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We are excited to be starting our first global project for 2015! You can read about some of our past projects under the ‘Collaborative Projects’ tab at the top of the page.

Our ‘Global Pal’ project involves four global pals from four different schools around the world. We are very much looking forward to working with our friends from last year’s Twitter projectMrs Monaghan and Class 3 in England, Mrs Yollis and her third graders in America and Ms Shannon from the Northern Territory.

After lots of discussion and voting, each class selected a global pal. This pal is a mascot which will represent the class as it travels the world. Throughout the project (which runs until the end of July) each mascot will spend time in the three other classes. We will be using Twitter to communicate with the ‘owner’ of the mascot. We will be learning about the other country’s:

* Location (hemisphere, latitude, longitude, local terrain etc.)

* Currency

* Weather

* Favourite foods

* School and subjects being learnt

* After school activities

* Any special holidays or celebrations that might be happening


Liberty is Mrs Yollis’ class mascot.


Jolly George is Mrs Monaghan and Class 3’s mascot.

Jolly George

Snappy is Ms Shannon and Oskar’s mascot.


Josephine is our class mascot.


A number of animals were suggested as our global pal mascot. Josephine was the winner! We think a kangaroo is the perfect pal for us to send to other schools; they are native to Australia and we can often see them from our classroom windows.

She is named Josephine, after Josephine from the book ‘Josephine Wants to Dance’.  Josephine is taking the book with her to read to the other classes she visits. You can watch it here, thanks to the a lady named  Pam Gonzalez and the wonders of YouTube!

Liberty is currently making the long journey from England, where he has been visiting Mrs Monaghan’s class, to Upper Plenty. We are eagerly awaiting his arrival!

You can follow our #globalpal project on Twitter.

 What do you think we should show Liberty first?


Have you ever done a project with students in another class? Tell us about it!


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Geez you guys do some exciting projects. Looking forward to see the adventures Liberty and the other mascots get up to as they arrive in Australia.
The 5/6 team at upps are definitely a very lucky group and you should all be very appreciative of the opportunities you all get to participate in over the year.
Love reading all your blog posts.

Hi Andrea/ Mum, 🙂

I know we do a lot of fun stuff in 5/6 Team.

Our class mascot is very cool. I think it will have a very nice holiday in all those places. 🙂

That’s all from me 🙂

George 🙂

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for commenting on our blog!!

I agree with you. We do get to do lots of global projects at our school here at U.P.P.S!
I can’t wait until Liberty comes. Hopefully he gets up to a big adventure at our school!!

Got to go,
From Bailey

Blogging is something very new for me . Hopefully I will be able to get on here and catch up on everything that’s happening at UPPS.


Blogging is very fun!

It shows you everything you need to know about what is happening in our classroom.

From Xavier

Bye Xavier

I agree with Andrea, you do some very exciting things! I think you would have to introduce Liberty to Ezmond first!

Hello Class 5/6
It’s nice to see that your year is starting off great and with a fun project. We have been busy studying all about Australia and England since winter break. On Tuesday night (March 3rd) we will have our presentations ready for parents and visitors to learn from us about these two places. We are in 2nd grade and have done some projects with our classroom teacher and in Global Studies with Mrs. Todd. We loved learning about the kangaroo, platypus and koala. Josephine looks like one we got from Australia last year that sets in our class. We had one question does the Joey stay dry in his pouch? We tried to imagine how it would feel to be carried in a pouch while your mom hopped around. We couldn’t exactly find an answer to those questions.
We decided we’d like to see Uluru and the whales and dolphins and learn to surf while in Australia. We don’t live near a beach like you do. We also would like to see the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Have you ever been on a yacht or gone surfing? We haven’t!
For our study of England we looked at things to do there and thought castles were impressive since none of us live in a castle. We also found it amazing that they don’t have large mammals.
We would love to hear from you about things you do after school.
Mrs. Todd has also started a global project with all grades about castles. Does Australia have any castles? If so we’d love to hear about ones there. Some of us thought the one in NC wasn’t a castle but then the internet said it was a USA castle. We looked at Middleham’s castle to compare it. That one is outside A Room with a View and Mrs. Monaghan’s class. The one in NC is privately owned and no king, queen, princess, prince ever lived there and we thought that castles had these people because we’ve read fairy tales in which they do. We read some other stories about knights in castles.
You can see the project at our school blog site —- and comment if you’d like. If you have pictures of an Australian castle it can not be posted in comments but they could be emailed and then Mrs. Todd could post them for you.

Hi 5/6 Team,

Wow this project sounds very exciting…can’t wait to hear about the other places Josephine visits!

