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Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Classroom | Posted on February 6, 2015

At the end of last year, Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther went to Swinburne University to listen to a man named Hugh talk about resilience. Resilience is the ability to look on the bright side of life and ‘bounce back’ when things don’t go your way. We have been learning about resilience as part of UPPS’s ‘Bounce Back’ program.

Hugh talked about a lot of things, including what makes people more happy. He has read lots of books about it and visited countries around the world. He said there are three things that can change your mood quickly and make you feel happy.







Hugh showed everyone at the meeting a YouTube clip  and we have watched it too. It made us laugh and put us in an even better mood than we were in.

We have Random Dance Breaks in 5/6 Team. At the start of the week we all learn a new song. Throughout the week when we least expect it, the music comes on and we stand up and dance. As soon as the music is finished we sit down and go on with what we were doing – like it never happened! Except, our minds are refreshed and we feel full of energy to keep learning. We shared our dance at assembly today.




Hugh said that happy people are also grateful people. He said that if you write down three new things you are grateful for everyday for 21 days then your brain stops looking for bad things and starts looking for good things.  We have started to look for moments that we are grateful for each day. At the moment we are sharing them at class meetings. Soon we will start writing them in our diaries so we can look back on them during the year.

Here are some of the things 5/6 Team members are grateful for:

* Being elected as School/House Captain

* Having friends to play with

* A roof over my head

* A supportive family who come to see me at school

* An unexpected hug from my sister at recess

* Mum cooking my favourite meal as a surprise

* Mum making me lunch every day

What dance do you think we should do next?


What are you grateful for?


How do you include music, exercise and laughter in your life?


Edited to add:

After ‘The Macarena’ we learnt ‘The Nutbush’. Due to popular demand, here is a video of us in action!

The music started as we were packing away our reading books, getting our 10am healthy snack and getting ready for the next session. Some of us were on the floor eating and some of us were putting our books away. When the music starts, we stop what we are doing and dance – where ever we may be in the classroom!



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I love the random dance initiative. I have always found music to be the quickest thing to change my mood. I love to listen to music and have a dance and it always does me make feel good.

I think it would be great to get the whole school to join in for a set time, say a month. We could include all students, staff and perhaps parents. It would be great to reflect on the experience and see if people found it had a positive impact on their mood. Just a thought.

As far as dances what about…..
The bus stop
Chicken dance
Shake your tail feathers

There are some great boot scooting ones you would be able to learn of the net. A bit daggy I suppose for you!

Have fun

Mrs Laffan

Hi Mrs Laffan, it’s Brian here.

I like the idea of those dances that you have recommended for our class. I would like to do the bus stop. My family loves the bus stop, even my mum and dad.

What is Shake Your Tail Feather? I have not heard of it before. Also I have not heard of Thriller.

Bye for today.

Hello Mrs Laffan,
Thank-you for your random dance break comment. We have lots of fun learning our dances and knowing our new song for the week. Thank you also for you dance suggestions. I also agree that the whole school should do a random dance break.

from Breeanna

Hi Mrs Laffan,

This school is good.

From Caleb

Hello Mrs Laffan,

I like your suggestions and I would definitely like to give them a try in the Random Dance Break. However, I don’t know the Thriller dance or Shake Your Tail Feathers but I’m sure they would be fun.

We are having plenty of fun with this week’s RDB. Can you guess it?

Thank you foryour comment on our blog.

Bye for now,
Cam 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hello to the new 5/6 team,

Class dancing – what a great way to kick off the new school year! I wonder whether anyone in the class has tried popping? It’s a street dance style and I think it looks super cool but tough to do.

I really like the idea of reflecting on things that we are grateful for too. Today I am most grateful for air conditioning! I am also grateful for a very enthusiastic and attentive group of riders who I taught at Pony Club this morning. This exercise has also got me thinking about other lovely people I have spent time with lately – which has bought a smile to my face. Good work 5/6s!

Hope you have all had a fun weekend! Ms Bolmat

Hi Ms Bolmat

How are you?

I have not tried popping yet but it sounds cool and this week for the random dance break we are doing Nutbush.

How are your horses? Have you been on any other hikes? Have you ever tried popping before?

How has your week been on a scale of 1-10? I think my week so far has been a 7 but I think it will get better. Do you teach little kids pony clubs or are you in one yourself? I used to ride horses but I stopped and I would love to try popping it sounds fun.

Ok talk later
Seth is out!

Hi Seth, apologies for my late reply! I obviously forgot to tick the ‘notify’ button. You must be up to a whole other dance by now. I loved the Nutbush and have definitely done this one a few times. I haven’t tried Popping but I love it when they do it on shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

Both Betty (my horse) and I are well. I have been riding a lot and even going to some competitions. I teach at a couple of pony clubs, which is great fun as the students are very keen. I have managed to squeeze in some bushwalking as well. The last one was around Mt Buller, which is a stunning part of Victoria’s high country. I also like it in winter time when it is covered in snow!

