Should Swimming Lessons be Compulsory in all Schools?


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This is the first week of our three week swimming program.  During the program we will participate in nine, forty five minute lessons.

Earlier in the week we watched two clips from Behind the News, or BTN to its regular viewers.





When we watched the BTN clips we paid particular attention to the modal verbs used. Modal verbs tell us how likely something is to happen. For example, ‘could’, ‘should’, ‘would’ and ‘might’ are all model verbs. Modal verbs influence the reader and authors choose particular verbs deliberately. We will be experimenting with our choice of modal verbs in our own persuasive texts this week.

Both clips include reasons for and against making swimming lessons compulsory in schools. We organised the reasons in a table. This will form part of our plan for our own text.


There is no right or wrong answer to our question of ‘Should swimming lessons be compulsory in all schools?’ People have different opinions and reasons. We would love to know what you think…

Should swimming lessons be compulsory in all schools?

Why? Why not?

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I am excited about reading your persuasive texts about swimming! I strongly believe that all students should definitely participate in swimming lessons as it equips them with the skills to be safe and confident in the water. I’m really looking forward to seeing the development of skills and confidence in our students as they progress through the swimming program.
I also believe that swimming provides a wonderful social aspect for children and adults – Who doesn’t LOVE a pool party!!!!!

Hi everybody,

Kids at school should learn to swim.

Students at primary school learn to swim at school. Swimming lessons can help save a life!

Swimming lessons do special events like a whole lesson swimming in their clothes so people learn how to swim in clothes when a bad situation happens, like if they were to fall in the water with their clothes on! There are also lessons where kids hold on to the wall in the pool and kick on both sides of the pool as a fake rip.

If children were to do school swimming lessons they would have more time to do sports and stuff after school! If each student did school swimming and did swimming lessons outside of school they would not have to do swimming after school. Doing these lessons could make them able to swim at least 50 meters by the time they leave primary school. At the moment most students that move into high school can’t swim 50 meters. Doing lessons would really help.

Being able to swim is not always about saving others and yourself. It’s also about when you’re out at a pool with your mates you know how to swim. The feeling of being in a pool swimming and having a lot of fun on a 30 degree day is awesome.

Although swimming IS A LIFE SAVING SKILL some people won’t want to be doing swimming lessons at school. They might want to swim outside of school instead. If they want to do that great, but if swimming at school is compulsory they would do double! How good of a swimmer would they be?!


Bye for now,

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