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We are learning about how to make inferences and draw conclusions when we read. If we can do this, it helps our comprehension and that means we understand the text better.

Inferring Image 1


Authors often give you clues about character personalities, thoughts and motives and events.  Click HERE to visit the website we used last week (and from where the text below is from).

Adrian wiped her sweating hands on her skirt and immediately checked to be sure she hadn’t stained the shimmering fabric. Through the thick curtain she heard the audience murmuring. Although she could not yet see them, her ears told her it must be a packed house. She’d dreamed of this moment all her life, spent years training her body to move gracefully in rhythm with the music. The final weeks leading up to tonight had been especially trying, and Adrian had the blisters and calluses to prove it. They were carefully hidden, of course, under delicate satin slippers with ribbons that encircled her ankles. The first notes of the opening number were hanging in the air as Adrian quickly took her place center stage. She took a deep breath, as she’d been taught, and tried to send all of the negative emotions out of her body as she slowly exhaled. The curtains parted.  


We used the clues in the text combined with our prior knowledge to infer that Adrian is waiting nervously to go on stage for a ballet performance that she has been preparing for over years.


The clues that helped us were:

-‘wiped her sweating hands’

-‘thick curtain’

-‘heard the audience’

-‘delicate satin slippers…’

-‘shimmering fabric’

-‘years training her body to move gracefully in rhythm with the music’

-‘blister and callouses’

-‘first notes were hanging in the air’

-‘took her place centre stage’

-‘took a deep breath….tried to send all the negative emotions out of her body’

Can you work out the ‘What Am I?’ poems below by inferring information?


Leave your answers in a comment!


Thank you to the ‘This Little Teacher’ website for supplying the poems.

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Hi 5/6 Team,
Using inference is a FANTASTIC way to understand a text better. I like to think of it as trying to read the author’s mind!
I like the selections of poems. I think the second one is a tongue because I have heard the saying “cat’s got your tongue”
I can’t decide if the first poem is a teacher or a chef. What do you think?
Good luck with using inference in different texts for the rest of the year.
Miss Varker 😉

Hello everyone,

I read the ‘Cold hard facts’ poem and I think it is ice because it said ‘I make sure their wounds don’t swell’ and ice does that and it said it was cold and you can have it in your drinks.

For the poem called ‘Presto Change’ I think it is a magic wand because it said it was a stick with powers and it was talking about magic.

That is all that I knew from those three. I didn’t know the first one.

Bye for now
From Brent

Hi World,

The poem was not working (it wouldn’t load) so I can’t answer the question. Instead, I have made my own ‘What Am !?’ poem. Here it is:

I’m scaly
I love eating rats and birds
I’m different colours.

Can you guess what it is?

Good Luck!


Hi 5/6 Team,

I have read the What am I? poems. This is what I think:

The first one: I think it is ice.

The second one: I have no idea about this one. 🙁

The third one: maybe grass?

The last one: water/ice

That’s all today, bye!


Hi everyone,
I think that I got the answer.
I think that it is tough.
I don’t know if that is right but I think it is.

By for now:)

Hello class,

I really enjoy inferring information about things! It really makes me think about stuff and it’s fun working it out.

I read the ‘What am I?’ poems and I thought they were great- but hard to work out! Here’s what I got:

The first one was tricky! I don’t really know the answer. Hopefully I can read some other comments to see what they think!

The second one I read was ‘THE COLD HARD FACTS’. I found out that whoever wrote it was very creative. It was easier than the first one (that’s what I think.) I think it is an ice block and I will give you 5 reasons why:
– Ice blocks are sometimes very square and sometimes very hard.
– I know that if you seem to get hurt in football ice makes swelling go down.
– And if somebody’s lip is bleeding ice can definitely help.
– You can drink ice (water) when it is melted and eat it when it’s hard!

And the last one is ‘Presto Change!’ It was great to read because it was also very creative. I mean, who writes these things- they’re great! I love magic and I know a lot about it! I actually do magic as a hobby! I think it is a magic wand and here are some reasons why:
– I know that magicians use magic wands with bunnies
– I know that being a magician that the crowd goes, “oooooh” and “aaaaaah.”
– A magician gets all of the credit in a gig not the magic wand

Yeah, so, that’s about it!
I enjoyed that- it was fun!

Happy Blogging,
From Bailey

Hello 5/6 Team,

I think the ‘Cold Hard Facts’ poem represents an ice pack because it says used for picnics. It also says it is used for wounds when people fall down in football.

I think the ‘presto chango’ represents a wand because it says it can do a lot of magic and it makes people go ‘oooooooooooo’ and ‘aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh’.

Bye for now Cam 🙂

This week and last week during reading, our class have been making inferences about different texts. It has been great fun working out these puzzles. We have been trying to see what the text is based on by using clues from the text that describe it but it doesn’t give it away. We can also use prior knowledge to work it out. Here is how I got my answer to the poem ‘What Am I?’ questions.

At first I didn’t have a clue what it was. When Mrs placek explained it to me a little I realised it was a tongue. Yes, a tongue. Here are the inferences I made.
-‘Most admirable quality’
-‘When I am quiet people ask if a cats got ahold of me.’
-‘Most cats have their own’
-‘When I go to the candy store life is at its best’
-‘But when I go to the doctors I always get depressed’

Bye for now

Hi Everyone
I am reading a really good book at the moment called ‘Smooch and Rose’ by an Australian author – Samantha Wheeler. She is very good with her inference skills.
Even though it is a book for 9-12 year olds, I am finding it to be an enjoyable text.
It is about a young girl whose parents have died. She lives with her Gran. One night they rescue a koala who has been attacked by a pack of dogs. There are lots of environmental messages in this book.
Have a great week!
Dearna (Edward’s Aunty)

Hi Dearna,

Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment.

