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This term we are participating in interschool sports with four other schools in our district.

The sports we are playing are:
– Football (AFL)
– Netball
– T-Ball
– Rounders

Each week we travel to another school to play against their school team. So far we have played two rounds and have three rounds left. Team games are a lot of fun and we are enjoying playing interschool sport. For some of us, the sport we are playing is one we know well and for others, we are learning a new game, skills and rules.








Thank you to George’s Mum, Bende and Mrs Laffan for taking the photos.

What sports do you play? Tell us about the them!


How do you make sure you show good sportsmanship?


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I really enjoyed my visit to the sports last week. iT was a perfect day weather wise and to watch the enjoyment, skill and sportsmanship you all bought to the event was very rewarding.

I haven’t played a lot of sport in my time. I did join a netball team when I was about 30 years old and surprisingly enough we won the grand final. I decided to retire at the end of the season as I thought it would be nice to go out on a high note!

When I was at school sports was not as inclusive as it is today. If you seemed to have some talent for sport you were encouraged to join teams, but if you didn’t you got the role of spectator or scorer. I spent most of my time at school being a spectator. When I look back on this I feel quite sad as I think there were many children who never go the opportunity to find out if they could be good at sport or not. Those who seemed to have a natural ability were fostered and those who didn’t never got the opportunity to develop their capacity. I think that what happens in school’s today is much fairer and I am sure that there are many champions out there now who are successful because the were given the chance to have a go and encouraged to put in the effort.

Mrs Laffan


It’s Riley H from last year.

How is everyone going? I am doing well at my new school and I am starting to make some new friends but I do miss my old friends!

I hope to come visit soon.

From Riley

Hi Riley,

Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving a comment.

It is great to read that you are making new friends at your new school. ๐Ÿ™‚ Does your new class have a blog? We could follow it and leave you a comment!

We would love for you to visit when you have time.

Take care,
Miss Crowther


It’s Riley H again.

We don’t have a blog, sorry.

From Riley

I’m glad you are all having fun participating with inter school sports. It’s great that some people are learning new sports.

I remember when I was at school there were sports like Netball, rounders and football that we played against other schools.

These days I’m too busy running my kids to and from their activities. So, as a parent (spectator), I regularly see basketball, tennis, gymnastics and football.

I like to see good sportsmanship shown at all levels.

Hello everyone,

I think everyone had a great time joining in the interschool sport games. I think everyone worked their hardest to score some points but also have a lot of fun.

I played netball in the Netball A Team with a few other girls.

I think you can show sportsmanship by
-not just standing around not working with your team
-working as a team to try your hardest
-sharing the positions around. In netball if I was GS in the next quarter I would change with someone to a different position
-if you have to have a sub, make sure you change it regularly so then everyone has a go on the ground/court

Do you play any sports outside of school, if so what are they?

If you did interschool sports what would you choose to do out of Netball, Football, Rounders, T-Ball?

Bye for Now,

Hello everyone,

We played footy. All of the games were fun and developed us as a team. We worked hard in all matches and won 1/3. We got some jerseys from the local junior football club to wear on game day. We played three local schools. Brian kicked 2 goals and 2 points against the first school and Xavier kicked 2 goals as well.

Bye from Brian and Xavier

Hi everyone

The sports that we did were netball A and T ball.

The other schools played really well in all sports.
T ball won three games and Netball A won twice, football won once, rounder’s won no games and Netball B won no games.

As long as we all tried our best, that is all that maters.
Bye for now

Hi everyone,

Aimee plays netball and Kaitlyn plays basketball, tennis, horse riding and gymnastics. When Aimee plays netball she has to work as a team to get a goal. Also they have to throw the ball or bounce the ball past the other team. Sometimes the other team is very tall. When Kaitlyn plays basketball she has to work as a team to get the ball to their goal.

When we play our sport we shake hands at the end of the game. We also congratulate the other team for a good game.

It was lovely of Georgeโ€™s Mum, Bende and Mrs Laffan to take the photos on the day. Thank you!

What do you like most about sport?

What is your favourite sport?

Bye for now,
Aimee and Kaitlyn

Hi everyone.

The sports we play were netball and rounders. We really enjoyed it. The sport Emma does out of school is swimming.

We show great sportsmanship by cheering on the other team and wishing them luck. We also congratulate them for either winning or losing and giving it a go.

We think that everyone did a great job in sport and thank you to the teachers for organising it!

What do you most enjoy in sport?

BYE FOR NOW!!! Ella and Emma.

Hello Emma and Ella,

Sport is a great way to release energy and stay active.

I enjoy the experience and joy of the game. It is a great way to meet new people and get experiences.

What is your favourite sport? Why?

How do get experience?

Bye for now

Hey peeps,

It’s Caleb and Campbell from 5/6 TEAM. We both have been playing winter school sports football. In the first round we won by 15 goals.

In the second round we lost by just 20 points. They were a very good side.

The next round was a bye because the school didn’t have a side.

In the next round we got washed out because it was raining!!! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

The best match was our last match. We were down by 11 points at half time and we were right in the game. At three quarter time we were down by six points. One goal! We needed to win to make it into the finals. We ended up only losing by 20 points again.

Bye for now,
Caleb & Campbell

Hello class, it’s Bailey and Ronan! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Both of us play football for our school. We chose to play footy because we already know the rules as we play outside of school for a football club. We both love playing football for our school and we think that everybody has improved heaps over five weeks.

We show good sportsmanship by shaking hands after the game and praise them for their good kicking, marking etc.

By the way, we like those photos and we think it shows that we enjoy playing sport ๐Ÿ™‚

Thankyou for reading our comment ๐Ÿ™‚

From Bailey and Ronan ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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