Homework – Helpful or Horrible?


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Today we watched two video clips and read one text about homework. We had to identify strategies used to influence viewers/readers, with a particular focus on the bias of the reporter/author.

This is the first clip we watched:

Click HERE if the video link doesn’t work.

After watching, we worked in small groups to discuss if the clip was fair to both sides of the homework debate and found examples to support our responses. We decided that:

* In the very first sentence the reporter shared his bias about not liking homework as a student or parent. In fact, he didn’t just ‘not like’ homework, he ‘hated’ it.

* Seven, six and three year old children do not get a lot of homework so why was the Crew family interviewed? What three year old gets homework?

* The reporter used words like ‘stuck inside’, ‘labouring over the three Rs’ and ‘burdened with homework’. He could have used words like ‘practising the three Rs’ and ‘completing homework’.

* More time was devoted to people who do not think homework is good. Charles spoke to the Crew family, the teacher from the Knox school and the author. Only one person, Debra, who supports the idea of homework was interviewed.

* Children are not at school in class for 30 hours a week, providing ‘more than enough education’. There are only five hours spent learning a day So, that is 25 hours of learning in a week. Charles used a larger number to make it sound worse.

* Charles said ‘The average Australian kid spends 7 hours a week’ doing homework. We don’t think this statistic is about primary school children only, yet the story is focused on primary school children.

* The clip uses quotes from Mrs Crew like ‘We go to the playground’ and ‘They (the children) are interacting with our chickens.’ She makes it sound like people who have homework can’t ever go to the playground or play with their pets.
This is the second clip we watched:

In small groups we discussed whether or not the clip presented a balanced view of homework. We decided that this clip was much fairer because:

* It allocated an almost equal amount of time to both sides of the homework debate.

* The reporter asked questions about both sides of the debate.

* Both people who think homework is good and people who think homework isn’t necessary were interviewed.

* The reporter did not share their own opinion. They stayed ‘neutral’.

After watching both clips, we shared our own opinion about the value of homework. A quick poll revealed that 17 people out of 33 believe that some form of homework is helpful.

Our school has a Homework Policy and we have different types of homework tasks each week.

This week, one of our homework tasks is to write a comment about this post. Half of our class are happy about this and half are not!


Should primary school children have homework? Why or Why not?


Is homework helpful or horrible?


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I think homework is valuable if it is used to elaborate on learning from school or used to question and find solutions to relevant problems. I think homework can be used to consolidate learning done at school. However, I think it is really important to have balance. Kids need to be able to spend time with their families and their friends. They learn valuable lessons from playing and socialising with their friends. Kids need to be able to get outside and “smell the roses”!!! Now I know that you think I mean that literally, because I do in fact, enjoy doing that immensely! However, what I mean is getting outside and enjoying our environment! It’s also important for all of us to have some ‘down time’ to give us a chance to just relax.

I’m very impressed with your critical interpretation of the reporters. You’ve been able to examine the information they have given you and make your own informed judgements about it. Well done Grade 5/6 and good luck with your homework task! I’m just heading outside to enjoy my rose garden and play with Spud!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

I talked to my mum and she said that homework in her opinion should not be given to primary school students. This is what she said:
They are at school learning for 6 hours a day, that is more than enough time. They should be allowed to be children and have fun. And adults do not take work home with us, unless that is your chosen profession, so we should not expect children to have to do work at home. If the child wishes to do extra activities at home they will. I myself always had learning troubles as a child so it was not until I reached high school that extra help was given to me, and this was done in the classroom.

See you later

From Bailey and Sam (Bailey’s mum)

Hey 5/6 Team,
I think it is good and bad that we all get homework.

It is good because it helps us learn more but it is bad because we do at least 5 hours of straight forward learning at school and I don’t think that it should be continued at home. Plus, depending on your bedtime and what time you do your homework, you might not get to watch T.V after dinner because you have to do your homework. I am a kid who needs to watch T.V after dinner!

So I am all hands for homework is horrible.

From Riley P

Dear 5/6 Team

Did you like ‘No homework’? What interesting things did you learn from the video?

From Sinead

Dear 5/6 Team,

We need homework to learn and do some work.

How much homework do you get?

Love Mia

TO 5/6 TEAM,

We need homework to learn and do work at home.

Why do you need homework?

How much homework do grade 5/6 team have to do?

From Lucy

Dear 5/6 Team,

I would say yes because we can practise to get better at things with homework. Then on all the school days you will be so good at it and homework is good for your brain.

From Aurora

Dear 5/6 Team,

Homework is good for you because it is great.

Did you like the homework?

Did you learn from the homework?

From Calleigh

Hi 5/6 Team,


I think homework is very important. I love doing homework. My favourite subjects for homework are maths, writing and history.

When I get bored and have nothing to do I give myself homework or add more to my original homework.

I an enjoy doing homework and sometimes think it is fun.

I personally think that homework is good for primary school students because it gives them a reminder of what they have learnt during school time.

My opinion about the question ‘Is Homework Helpful Or Horrible?’ is that it is helpful.


I think homework is horrible because it is a waste of time. It is boring, stops people from having fun, you get in trouble if you do not hand it in on time and it needs to be handed in at a certain time.

I really hate doing maths and history homework because for maths homework you get hard equations and history homework because you need to look things up.

I think primary school kids SHOULD NOT get homework because it is wasting their play time at home.

Bye for now,

Rebecca and Mark G

Hello everyone,

My dad and I watched both of the clips and read our school’s homework policy. We are both bias towards having homework. We believe that it helps you refresh your mind on what you have learnt in class, for example
with maths you can practice what you do not get time to do during class, like your times tables.

Most homework tasks are enjoyable for students like projects, where students get a chance to go off and research a topic of interest.

We both agree that the amount of homework needs to increase as the student gets older, for students going into secondary school we think that teachers should be preparing the kids by slowly encouraging them to do more homework so the transition will not be a big shock.

We think that primary school students should have to do homework as it helps reinforce what they learn in class and helps their mind develop.

If it was up to you, would we have homework?

Bye for now,
Mia and Tom 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi 5/6 Team, it’s George here.

I think primary school children should have a project to finish each month but nothing else because it would be too much for the people who don’t like homework just like me.

Homework isn’t horrible but I don’t like it and as I said in the first paragraph, I want it to be a project each month.

Here are some suggestions of projects: volcanoes, diorama and poster.

What is your favourite type of homework – projects or little pieces of work now and then?

George out,

Hello everyone,
We think homework is beneficial for many reasons.
It helps consolidate learning and learn new things.
Flipped Homework in primary school is especially good because you have a head start on what you will be doing at school.

Bye for now,
Kerry and Kaitlyn

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