Seth, I hope you and the rest of the class are having a great week and still dancing up a storm! Ms Bolmat.

Dear Team 5/6,
Random dance breaks… amazing BUT where is the video footage??!! We want to see this in action, please! If you video your random dance, we MAY video ours… we have been doing 5 a day disco in French – this is a 5 minute work out with the instructions given in French (but you can watch the screen and copy, too!) We have a ‘disco diva’ award at the end of each session… and I suspect some of our excellent movers have been practising at home! It’s a lot of fun. This week we’re going to have a go backs to the board to see how much we’ve learned…
I like your idea of sharing what you are grateful for. I especially like the ‘unexpected hug’ – hugs always make me happy!
Have a great week,
Mrs Monaghan & A Room with a View

Hi Mrs Monaghan,

I am new to the 5/6 room this year.

I will see if I can film the dance for you.

From Cooper

Hi 5/6 Team
I must say I love a bit of a dance as it brings laughter and that brings a good mood! Had a thought for a dance…..the Hokey Pokey. I’m sure most of you know it. An oldie but a goodie!!

Hi Alison,

I like your dance you asked us to do.

With the Hokey Pokey dance, I do not even know what you are talking about and I do not even know how to do the dance.

I hope you can keep talking to us.


Hi Alison,

I think the Hokey Pokey is meant for younger people like kids in prep or kinder so I don’t think we should do that one. I think we should do the bus stop or YMCA. I think there are heaps of things to make you happy from being sad. The ordinary things are laughter, exercise and music. This week our class is doing the Nut Bush. Do you know how to do the Nut Bush?

That’s all from me today


Hi Mrs Laffan,
It’s Campbell here. Thankyou for commenting on our blog. It has been great reading and replying to the comments that you put onto our blog.

Random Dance Breaks (RBD) have been a great use. They have helped everyone on the hot days when we can’t concentrate. Especially a day like today. When I came in from recess today I felt hot and bothered but a dance I knew would definitely cheer me up.

Our RBD song for this week is Nut Bush. It is hard to learn at the start but eventually you get used to it and the dance becomes more familiar.

Again, thankyou for commenting,

Hi 5\6 Team,

I really like how we do our random dance breaks! It’s really fun for me and I hope it is for you too.

My favourite song that we have done so far is probably The Macarena!

Thanks for reading!

Bye, bye, bye!


Hello I’m Sophie from Middleham School.

I wish I could be in the sun like you and be nice and warm.

I really like how you were looking after the gingerbread men. I think It’s a good teamwork activity but I don’t think I could have not eaten them!

Three things I am grateful for:
1 my lovely family and friends, (also my teachers).
2 the food and drink that i get.
3 lastly my home.

I said I’m grateful for food and drink, my favourite food is chicken, what is yours?

Have a great day,
From Sophie!

Hi Sophie,

I think the three things you are grateful for are good things to be grateful for. I love chicken too! But, my most favourite food is cheese!!!!!:):):):D:D:D:)>:)>

In Australia we’re really used to the warmth so I really wish I was over there near you so there could be snow because I’ve never actually experienced being in the snow because it doesn’t snow here. But, once when I was really little I went to a place where it had snow but I was only there for a little bit and all I can remember is getting a really big jacket on me and feeling like a giant, fat, marshmallow and going down a hill with my dad on a tiny board. So I would love it one day if I could visit you!:)

I have to go now.

Hi Sophie,
Thanks for commenting on our blog. My name is Campbell and I am a part of the 5/6 Team in 2015.

What you were grateful for, I would be the exact same, but I would probably have something sport related seems though I love sport. I love chicken as well and I am not much of a fussy eater but I don’t like capsicum. 🙁

It is always great having the warm humid days where you can go in the pool, but like what Emily said, I would love to experience the snow longer than I have in my life time so far.

Gotta go,
Campbell 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi, I’m Loui from Middleham

The three things I’m grateful for are:


My cows Bettysue and Betsy

Swimming club.

I really liked watching your random dance breaks, I think we should get involved too!

What is your favourite kind of dance?

Hi Loui,

I’m Emily and I think the things you are grateful for are the exact same as I am, apart from my pet being a cat named Prince and how I got into a swimming competition with some of my friends versing some other schools.

Have you ever gone in a swimming competition because I would like some advice on how to stay calm before I start.

Thank you for looking at our random dance break photos. Maybe we should do a Skype soon and do one together? Or you can just organise it at your school.

My favourite dance is Nutbush but if I can count freestyle as a dance then that would be my favourite!

Gotta go now,

Hi Loui,

Random dance breaks are awesome. Each week we do a different dance. So far we have done two; The Macarena and The Nutbush. We wonder what it will be next week?

