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* Guest post by Ella, Kaitlyn & Tayla-Jade *

Who am I?

I love the colour purple.

I have a dog called Spud.

I go for long runs every day.

I love theatrical performances.

I am the new principal!


Mrs Egan Photo credit: Kaitlyn

Mrs Egan
Photo credit: Kaitlyn


Mrs Egan’s favourite colour is purple because she has purple roses in her garden that smell beautiful. She has loved the colour for as long as she can remember.

Every day Mrs Egan goes for a long run and goes to Boot Camp three times a week. She is a keen participant in many fun runs as she loves running.

Over the two week break, Mrs Egan visited UPPS and travelled to Queensland for her auntie’s 80th birthday. She made the most of her trip by taking enjoyable walks and runs along scenic tracks.

After meeting Mrs Egan in person we were privileged to have the opportunity to interview her about her experiences at the school and her endeavours for the future. It is great that Mrs Egan has picked up quite a few names so far. At the time of writing, Mrs Egan remembers Grade 6 students Tayla-Jade, Bailey, Ella, Kaitlyn and from younger year levels, Campbell, Grace and Ned.

During our interview with Mrs Egan, she stated that on the holidays she was walking around the school and doing a bit of sightseeing when she realised that she had gotten herself lost near the 5/6 building and couldn’t find her way back to the office.

We asked what her favourite thing about the school is so far and her response was “Definitely the students, due to their friendly and welcoming attitude towards myself.”

Mrs Egan has been teaching for a long time and the first thing she said was that the students at the school come first. She carried on by saying that it is important to make decisions based on the kids. Mrs Egan is looking forward to maintaining a nice community and spending quality time with everybody.

Mrs Egan’s old school is a small school like ours, however there is a difference in the amount of students. There aren’t many other differences. The surroundings are quite similar and there are many lovely students.

In the future Mrs Egan is looking forward to getting to know everybody, sharing success with the community, supporting students and most importantly having fun!

Mrs Egan told us that she would not like to make any changes to the school for the time being because she thinks it is good to see how the school runs and how the students and staff work.

Mrs Egan is a very passionate principal and always keeps a positive perspective on everything. We look forward to spending more time with her and seeing her grand plans for the future!


Do you have a message for Mrs Egan?


How did you feel on your first day of school?

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Welcome to UPPS, Mrs Egan.
I’ll look forward to meeting you in person.
I hope you are enjoying your time so far.
From Kerry

Hello Everyone,
I’m a big fan of purple too.
I imagine it would have been nerve racking for Mrs Egan on the first day of term, as she would be meeting a lot of new faces.
Good luck for the rest of the year.
From Kaitlyn

Dear Ella, Kaitlyn and Tayla-Jade,
What an expertly written article – I read right to the end of it because I was enjoying your writing style so much; you have written an information-packed post here and made a super job of it – well done! Have you thought about journalism as a career? I loved your introduction with your purple text and guessing game. I am sure that Year 5/6 will make Mrs Egan very welcome, and I will be interested to hear how you all get on as the year progresses.
Mrs Monaghan @ A Room with a View

Hello Mrs Monaghan,
Thank you for commenting on our blog.

We haven’t really thought about journalism as a career. We do know other people who are interested in journalism.

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be?

Happy Blogging,
From Kaitlyn, Ella and Tayla

We were wondering how being a principal in Australia is alike or different from here in North Carolina, USA.
What is your typical day like? Our teacher thinks you might not have a typical day. What hours do you work? Do you have an office? Do you visit in the classrooms? How many students are at your school?

Our school has over 900 students in pre-k- 5th grade. We start school at 7:30 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m. Some of us ride yellow school buses and some of us ride in cars/trucks. We don’t have anyone that can walk. We are a very colorful school with bright reds, yellow, blues, greens, oranges in our hallway. We are a Leader in Me school and we learn about the 7 habits. There are 6,7 or 8 classes in each grade except for pre-k and there is one classes. There are between 20-24 students in each class. Our principal meets with teachers, parents and sometimes students get sent up to talk with her about their behavior. She visits classrooms and watches us learn and observes the teacher teaching us. She goes to lots of meetings in the district. She oversees what we learn and how the teachers help us learn.

Hello Roadrunners! Lovely to hear from you. Your school has many differences compared to ours.
Upper Plenty Primary has 170 students. I have come here from an even smaller school – Kinglake Primary, which had only 80 students!