Your book report was really interesting and makes us want to read ‘Smooch and Rose’. We will check out the link as soon as we post this reply!

Why did you choose to read Smooch and Rose?

Our class novel is called Mr Nobody’s Eyes by Michael Morpurgo. We have had to make inferences about characters and events as we have read.

Happy reading!

5/6 Team 🙂

Thanks for writing back 5/6 team! I chose Smooch and Rose for Adele. I bought it from the Kilmore Bookshop. The lady there said that she had many good reports from people who had purchased it.
Adele read it and said it was excellent, so I decided to read it too.
She does have another book about a girl and a pony that we have bought but neither one of us has read it yet.
Have a great Friday everyone!
This is the link to the author of Smooch and Rose if anyone wants to check it out.

Hello everyone,

We have just read the poem called ‘Cold Hard Facts’ and we think the poem is describing ice.

Here are our reasons:
– Ice is used in glasses to make drinks cold
– In the last verse it said ‘You can eat me when I’m solid and drink me when I’m not’ and that is true for ice
– The poem said ‘Sometimes I’m very square and sometimes I’m very hard’ and ice is square and hard
– We know from experience that ice is good for injuries and the poem said ‘I make sure their wounds don’t swell’

We used our background knowledge and clues from the text to work out what the poem describes.

From 5/6 Team


It is Bailey here.

I think that the ‘Cold Hard Facts’ one is an ice block because the title gave it away and the part about I look great in glasses. At first I didn’t know if it meant the glasses you put on your head or the glass you drink out of but in the end I figured it out. It is an ice block.

The Presto Chango one is a magic wand because of some of the words like ‘I can make a rabbit turn into a bird’.

Well, that’s all from me. Thanks for reading my comment.

From Bailey D


It’s me Badyn. 🙂

I read “Presto Chango” and I think it’s a magic man.

#It said something about a magic wand
#A flower into a ring

From Badyn 😉

Hi everyone!,
I think the poem ‘Presto Chango’ was very interesting to read. As I read on more and more I started to second guess myself with my answer.

I think it is a magic wand!
my clues……
– I am a powerful stick (a wand is shaped like a stick)
– The silly magician takes all the credit (magician uses the wand)
– I can change anything with just one word
– Being magic is grand the crowd loves my work

What do you think it is???
Bye for now,
Mia 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hello 5/6 Team,

I fishned reading the poems. My favourite one was Cold Hard Facts because I like the title and the poem describes it well and some of it was hard.

Here are some reasons I think the poem is talking about ice:
* Ice is used in glasses to make delicious drinks
* It makes things cooler
* In the last first line it says you can eat me when a solid

What was your favourite poem? Why?

Bye for now,

Hello everyone,

I went on to the website for inferences poetry and read the first one called ‘A Taste of the Gold Life’. I wasn’t really sure of what it is. Hopefully I will find out from other people what they think.

I read the second poem called ‘The Cold Hard Facts’. I think it is ice because…

-The poem says ‘Sometimes I am very square and sometimes I am very hard’ and I know that ice is normally square and it’s hard because it’s frozen.
– I know from experience that ice helps sores get better and it says ‘I make sure their wounds don’t swell up’
-The poem also says ‘You can eat me when I’m solid and you can drink me when I’m not’ and I know that my sisters are always trying to eat ice and you drink water which is ice melted from heat.
-In the poem it reads ‘But heat me up and soon, I’ve melted like a tub of lard’ and I know that when you heat ice up it melts into water.

I have just read the last poem called ‘Presto Chango’ and I think the poem is describing magic because…
-the poem describes magic by ‘I go poof and a flower turns into a ring’ and I know that magic changes things into other things.

Got to go,

Hello everyone,

I have just read ‘Cold Hard Facts’ and I think the
answer is ice. These are my reasons…

*The text said that ‘Heat me up and soon I’ve melted like a tub of lard’
*Also it said ‘You can eat me when I’m solid and drink me when I’m not’
*The biggest clue of all to me was when it said ‘Although I suffer freezer burn, I’m not what you’d call hot’

I also read ‘A Taste Of Good Life’ and I think that the answer is a tongue and these are my reasons:

*The biggest clue of all was when it said ‘When I’m quiet people always ask if a cat has got ahold of me’
*Another big clue was ‘When I go to the doctor, I always get depressed.’

I only got to read two poems and my two answers are ice and a tongue.

Bye for now! 🙂 🙂 🙂


I have read the poem called Presto Chango and I think it is describing a magician’s magic wand. Here are my reasons why…

-I’m a powerful stick
-Being magic is grand
-I go poof and a flower turns into a ring
-Shame the magician gets all the credit.

Bye Edward

Hi everyone!!

The poem I read first was called ‘A Taste Of The Good Life’. I think it was a tongue because:
-a tongue twister said ‘selling sea shells by the sea shore’ which is a tongue twister I know..

The next poem I read was ‘Presto Chango’. I think it is a magician’s wand because:
-It can’t be the magician because it said ‘but that silly magician takes all of the credit’.
-Another clue is ‘I’m a powerful stick’. That clue gave it away because a wand is basically a plastic stick.
-The text also had a lot to do with magic and I know that magicians need a wand to perform magic.

Good bye,

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