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Regular blog followers might remember our earlier posts about ways we can be happier and more resilient. This helps us to enjoy things more and it also helps us to learn more things! Earlier in the year we learnt about ways to improve our mood, strategies to bounce back and be happy along with ways to grow our minds.

Last year, Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther listened to a presentation about resilience given by a man named Hugh from The Resilience Project. Here is one of the slide’s from his presentation:


A slide from Hugh's 'Developing Resilience' presentation

A slide from Hugh’s ‘Developing Resilience’ presentation


In 5/6 Team we all have ‘journals of joy’. We toyed with the idea of calling them ‘joynals’, but settled on Gratitude Journals.


We apologise for the background noise in some parts of the video. It was lunch time (when we interviewed) and some people were very grateful for the oval right outside our classroom!

We write in our journals every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are three sentence starters that we complete:

Today I am grateful for…

Today I am grateful to…

I am looking forward to…









After keeping our journals for a while, the words in Hugh’s slide started to come true. We notice the small things that we might have missed before. We notice the good and great things that happen each day and appreciate the people in our lives more. When you stop and reflect, there are so many things to be grateful for each day.


Quote from

Quote from


We would love to know…

What are you grateful for?


Who are you grateful to?


What are you looking forward to?

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I am grateful for the wonderful memories I have of my time at UPPS. I feel very lucky that I got to have you all in my life.

What a wonderful project you have going there – and you’re quite right, it helps us feel more positive if we stop and think about the little things that make us happy.
Today I am grateful for the sun shining on my way to work – it’s been foggy all week and i haven’t seen the other side of the valley on my drive to work at all so this morning it was lovely to see it bathed in the morning light, and it reminded me of how lucky I am to live where I do.
I am grateful to Joseph, my 16 year old, for doing the washing up when he got in from school this evening – one less job for me!
I am looking forward to chatting with my sister on the phone this weekend. She lives in London so I don’t see her that much, but she makes me laugh when we call.

Loved reading all the things you are grateful for… especially the spider one – what is a spider bomb?

Mrs Monaghan

I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to spend time at UPPS. I am grateful to all of the students for the friendship and care they have shown to me and everyone in the UPPS community. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better and sharing their learning journey at UPPS.

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