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Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Collaboration | Posted on February 3, 2015

Being able to work well in groups is an important skill for everyone. There are many times in life, both at school and out of school, when we work in groups.

Here are some tips for successful group work:









Together Everyone Achieves More!

This week we our group work skills to the test. In teams of three we are responsible for looking after a gingerbread person.



We have given our gingerbread people names and created a timetable for their care. We have to know where they are at all times but we are allowed to have them ‘babysat’ for 30 minutes at a time. Some of us have made our new friends houses, seats and beds. On Friday we can eat our gingerbread people!





Ruby all tucked in!



Will they still be smiling on Friday?


What team challenges have you participated in?


What would you name your gingerbread person?



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Hi 5/6 Team,

I love the gingerbread person challenge although I have to admit that I have seen a few with serious injuries including broken and crushed legs and a body that isn’t attached to a head! One thing I did notice is that all of these gingerbread people were still smiling!! Obviously they have a positive outlook on life!!!

My gingerbread person would be called Tabatha. I always liked this name as a child (because of the TV show Bewitched) but I couldn’t name my daughter Tabatha as her surname was Tierney and Tabatha Tierney would have been a curse!

Mrs Laffan

Hi Mrs Laffan,

We are enjoying the Gingerbread challenge. Ella’s Gingerbread man is still in one piece, but Kaitlyn’s has a broken leg (Kaitlyn did not break its leg).
We think they are made to be positive people. They are always smiling just like us!

Our gingerbread men are called:
Ella’s – Crumble
Kaitlyn’s – Chocolate Button.

Maybe the staff could do the gingerbread man challenge! That would be funny to see them looking after a Gingerbread.

Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
From Ella and Kaitlyn.

Hi 5/6 Team
I have just been reading your posters on groups and I love them, they are excellent. Wouldn’t it be great if those posters could be placed on the wall of every workplace/committee room/classroom/sportsclub and even on the fridge at home. The posters are a big reminder of how to be a good team member and a lesson in it for everyone. if I had one on my fridge and under the letter “o” which stands for offer help and organize jobs lots of things would get achieved in my house…..dishes, dusting and mopping!!!! Remember the saying” Many hands make light work” Good team work everyone keep it up

Hello Alison,

Thanks for your comment!

I agree with you! If we did have the posters at every workplace, school sports clubs and on every fridge, I think everyone would remember how to work in a team or group and not be mean! Everyone would be respectful, co-operate and listen if they followed what the posters said.

Do you like our gingerbread people? I am having fun with Ebony and Mia and we sure are following what the posters say. We are getting along, we are organised, we are all participating and shared ideas when it came to making the bed for our gingerbread person and how our timetable would work.

Some gingerbread people have been broken but luckily some are still intact. Our gingerbread person came with a broken hip but nothing else is broken!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you can reply,
Tayla-Jade ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello everyone,

I think our TEAM gingerbread activity was great! It gave us a chance to show that we can be responsible and work as a team.

Some of the TEAM challenges I have participated in are…
1. The A-Z challenge
2. Scarecrow making in our house groups
3. The whole school worked together to build a dragon

If I was to choose another name for my gingerbread person I would choose Matilda because last year we had a mouse visit 5/6 Team’s classroom and we named her Matilda ๐Ÿ™‚

Bye for now,


I think the Gingerbread Challenge was a great idea because it was a lots of fun and it is a fantastic way to work as a team. After the Gingerbread Challenge everyone had lots of fun and it was cool seeing what the Gingerbread people looked like after a week.

Bye From Edward

Hi Tayla Jade
I did see all the gingerbread people and some did look a bit messy….some with no legs or even no head!!!! it sounds like you and Ebony have been looking after your gingerbread man very well.

Hello Alison,

I agree with you Alison, there were some with no legs or arms and even the heads of some were in crumbs! Some came with a broken leg.

Some people in 5/6 team were babysitting others gingerbread men/women.

Thankyou for the comment about our gingerbread project.

From Becky

Hello everyone,

I enjoyed working as teams in the first week of school. I think working as a team is a good thing and helps people get to know people better if they work with people they don’t normally work with.

I have participated in lots of team challenges but I will tell you about just one.

I have worked in a table group in science and we had to answer questions, we had to have at least one answer on each sheet. My table group decided to put three answers on each sheet so we could all get a turn at writing on the paper. We all had at least two goes of writing on the paper. We all put everyone’s ideas on the paper.

My gingerbread man’s name was Jerry. If it was a girl I would have called it Jazzy or Jasmine. My gingerbread man Jerry did not last until Friday because someone stepped on it.

From Olivia

Hi 5/6 team,
the gingerbread people of course cute, but as well delicious!

I loved my ginger bread man so much, and now I miss him so much. But he’s in a better place now (my tummy).

I have to go now, we’re doing some more work:(

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