Where’s William?


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Guest Post by Ebony & Olivia

Young William Tyrrell disappeared from his Nana’s home on the NSW Mid-North coast at around 10:30am on Friday 12th September 2014. He was 3 years old at the time and wearing a Spider-Man costume.


Photo from Where's William? website

Photo from Where’s William? website


William’s family and friends are heartbroken not knowing what has happened to their little boy. If you know anything that might help the police to find William please don’t keep it a secret. Ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Even the smallest piece of information that someone may think is insignificant could help police find William and bring him home.

Everyone in William’s family loves him and cares about him and are desperate to find him and bring him home. There is a special fundraising campaign that people all around Australia can donate to. Our school is doing a fundraiser on Friday for William. We will be dressing in red and blue or Spiderman costumes. It will be a gold coin donation to dress up and all money raised will go to the ‘Where’s William?’ foundation.


Photo from Where's William? website

Photo from Where’s William? website

Click Here if you want to find out more about William. We used information from this website to help us write our post.


Have you been involved in any fundraisers?

 If you have, what are they?

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Hi everyone.

I wish you well with the fundraiser tomorrow. I think it is a great cause and also think that it is special because it came from another child’s empathy for the situation.

Have fun and let me know how much you raise.

Miss you all!

Mrs Laffan

Hello Mrs Laffan,

Thank you for commenting! We have been busy bees working on transactional texts for the past two weeks.
We went home and asked a family member or a friend (that had to be a bit older than us) questions about communication now and communication when they were younger. What is your favourite forms of communication?
We will be sending you a transactional text very soon! Can you guess what it might be for?

We are also doing round two of Genius Hour 2015 but there is a little bit of a twist. We will have a whole school day to work on our project!! Would you like to come to our exhibition?

Kind regards,
Mia 🙂

P.S We all miss you loads 🙂

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