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Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Classroom | Posted on July 13, 2015

Today was our first day of Term Three. There was lots of excited chatter before school, with people sharing stories of holiday adventures.

Each morning when we do the roll (you might call it the register, depending where you live in the world) we ask a question. When our name is called, instead of saying ‘Here’ or ‘Yes’ we answer the question. The question has to be one that can be answered quickly so that we can start our learning for the day. Emily supplied this morning’s question which was ‘What was the highlight of your holidays?’

Some of our answers were:

– Playing football in the mud

– Going to a farm for a week

– Going to the movies

– Playing with my baby cousin

– Going shopping


At the start of each term we always do a team challenge. Today’s challenge was to work with a partner to crack the codes below. Each capital letter stands for word. The first one has been done for you!

33 S in 5/6 T = 33 Students in 5/6 Team

12 M in a Y

8 T on an O

7 D in a W

4 S in a Y

7 D in S W

26 L in the A

What do you like to do in the holidays?


Can you crack the codes?

Have you got a code for us to crack?

Tell us in a comment!


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When I mark the roll with my little cheerleaders I do the same thing.
Favourite breakfast, lunch, snack ,ice cream ,movie , book, Disney princess etc ect.
It’s fun and you learn some interesting facts about the kids.

Hi 5/6 Team
Welcome back to school. Term 3 is my favourite term for learning. I think the benefits are no NAPLAN and no end of year fatigue or early year settling in. It’s the perfect term!
I hope you all have a successful one. I am looking forward to reading your blog over the next ten weeks.

Hi Dearna,

It is amazing to think that we have already been back at school for a week. Time flies when you’re having fun!

I like Term Three as well. This particular Term Three is very exciting for 5/6 Team because we have camp coming up shortly. There are a lot of excited students! We will put some photos on the blog after camp so you can see what activities we do.

Bye for now.
Miss Crowther 🙂

Hello everyone.

Great to hear that you have lots of holiday stories. So do I! I assume you all know by now that I am still in Bali due to the volcano eruptions. The holiday part of my trip was lovely. I did lots of things including white water rafting would you believe! You would have been proud of me. I think the camp flying fox experience helped me to have the confidence to try this.

The part of the trip since we have not been able to get home has not been so much fun as each day we are unsure what we are going to be doing. We need to be ready to jump on a plane if one becomes available but at the end of the day when nothing has come up we feel like we have wasted a day. We are being positive though as it is teaching us about facing a problem and working strategically to solve it or make the most of it.

I look forward to be back at school with you all as I am missing you!

Welcome back, 5/6 – it sounds as if you have had interesting holidays! Just as you come back, we break up for our summer – we finish this Friday. However, we’ll be back in September with a new KS2 class – all our 7 – 11 year olds in one class so hopefully more of us will be blogging, and we’ll bring a whole new crop of students to enjoy communicating with our friends around the globe. Have a great term!

Mrs Monaghan

Hello Mrs Monaghan,

You will be on your summer holidays when you read this! We hope you are having a very relaxing time. You have plenty of time to come to Australia! Our long break is five weeks at Christmas time which is over our summer time.

We are looking forward to September, meeting your new class and working with you again.

Happy holidays!

Miss Crowther 🙂

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