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Earlier this year, Mrs Smith and 5/6CS in Tasmania invited us to create and swap Artist Trading Cards.

Upper Plenty Primary School and Montagu Bay Primary School students last completed this project back in 2013 and it was great to be working with Mrs Smith and her class again. Click HERE to see the 2013 Artist Trading Cards project.

Artist Trading Cards are a set of three small, original cards. Artist Trading Cards originate from Switzerland and many people believe M. Vänçi Stirnemann is the person responsible for making them popular today.  The cards can have any theme the artist desires and you can use paint, crayons, pencils or any other medium to make them.

Here are some of our Artist Trading Cards:




















Opening the parcel from Tasmania was very exciting. We lucky dipped a set of cards from the box. It was interesting to see all the wonderful cards and nature themes chosen by 5/6CS. We are not allowed to trade ‘Footy Cards’ at UPPS but we were allowed to trade our Artist Trading Cards!










Jolly George, our visiting Global Pal, was very excited to join in the fun. He even got his own set of ATC!



Jolly George couldn’t wait to take his cards out of their special card jacket





One very happy dragon with his Artist Trading Cards


What would you draw on your Artist Trading Cards?


Have you ever traded cards with other people? Tell us about it!



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Hi Miss Crowther and the team at UPPS

We are very glad that you have enjoyed the trading card exchange with us. Your post has left us waiting eagerly for the postman to arrive with a parcel so that we can have a great time taking a look at the cards you have created.

We have traded artist trading cards in our school before and Mrs S remembers trading cards with your teacher’s class in 2013 and how much fun it was unwrapping our parcel.

Mrs S likes the philosophy behind the trading of small pieces of original art and how many people all over the world are prepared to share without the need to sell or buy.

Were there enough sets for your whole class? We hope that nobody missed out on the opportunity to trade.


Mrs S and 5/6 CS

Hi Mrs S,

We enjoyed creating Artist Trading Cards too. Thank you for introducing us to the project and inviting us to take part it in again.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed designing their cards. It was a really nice opportunity for us to do some extra art. We have art once a week for an hour which everyone loves so it was nice to be able to spend some more time drawing.

We hope our cards reach you soon!

Miss Crowther

P.S: Yes, there were enough cards for everyone. It worked perfectly. 🙂

I love the trading card concept and was very impressed with the samples that I have seen on the blog. I wish that I could get away from my office for long enough to make a set of cards myself. If I had time my cards would feature images of my next holiday to Bali. I would have a beach scene in the background and a swimming pool on one of the cards. The other cards would have some shops and perhaps a deck chair.

Have fun swapping!

Hey 5/6s,
Long time no comment (or post?Hmmm….)!
The artist trading cards look AWESOME!!! Did I mention AWESOME?
We just finished a whole week of exams and have four weeks of school holidays!!! Woo hoo!

Back in 2013 I did the artist trading cards (oh boy, so long ago!!) and they looked just as good as this years! Did someone from UPPS make the Nutella one, I think it’s an ingenious idea!! Whoever made them must love their food!!!

If I could make my own cards, I’d definitely want to make a pastel rainbow theme or something bright with a contrast of black and white.

How is art going for you guys?

Missing you all,

Eve 🙂

Hello Eve,

We all miss you too!
How are you?

We’re so happy you think the Artist Cards look AWESOME!! We think they look so cool and Mrs S’ classes cards look great too!!!

In case you were wondering the super cool Nutella cards were an UPPS students, (Mia).

Art is going great. We have recently illustrated a picture story book about Ezmond. It will be published soon!! (Yay!) We have also used a variety of mediums when we were drawing. We liked using watercolour and soft pastels. (Not together!!)

We have also been working on our Ezmond narratives quite a bit in writing.

Thanks for commenting on our blog. We hope you continue to comment throughout the year.

Yours sincerely,
Ebony, Kaitlyn & Aimee

Hello fellow bloggers,

The artist trading cards (ATC) were a great idea and everybody’s imaginative side came out. Mia did the ‘Nutella’ themed cards and Tayla-Jade made the ‘garden and bee’ cards which are both on this blog.

Mia said ‘If I had chance to make another set of Artist Trading Cards I would make a Collage of some sort’.
Tayla-Jade said ‘If I had a chance to make another set of Artist Trading Cards I would make a Kombi Van and Hippie theme because a Kombi Van is my favourite and Dream car and I love Hippie things.’

Tayla-Jade and Mia

Hi 5/6 team

Lots of people had fun making the trading cards. Michael had fun and so did Daniel. We hope every one else had fun.

From Daniel and Michael 🙂

Hello/ Hi Eve,

Thanks for commenting on our blog! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Making our artist trading cards was so fun.

I (Emma) made a tree with a lake. I (Becky) made a rainbow in the light blue sky with two clouds on each side. I (Breeanna) made my trading cards about Vegemite, Cadbury Chocolate and fruit.

We sent them to Mrs S and her class. We think they LOVED them!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

How are you going in grade/year 7?

How is high school?

Please comment back. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Kind regards,

Emma, Breeanna & Becky. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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