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Over the last ten weeks we have been working on our Genius Hour projects.

The rules of Genius Hour are simple:
1. Learn at least one new skill
2. Create something to share and present at our exhibition

We started our projects with a plan. We had to sketch a design or write about what we were planning on making. This involved research about the best materials and procedure we would need to follow. When our plan was approved we began the construction phase of Genius Hour. This phase was different for everyone as we had a large variety of projects.

The video below shows parts of our Genius Hour journey.



In addition to learning new skills from creating our actual project, we all learnt about time management, persistence, organisation and lateral thinking. Even things that we thought were going to be easy, ended up being harder than we thought.

Today we celebrated our learning and achievements with family and friends at our Genius Hour Exhibition.



Our visiting Global Pal, Jolly George, was a special guest.


Jolly George enjoyed playing with Campbell’s ‘Drinkinator 3000’



Jolly George sharpened his dragon claws on Daniel’s cat scratching post



Jolly George tried his hand at some magic


Jolly George made a new friend - Hugo the goat.

Jolly George made a new friend – Hugo the goat


What do you like best about Genius Hour?


What do you think is the most important thing Genius Hour teaches people?


If you could do a Genius Hour project, what would you choose? Why?


How would you make Genius Hour even better?


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Dear Y5/6 @ UPPS,
I was impressed last year by your Genius Hour projects and I am even more impressed this year! I love the amazing variety of projects all taking place at the same time (not sure how your teachers managed that!!) and the sheer inventiveness and originality of what you chose to do. I loved that everyone was doing something different, too – sometimes learning new skills, sometimes following a passion. I am ASTOUNDED that you managed to make tables, doll’s houses, toys, games, computer blogs/websites – so many skills on show – WELL DONE to each and every one of you for your patience, resilience and creativity. Well done to your teachers for managing so many different projects all at once! However, I have to say that the one that MOST astounded me was the goat cart!!! You guys! A goat cart! Ah, I wish I had been able to come over with Jolly George and see them all for myself!
Keep up your amazing work, Y5/6!
Mrs Monaghan @ A Room with a View

Dear Mrs Monaghan,

Everyone enjoyed creating their projects and I’m pleased to say all fingers are still safely attached and no worse for wear after using drills, sewing machines and sanders. We are very lucky to have so much support from our families for our Genius Hour sessions, which makes it all possible.

It’s always interesting to see what projects everyone wants to make and we are always surprised and delighted to see the end results. I’m not sure there would be too many other Genius Hour goat chariots in the world!

We would have loved to have you as a special visitor along with Jolly George. Our next Genius Hour exhibition will probably be in November. Shall we reserve you a seat?!

Jolly George is looking for gloves and a beanie right now as it is a balmy five degrees! Brrrrrr!

Take care,
Miss Crowther

The thing I like the best about genius hour is the opportunity it provides for you to explore new things and be creative.

The most important thing that comes from genius hour is learning to persist, problem solve and be prepared to confront challenges.

I don’t know how you could improve on genius hour. What I saw yesterday at the exhibition was amazing and it surprises me every time that you are able to continue to raise the bar in terms of the challenges you take and the end products you produce.

Miss Fenech is very impressed! Well done 5/6 team!

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