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Yesterday we put a spin on the traditional ‘Genius Hour’ model we have previously used. Instead of spending one hour a week over ten weeks working on a project, we spent one whole day.

You can read about our previous Genius Hour projects HERE, HERE and HERE.

We decided to change the time frame for our last Genius Hour of the year. Some of us have completed three projects and we have all completed one round following the traditional one hour a week time frame. Changing to one whole day meant we had to think and plan differently. It presented new challenges and new opportunities.

Our plans were submitted ten days before ‘Genius Hour Day’ for approval. We had to think carefully about what we could achieve in five hours. It was tricky making sure our project wouldn’t be finished in one hour and didn’t need more than five hours. We used our experiences from previous projects to guide our thinking. We knew the day was nearly here when equipment and tools started appearing in our classroom last Friday.

You can view our Genius Hour journey in the video below.

Genius Hour has taught us a lot about thinking ahead, organisation, problem solving and a number of skills specific to our individual projects such as working with wood, art and craft, embroidery and using technology. We have also discovered that it is very important to have a Plan B and to think creatively to solve problems. It is amazing what can be achieved with a little bit of imagination, creativity, persistence and lateral thinking.


Plan A


Do you prefer a whole day to work on a project or ten separate hours? Why?


What has Genius Hour taught you?


If you could do any Genius Hour project, what would it be?

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What an amazing day!!! I was soooo impressed with the huge variety of inventions and the very high calibre of each and every one of them! They were all so different too! I certainly couldn’t pick a favourite, but being a big fan of dogs and lollies, I did quite like the doggie bone shaped dog bowl holder and the lolly dispenser!!!
Everyone in Grade 5/6 should be extremely proud of themselves. Congratulations everyone! Once again, I feel so lucky and privileged to be a part of such a wonderful school!

Hello everyone,

What a day Genius Hour was! Having a whole day with no maths, reading or writing was definitely a day to remember. This round in Genius Hour I made a bookshelf that was light enough to hang on my bedroom wall.

I thought that having a full day of Genius Hour was much better than having only one hour a week because you always had to stop and start and it was hard to remember what you were going to do from your genius idea from the week before.

Genius Day was the BEST!!!

See ya,
from Campbell

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