Let Us Eat Lettuce!


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Literacy | Posted on July 23, 2015

Today we didn’t eat our normal lunch…or even have it at the normal time! We grated, sliced, diced, peeled and chopped a variety of fruits and vegetables before we crunched and munched our way through salad sandwiches and fruit salads.

Our regular blog followers will know that we are learning about procedural texts at the moment. What better way to learn than by actually following a procedure and writing about it afterwards!




Follow our procedures and you too can have a fruity feast and a super salad spread!

How to Make a Salad Sandwich and Fruit Salad
(Makes approximately 45 sandwiches and small fruit salads)


Aim: To make a salad sandwich and fruit salad

-4 loaves of bread
-1.5 bags of grated cheese
-3 lettuces
-2 bags of carrots
-2 cucumbers
-11 apples
-6 oranges
-8 bananas

-Large Bowls
-Small bowls


Salad Sandwiches
1. Wash all fruit and vegetables
2. Grate the carrots (and place in a small bowl)


3. Slice the cucumber into thin pieces (and place in a small bowl)


4. Shred the lettuce into smallish pieces (and place in a bowl)


5. Butter the bread (optional)


6. Pour the cheese into a bowl


7. Make your sandwich by placing your favourite ingredients between the slices of bread



8. Eat it!



9. Clean up!


Fruit Salad
1. Peel the oranges, segment them into pieces and chop the pieces into thirds (and place in a small bowl)


2. Cut the apples into small chunks (and place in a small bowl)


3. Peel the bananas and cut them into thin slices (and place in a small bowl)


4. Clean up


5. Place pieces of your favourite fruits into a small bowl


6. Eat it!


You should now have a delicious sandwich and fruit salad to enjoy…and a clean kitchen area.


Our #globalpal Snappy joined us too!


Which verbs (doing words) can you spot in our procedure?


What ingredients would you put in your ideal salad sandwich? Fruit salad?


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Yum! Sorry I missed this activity. What a great way to learn about procedural texts. I remember making sushi with some of you last year I think??? Hope you enjoyed the healthy lunch. See you soon. Mrs Hastie

Looks delicious. The only thing missing was beetroot from the sandwich. I would like to have tasted the end product. F you need a taster next time let me know!

Hello Mrs Laffan,

Thank you for commenting on our blog!

We enjoyed munching and crunching through our salad sandwiches and next time we will definitely tell you we are cooking.

If you were making a salad sandwich, what would you put in it and why?

We hope you keep commenting on our blog.

From 5/6 Team

Hello everyone,

I really liked making the salad sandwich and fruit salad.

I can see:
* Bread
* Butter
* Cheese
* Lettuces
* Carrots
* Cucumbers
* Apples
* Oranges
* Bananas

It was really nice. Some people didn’t like it but I loved it!

Next time we should put beetroot in it because it would taste much better.

I would put everything we put in our salad sandwiches.

This is what I would put in my fruit salad:

What do you think about the salad sandwiches and fruit salads?

From Aimee

fruits & vegetables!

My invitation must be floating around somewhere between our classrooms!!


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