From Jan


With all the global pal things it’s all really fun! We get to send Josephine all over the world! We even got to read a book about Josephine! We left some blank spaces in the book and when we send it over to the other side of the world we hope they will sign it!

From 5/6 team!


It will be good to see different pictures of everyone holding our mascot from different countries. Can’t wait to see all the different mascots that come to our class!

Bye for now
From Brent

Hi Grade 5/6 Team,

My mum has blogged on here before and now it is my time to shine. My mum has gotten a point for blogging month. The thing I just want to know is when you get the points what are they for? I thought they were for if you blog every day at the end of the month who ever has the most points gets an iPhone voucher.

I hope I get a point for this!

from Brayden :();) :p

Hello 5/6 TEAM and other bloggers,

It is great having this project to do this year. I think that the Global Pal Project will be a great success. In this project I would like to learn a lot more about the sports that these countries play and how their money looks and how much things cost. Are they cheaper in Australia than in England or America?

Happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 blogging!!!
From Campbell

Hello everyone,

We can’t wait to meet all of the Global Pal Mascots. If we had a favourite global pal mascot out of Liberty, Snappy and Jolly George it would be Liberty. Our favourite global pal mascot might change when we meet them.

We think we should take Liberty on a tour of our school and a tour of our classroom. Then take her in to other classrooms and meet them.

Olivia has participated in a global project when she was in 4/5P and worked with other schools to write our Global Update Magazine. We had to ask them questions for our Magazine.

Emma did a Flat Stanley project with a Mrs Monaghan’s school in England in Grade 3. She named hers Flat Emma.

We can’t wait to see and meet all of the Global Pal Mascots. We wonder what adventures we will take them on. We also can’t wait to hear about what Josephine gets up to.

From Emma & Olivia

Hi, 🙂

It is nice to see that so many families are blogging. 🙂

Josephine is 5/6 Team’s mascot and she is enjoying her time at U.P.P.S. She is going to go to America, England and Darwin.

5/6 Team have signed a book of Josephine which she will be traveling with to America, England and

Josephine had to be a girl because she has a pouch and our teachers (Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek) found a book about a kangaroo that likes to dance and the kangaroo was named Josephine. 🙂

I can not wait to see the other mascots come to U.P.P.S. 🙂

Kind regards 🙂

Hi 5/6 Team it’s us, Emily and Ella!

We think the mascot is good because it represents us and Australia.

We should show Liberty around our classroom. Emily has worked with another class before but she can’t remember which one.

Good-bye and happy blogging!

Emily & Ella

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been on your blog for a while, but it’s great when I do, as I love hearing what the 5/6 team get up to. What a wonderful idea to have global pals…. cant wait for Liberty to arrive. I’m sure if he could talk, he would have some really fantastic stories to share! Looking forward to a blog update…. Cheers, Katia 🙂

Hello, 🙂

I think that our class mascot is awesome because it represents us. 🙂

I have done another project like this before when I lived in Queensland. I was in Grade 3 and we had two bears called George and Pierre. We didn’t send them to other people around the world, but we did send them home with other students and we had a scrapbook to put photos in and bring it back to school. 🙂

Bye for now 🙂

Hello everyone,
The global pal project seems like a great to start the year! I can’t wait for Liberty to come and join us in 5/6Team!

If you could choose any animal to be your class mascot what would it be? Why?

What is one fact you know about Australian animals?

Bye for now,
Mia 🙂 🙂

Hello 5/6 Team,

Tash is spending the weekend with me and has just shown me your wonderful blog. I think it is so exciting for you all to be sharing ideas with your peers in other countries. I think all the class mascots are just gorgeous. When I went to primary school many years ago we did not have the opportunity to share our ideas with students around the world. How lucky you all are.

Bye for now and I look forward to visiting your blog again.


Hello Teresa, 🙂

I am Becky from the same class as Natasha (Tash). I play a ball game with her and it is call 4 square,2,6 and 8 square. 🙂

Any way, thank you for say 5/6 team has a wonderful blog. We share ideas least once a week. 5/6 team’s mascot is Josephine the kangaroo.

Thank you for commenting on 5/6 team’s blog. 🙂

Please post again. 🙂

Kind Regards 🙂

Becky. 🙂

Hello students,
So which of your global pals is with you now. Have you taken them to see any sites? Which one is the favorite?
If the global pals voted what do you think they would like the best about Australia and what would they like the least? I bet Snappy likes the nice sunny weather. I know that Jolly George doesn’t miss all the rain and even snow it looks like.

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