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Today, April 25th, is ANZAC Day. This year, it is extra special because it is 100 years ago that Australian and New Zealand troops landed on the shores of Gallipoli. Their aim was to capture Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey) and open the Dardanelles to their navies. They did not expect soldiers from Turkey to be there. The battle dragged on for eight months and thousands of soldiers were killed.



Over the past week we have been learning more about ANZAC Day and its many traditions. Today there were ceremonies right across Australia and also in Gallipoli.

During our research we discovered:

– Poppies were among the first plants to grow on the battlefields in northern France and Belgium.

– In soldiers’ folklore (what they believe) the red of the poppy came from the blood of the soldiers.

– The sight of poppies on a battlefield gave Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae the idea for a poem. It is called Flanders Fields.

– People wear rosemary sprigs on ANZAC Day. It grows in the wild on the Gallipoli peninsula.

– The Last Post is a bugle call that tells everyone the day’s activities are finished. It is also played at military funerals to say that the soldier is at his last resting place.

– Some people think the Dawn Service started because soldiers liked to launch attacks just before dawn.

– An man named Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick, better known as Simpson, was one of the men who landed at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli. Together with his donkey, he collected wounded soldiers from the beach.


We also learnt that soldiers wrote messages on leaves when there was no paper.


Some of us went to other classes in the school to teach younger students about poppies and why people wear them on ANZAC Day. We also helped them to make poppies.




We ran a special assembly at school to remember the men and women who fought for Australia.
Click HERE to learn even more about ANZAC Day.

Last year, BTN ran the segment below on ANZAC Day.


Lest We Forget


What special days do you celebrate in your country?


What does ANZAC Day make you think about?

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Hello everyone,
I am so proud of our school and the work that went into commemorating the 100th anniversary of the ANZACS landing at Gallipoli. I am very sorry I couldn’t be at your special assembly on Friday. I am sure it was wonderful, beautifully executed and well received. Well done everyone, including your marvellous teachers. I would love to see some pictures from the afternoon and hear about the ceremonies that took place. I am sure the special visitors were very impressed with the afternoon’s event.
Mrs Hastie (A very proud member of our school community 🙂 )

Hello Mrs Hastie,
I agree, our school did a really good job on Friday. We were sensible and especially the preps, it being their first ANZAC ceremony, the did a great job.
I will see what I can do about the photos of the activities and the ceremony.

Did you go to a dawn service? I didn’t, I didn’t get up in time! oops! 🙂 Natasha did a dawn service in Kilmore and a march in Whittlesea at lunchtime.
Did you go to the Whittlesea march?
What did you do on Anzac Day?

From Tayla-Jade and Tash

Firstly thank you for the amazing job that you all did at conducting the assembly to commemorate ANZAC day. It was insightful, respectful and very moving. I was incredibly proud of each of you.

I have always found ANZAC day to be a very moving and thought provoking day. Now that I have a daughter who is in the army it is probably even more significant. I always feel very emotional as I think of the sacrifice that so many made. I also feel saddened that we are still making choices and decisions that mean lives are still being lost. I would like to think that the lives we have already lost would have helped the world come to a point where issues and conflicts can be resolved in better ways than killing each other. I only hope that world peace can be achieved sooner rather than later and then I feel satisfied that the soldiers who dies for us would be as proud of us as we are of them.
Mrs Laffan

Hello Mrs Laffan,

Thank you for commenting on our blog! We always love reading new comments!

I think we were all very proud of ourselves for the job we did at the ANZAC ceremony! I have to agree with you that ANZAC Day is very moving. I had a few tears in my eye during the last post. 🙁

Got to go

Hi Mrs Laffan,

I was sad that I was sick that day but I did turn up to pay my respects during the minute’s silence.

I also believe that peace doesn’t have to be resolved by killing other people or using violence. I also agree that peace hopefully comes soon because personally I think that people are losing their humanity by killing people.

It is sad about how many soldiers died. I’m quite sure some of us gave a few tears to peoples eyes.

It was quite effective to make people think about what happened and how brave those soldiers were to fight for our country.

It was smart for the 5/6s to host the ANZAC ceremony. They have succeeded once again. I believe you should continue to do it for many more years.

Bye for now 🙂

Hello everyone!

The ANZAC ceremony was fantastic. Great Job! ANZAC Day helps us remember those who fought for our country which is why we have a minutes silence!

Because we are from Australia we will not answer the other question. The reason why is because most of you already know them and celebrate it.

What was your favourite part of the ANZAC Day ceremony, if you could make it? Our favourite part was that we could attend to celebrate the centenary since the soldiers landed in Gallipoli.

Good bye! Lest we forget.

Hello everyone,

It’s Olivia and Alani.

Q1: In Australia we celebrate Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, Easter, ANZAC Day, Queens Birthday, Australia Day and Remembrance Day.

We don’t think you know this celebration but its called Laughter Day. Laughter Day is celebrated for the people with diseases to smile while they are there.

Q2: Anzac Day makes us think about all of the soldiers that risked their lives for Australia. It also makes us think about all of the families that knew soldiers that went to war and the sadness they have been through.

Goodbye for Now,
Olivia & Alani 🙂 🙂 🙂


We think ANZAC Day is a good day to remember the soilders who fought for us to save us. The ANZAC Day ceremony was pretty good. We thought that a lot of people came to celebrate ANZAC Day with us.

Bye for now,
Brent and Brian

Hi class,

We both think ANZAC Day is a very special day for both of us and the rest of the country.

We think it was great how our school showed respect to the soldiers who fort for our country. I, Bailey, think that our schools ANZAC ceremony ran really well. I, George, think it was great that we had special people come in and talk to us.

It was great how we got to make poppies, write on leaves and make things in art to thank those who had fallen.

Answering the question…….

In our country we celebrate……
– Australia Day
– Christmas
– Easter
– Birthdays
– Parties
– Anniversaries
– Funerals

And that’s about all we can think of!!!

Thanks for reading,
From Bailey and George.

We are both going to tell you what we did on ANZAC Day and what we did to show respect.

I sat at home and watched the ANZAC Day clash on the TV. I also showed respect by helping run the ANZAC Day ceremony at out school. Another thing I did was make ANZAC biscuits by myself and I did wear my ANZAC Day badge which I bought and the money went towards the ANZAC Day appeal.

Well, it started off on Friday when we had our school ceremony. On Saturday me, my dad and some of my siblings went to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) to watch the ANZAC Day clash between the Essendon Bombers and the Collingwood Magpies. Unfortunately my AFL team that I support, Essendon, lost. It was still a great game to watch and my favourite part was when Dustin Fletcher (the oldest man in the AFL who plays in the full back) kicked a ripper goal from 60 meters out.

Hello everyone,

We loved wearing the poppies. Great job on making them everyone!

Michael wore them at the march he went to on Saturday and everyone wanted one.

Bye for now.

Michael and Badyn


I am Becky and I loved the Anzac assembly.

It was really exciting controlling the big screen with Olivia M.

Hello this is Emma and I like the Anzac assembly because I got to speak in front of the whole school and
important guests.


It is a special anniversary to celebrate the ANZAC men and women.
Personally, I believe they were all extremely brave and showed great courage to serve and in some cases pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
I hope the future generations continue to appreciate our history and in an ideal world settle disagreements and differences without war.
Although I was not able to attend UPPS for the ceremony, I did hear what an amazing job you all did. Congratulations.

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