My typical day is difficult to describe because I often never know who is going to walk through my office door. However, I always start the day by welcoming students and families in the morning as they arrive at school. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job – it is wonderful to see all the happy, eager faces walking up the path to school. I have my own office, and I spend time in it organising and conducting staff meetings, leadership meetings, parent meetings, student meetings, curriculum meetings and the like. I love visiting classrooms as I like to be constantly ‘in touch’ with student learning. I also spend time researching current curriculum trends that may be of assistance to us here at Upper Plenty.

The best part of my job is when I am working with students. I really love being involved in their daily learning challenges. Student welfare is a passion of mine. I work hard to build strong, caring relationships with all of the students in my our school. I believe strongly that student needs need to be given top priority in a school and I always make time to talk to students and assist them with any issues that they have concerns about. I am happy to have my daily business interrupted by a knock on my door from students.

Our class sizes vary from 20 to 25, and our grade 5 and 6 class consists of 33 students, however, they have 2 teachers who team teach the class, and do a magnificent job, I must say!!!! Our school is in a rural area, and as such, many of my principal group meetings are held over an hour away. I believe I am in a great region of leaders who are very passionate about our students and have high expectations of our teaching and learning programs.

Our school does have a bus, it is a mini bus and has only 20 passengers. I hope I have answered all of your questions. It is so interesting learning about other schools and how they run. Upper Plenty Primary School is a very warm, friendly place in which there is a very strong sense of community spirit and care for one another and I feel extremely proud to be a part of it!
Sue Egan

Hi 5/6 Team,

I really, really loved the Mrs Egan interview. Why didn’t you guys do this with Mrs Laffan? Who else would you have interviwed if Mrs Egan or Mrs Laffan weren’t available?

From Saxon

Questions for Students
1. Hannah- How do they learn?
2. Lauryn– What units of study are you doing?
3. Chauncey- What specials do you have? (extra classes)
4. Dylin- What kind of books do you read?
5. Bryson- Do you buy lunch?
6. Lily- Why do you only have 170 students?
7.Omar- What do you eat?
8. Aiden- What subject do you do first?
9. Hadassa- Are you “proactive”?
10. Julia- What kind of math do you learn in each grade?
11. Jordan- Do you have animals at your school?
12. Ryan- What do you do a recess?
13. Chloe- Do you have a hard life at school?
14. Stephanie- What time do you wake up to go to school?
15. Savannah- What time is school out?
16. Angela- Do you have computers?
17. Wilfrido- What type of clothes do you buy?
18. Cameron- What kind of animals do you buy? Pets?
19. Alex- How do you write?
20. Clayton- What is your school mascot?
21. Lelia- Do you have a school library?

Hello Roadrunners
We learn at school by having a whole class focus and then teacher groups. It is important to remember not to get distracted by others. At the moment in writing we are writing transactional texts (we are learning how to write a letter). Today we have High School Day and we have different teachers and we learn about what happens at high school.
Our special classes are P.E, Science and Art. We do reading everyday and our favourites books are Weirdo and Specky Magee.
We have canteen once a week on Wednesdays and we can bring in some lunch to be heated in the pie warmer such as a sausage roll or chicken nuggets.
We only have 170 students at our school because we live in the country and our school is small.

Bye for now
Thanks for the questions
From Jack and Ronan

Thank you for answering our first questions.
We would like to know what you have for lunch other days?
What kind of art projects and how much do you get to do?
Our specials last 40 minutes and we do art once a week.
Do you go to school on the weekend?
What projects do you do in science/
Do you have music classes?
Do you wear uniforms?
What are you doing in math?

What is a pie warmer? Is it like a microwave or toaster oven?

Mrs. L’s class

Hello Mrs L’s class,

A pie warmer is about the size of two microwaves. There are different types of pie warmers and we have two slightly different ones at our school.

One has wire racks and the other has draws. You place food such as pies, sausage rolls, leftovers from last night’s dinner etc, to warm up. The pie warmer just warms food up – it doesn’t cook it.

Do you have something similar?

Miss Crowther

We do not have things to warm up student lunches. Students may buy a hot lunch by going through the lunch lines every day. Some students bring a lunchbox from home. Our favorite cafeteria food is pizza, nachos, fries and ice cream (purchased extra). A sandwich is favorite from home. Noodles are another favorite.

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