires so were unable to deliver any water today.  Students have been asked to stay at home tomorrow, if they can, as our water tanks haven’t been refilled.  Hopefully it should be school as usual on Wednesday.


Have you ever not gone to school for an unusual reason?


Has the power ever gone off at your school for quite a while?


Our Perfect Classroom


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Today in our TEAM program, our task was to either write a descriptive paragraph or an acrostic poem about what our Perfect Classroom would be like.

Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek modelled an acrostic poem on the board, then the students had their turn! Here are some examples of our work. (Click on the photo to enlarge!)

IMG_2871 IMG_2872 IMG_2873 IMG_2875 IMG_2876 IMG_2877 IMG_2878 IMG_2879 IMG_2881 IMG_2882 IMG_2883 IMG_2884 IMG_2885 IMG_2886 IMG_2887 IMG_2888 IMG_2889 IMG_2890 IMG_2891 IMG_2892

After we finished our acrostic poems and descriptions, we combined our ideas into a class vision and mission statement. We wrote and agreed on the following vision and mission statement:

Vision and Mission Statement

What do you think makes a ‘perfect classroom’?

How will you work towards achieving the ‘perfect classroom?


We’re Back!


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Today was the first day of Term 1, 2014. We were really excited to be back at school to see our friends again and check out our new room. It was a busy day which went really fast.

For the first seven days we are participating in the T.E.A.M Program. It stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. Together we will be making decisions about how our classroom will run and how we will learn. We will also be learning new things about each other.

One of the things we worked on today was our Class Constitution, or Class Code.  A constitution is basically a set of rules.  Australia has one and we watched a short video clip to learn a bit more about it.  Click HERE to watch it.  There are eight chapters in Australia’s Constitution and five parts in the 5/6 Constitution.  We worked in small teams to create:

Learning Expectations

Behavioural Expectations

Organisational Expectations

Rewards and Consequences Processes

Administration Procedures


The Organisational Chapter Draft

The Organisational Chapter Draft


Rewards and Consequences Draft

Rewards and Consequences Draft


You can read our draft Class Constitution below.  We will be voting tomorrow on whether or not to use it.


What do you like about our Class Constitution?

What should we change?


Do you have a Class Constitution? What are some of your rules?

A Room with A View…or Two


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This post is inspired by Mrs Monaghan’s comment and her latest blog post on her class blog.  Mrs Monaghan’s Class 2 in England call their blog ‘A Room with A View’ and you can see why when you look at the photo below.


The view from Mrs Monaghan's classroom of Middleham Castle

The view from Mrs Monaghan’s classroom of Middleham Castle


Like Class 2, we have a lot of windows in our classroom.  Two of our four walls are largely windows.  On one side we look out into the playground.  We can see the new oval (behind the fence).  On the far side of the oval there are containers growing vegetables.


View 2

Our school oval


Out of the windows on the other side of the classroom we can see a farmer’s paddocks.  Behind the paddocks is ‘Mount Disappointment.’   The mountain was named by Australian explorers Hume and Hovell.  They climbed to the summit, hoping to  view the distant Port Phillip Bay. Unfortunately, the mountain’s many trees stopped them seeing the bay and they were very disappointed.  In the very far distance you might be able to see burnt trees from the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009.


A farmer's paddocks

A farmer’s paddocks


If you look outside your window right now, what can you see?


New Classroom


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At the end of 2013 work began on our 2014 classroom. In its previous life at Upper Plenty it was the library and art rooms. It is a double portable/relocatable that has now been redesigned for team teaching – perfect for us! We have had new carpet, new paint, new sinks, new benches, new cupboards put in and old walls taken out.  To give you an idea of what it looks like at the moment, watch the slideshow below.



Over the holidays Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther will finish setting it up. It will be spick and span by Thursday 30th January, the first day of Term 1, 2014 for students at UPPS.


What does your ideal classroom look like?


Any advice for Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther?



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