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This week in 5/6 Team we have started ‘Read to Someone’. Like the name suggests, it is when we read a text to someone else.

We brainstormed different reasons why we do this activity.

– It helps our fluency, expression, phrasing, speed and use of punctuation

– It helps our comprehension

– We can learn from other people and work out new words together

– It is a chance to give and receive feedback on our reading

– Gives us confidence to read (and speak) in front of other people

– It’s fun!


For all of the above things to happen, there are certain things we have to do:

– Start straight away

– Sit EEKK (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) with our partner

– Stay in one place

– Use a voice that our partner can hear but the whole room can’t

– Check that we understand what we read. Who? What? Where? When?

– Look at the text as our partner reads


Today we created a reading checklist and scored ourselves and our partner out of five in the following areas:

– Volume

– Clarity

– Expression

– Use of punctuation

– Speed










What do you like most about Read to Someone?


How do you improve your reading skills?


What texts are your favourite? Why?

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I love the read to someone practice. It is important that you practise the skills of tone, volume, pacing and expression. Reading to yourself doesn’t give you this opportunity. I am reading a book at the moment about how our mindset can impact on the success we have. It wouldn’t be a good book for reading to someone! My favourite book to read to children is one called Lester and Clyde. If you haven’t seen it I would like to share it with you one day. I like it because of the illustrations. It also rhymes so it is a good read aloud book.

Hi Mrs Laffan,

We had a whole school assembly yesterday and we talked about Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset people too. Do you find the book interesting?

Anyway, I enjoy reading lots- read to someone is a great thing to do. I really enjoy getting feedback from the listener and improving my reading by listening to others.

I don’t really have a favourite type of text. I think everyone of them has its own qualities and helps you or entertains you in different ways. When I was younger though, my favourite book was ‘Kisses for Daddy’.

Happy Blogging (and happy reading to someone!! 🙂 )

Chelsea 🙂

Hi everyone,
I really like to do read to someone with my Mum when I have time between all of the homework! I epecially enjoy reading any books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series because she just cracks up laughing every page almost! Jeff Kinney is super funny!! 🙂
I improve my reading skills by reading a range of different types of texts and word sizes so my eyes adjust to anything we have to read in High School. While I enjoy reading fiction, I’m trying to read magazines, leaflets, brochures and factual books like the super awesome National Geographic Kids Almanac which I got for Christmas. You need to practise reading out loud lots – because some kids in my Year 7 class stumble over lots of easy words when asked to read out loud and aren’t as fluent (even me sometimes!). That’s why you really need to use your voice for reading as much as you can!

Which types of books do you like to read the best? Why?

Have fun reading!
Eve 🙂

P.S I forgot to say LOL!!!

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