Our favourite dance that we have done a random dance break on so far was:
The Macarena!

Our answers for the questions in the post are below:

We think next week’s dance should be The Chicken dance.

We are grateful for a lot of things too, such as;
– Coming to school each day
– Being able to talk to all of you
– Having a good education
– Having awesome friends and family

We include music, exercise and laughter in our lives through our RDBs (Random Dance Breaks)

Thank you for writing to us. We hope you can write to us again soon!

Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
From Ella and Kaitlyn

Hi Loui,

They are great things to be grateful for. I have a pet cow named Daisy.

The three things I am grateful for are:
1. I have a wonderful family
2. I have a really cool house and cubby house in the backyard
3. I have lots of friends

It’s great to hear that you are going on our blog and watching videos and it’s great you like our random dance break. Would you like to join in the action? My favourite dance would have to be The Nutbush because it is really fun to do. What is your favourite type of dance?

Ok, I have to go now.
From Seth @ U.P.P.S

Hey 5/6 Team,

I am loving the two dances! I think the next dance break song should be the Hokey Pokey as well as Alison. It will make it even more fun because we would be doing it together. We could get up and get in groups of 3 or 4 instead of us all going to the middle of the floor.

Gotta go now,

Hello everyone,

I am grateful for having a roof over my head everynight and not being a homeless person. I am also grateful for having a big inground pool in the backyard for the summer when it is hot.

I include exercise in my life by riding my bike lots in the backyard.

I include laughter in my life by watching funny videos or having a good time with family and friends.

I include music in my life by listening to music in the car where ever I go and at home.

I think we should do the thriller dance. It would be fun!

Got to go,

Hi 5/6 Team,

I think this week we should do The Bus Stop or Living on a Prayer.

I’m grateful that I got to have a practice interview at Hume for Assumption College. 🙂

That’s all from me today.

George 🙂

Hi everyone,

I think we should sing Living on a Prayer. It would be funny to do and we know the words. There are a lot of different songs we could do.

Bye for now,
From Brent

Hello, Bailey here.

I really enjoy doing the random dance breaks! I think they are really fun 🙂 Sometimes I wonder who on earth things of these things!

I also watched the YouTube clip (I had already seen it recently) and I found that it was really, really funny. Those people are pretty good singers!! 🙂

Answering the questions…..
1) I would like to suggest to do The Bus Stop. That is probably the only one I can think of except for The Nutbush which we have now already done.
2) I am grateful that my parents make me dinner every night and that they have enough money for me to do after school activities.
3) To answer the last question, I really like music. I listen to music in the car, when I am playing outside, when I’m in my room and lots of other places. Me and my family love music so much that we have an auto sound system where you can plug an iPod or a radio or something into a thing outside and you can listen to it all around the house! I use it a lot 🙂 !

I exercise a fair bit. I do football, cricket and am always running around whenever I get to. I love sport too!

And for laughter, I always tell jokes and get jokes. I always make sure life is happy for me :)!

Thanks for reading,
From Bailey

Oh, before I go, I have got one quick question:
Do you like random dance breaks?

Hi Bailey

The Bus Stop is a good suggestion! I think I will have to learn that one again because while I remember doing the dance in primary school, I don’t quite remember all the steps.

I listen to music all the time too. Once my radio wouldn’t work in the car and I had a long car trip so my sister and I had to sing instead! I listen to music when I’m cooking, when I’m getting ready for the day… It is on all the time at my house! What is your favourite type to listen to on the auto sound system?

I love how you said “I always make sure life is happy for me” – what a positive outlook on life! 🙂

From Mrs Placek

Hey 5/6 Team,

I love the gas station video, but I love the random dance breaks more! The thing that I like the most is when we do the random dance break in the middle of learning time.

That is all for now.

Bye from Jason

Hi 5/6 Team,

I really like the gas station video because it is funny.

I also really like the random dance breaks in the middle of learning time.

From Daniel 🙂

Hello everyone!

I think that a great song to dance to would be YMCA because we did it in rotations. Most people seemed to enjoy it.

We should also do the ketchup song!

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying our random dance breaks!

It has been great to read and hear about the things that people are grateful for in their lives. It’s such a positive thing to do to focus on all the things that are GREAT about your life and be GRATEful for them (see what I did there?!?)

Here are some things I am grateful for today:
1) Air conditioning! Today is very hot and I am grateful that my house is nice and cool.
2) My friends and family. I am lucky that this weekend I have spent time with so many of them.
3) Good books! I am looking forward to starting a new book tonight.

What are you grateful for today?

From Mrs Placek

Hello 5/6 Team,

I have love our last two dances and I don’t know what we should do next. But I know what ever it is it’s going to fun. It would be just as fun as our last two dances.

I hope everyone has had fun doing the dances because I did.

From Aimee.

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