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We are currently on school holidays after finishing Term Three on 18th September. We packed a fair bit into our ten week term. In addition to learning about procedures (more here), reports, finding the main idea and supporting details of a text, comparing texts, skimming, scanning, summarising, fractions, decimals, location, data and natural disasters we also had some special events, including:

A First Aid course



– A Hoop Time Basketball tournament






– Working with Miss Newton and Mr Sinclair (our pre service teachers)

– An Athletics Day (sorry, no photos – we forgot to take the camera!)

– Winning a T-Ball grand final

– Cooking



– eSmart Week and a cyber safety workshop with Susan McLean



– Developed growth mindsets and completed a ‘Seven Day Growth Mindset Challenge’.

– Dressed up as a favourite character from a favourite book to celebrate Book Week.












– Continued our #globalpal Twitter project with Mrs Monaghan in England, Mrs Yollis in America and Ms Shannon in Darwin.



– Went to Allambee Camp


– Some of us also went to Tasmania to visit Mrs Smith and our friends in 5/6CS. We also learnt about Australia’s convict history. Click HERE to read Mrs Smith’s blog post about our visit.


– Said ‘Goodbye’ to Mrs Laffan (our principal) with a special Mrs Laffan dress up day, flash mob dance and assembly.



No wonder we were all very tired at the end of term – we were busy little bees!

Our last term for the school year begins on Monday 5th October.  It is sure to be another busy and exciting term. Check out the ‘Curriculum’ tab in the ‘Parents’ section at the top of the screen to see what we will be learning about. There will also be ‘Where’s William?’ Day on Friday 10th October, a Genius Hour Day, Grade 6 Graduation, Christmas Carols and Awards Night, a Christmas Skype with Mrs Monaghan and some High School Days. We will also be welcoming Mrs Egan, our new principal for Term Four.


What did you enjoy most in Term Three? Why?


What are you looking forward to doing in Term Four? Why?

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What a great blog post that shares so well all the great things that you accomplished over the term.

Thank you so much for coming to visit our school with some of your class, Miss Crowther. It was wonderful to meet you in person.

Your video of your Tassie adventure was very interesting to see. What a pity that you did not get great views from the top of the mountain. Was there a best and a worst part of your trip?

Was there a best and worst part of the camp at Allambee? It looked like there were lots of problems to be solved when I watched the video.

It also sounds like there are many great things planned for your next term. Enjoy the term and if you are in Grade 6 create some more treasured memories to carry with you when you move on to High School.

Mrs Smith and 5/6 CS

Hi Mrs Smith,

We loved visiting Montagu Bay P.S and meeting you too! It is amazing to think that a comment on a blog four years ago has led to all sorts of projects between two grades in different states over four years and a visit. From little things, big things grow!

It is hard to pick a best and worst of our Tassie trip. The whole trip was excellent. We visited interesting places, learnt about our convict history, met our blogging friends, zoomed around Hobart on bikes and even saw snow, surf and sand. The trip had it all!

The activities at Allambee were excellent. Some of them were particularly challenging and provided an opportunity for everyone to step out of their comfort zones, especially if you were not a fan of heights. I enjoyed zooming down the hill on the billycarts. The talent show was also another highlight.

Perhaps the cold weather was the biggest challenge at Allambee. I discovered that wearing lots of layers was very effective in beating the cold. I was very glad I packed my thermals! The last 20km of the bus ride was also not my favourite part of the camp as it was up a very windy hill. We had to travel slowly which meant it took a long time. I’m not a very good bus traveller so I was very glad when we reached our destination.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays and have a happy term four!

Miss Crowther 🙂

Hello everyone,

It looks like everyone had fun in Tasmania. I would love to go there. You guys got to go bowling and I wish that I could go bowling. I might go this weekend.

I saw that you got to go and see some of the snow in Tasmania and you got to go to the beach which looked fun. It looked like it was cold there. Was it?

I have a question. Where did you sleep and what did you guys eat when you were there?

Well, that’s all from me for now. I will see you later on, see you.

From Bailey D

Fantastic reading about all the amazing things you have done!!!! I am intrigued as to what book character the yellow balloon on the beanie was????? I’m really looking forward to all of the events coming up this term – especially curious about genius day?????

It’s going to be a busy term. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you!!!

Mrs Egan

Hello Mrs Egan,

Thank you for visiting and commenting on our blog.

We are very excited as well for all of the special events coming up during term 4. Genius hour day is going to be a lot of fun. We hope you can come in and see all of our projects.

The boy with the yellow balloon on the beanie was dressing up as ‘Cat on the Mat is Flat’. What would you dress up as on book character day if you could?

We hope to get to know you a lot more.

Bye for now,
Olivia and Ebony

Olivia and Ebony,

Hmmmm, if I came as a book character who would I come as? That’s a very tricky question!!!! I think I might like to come as the Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz because I LOVE sparkly shoes and she had the ruby slippers!!! I would love to know more about genius day! It’s going to be such a busy term but it’s going to be a very exciting one, especially for our Grade 6 students. After attending my very first assembly today at Upper Plenty, I was very impressed with our Grade 6 leaders. They did a magnificent job presenting to the rest of the school! Can’t wait to see what surprises next week brings!!! Great work everyone!

Hello 5/6 Team 🙂

I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday break. It looks like term 4 has started well judging by all your blog posts!

Thanks for sharing your Tasmania camp experiences (for those students who went!) It appears you got to participate in some really fun and worthwhile experiences while over there. How amazing that you got to see some snow… Hopefully you all had lots of warm clothes on that day! I have been to Tasmania before and some of my favourite places were Port Arthur and Wineglass Bay. What did you enjoy the most and why?

I must say, that being back at university makes the days go much slower than they did when I was at UPPS with you all! What are some of the things you’re looking forward to this term?

Enjoy what will be the last term of primary school (for some of you!) I look forward to visiting the blog again soon to see what you have been learning.

All the best,
Miss Newton 🙂

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