High School Day


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There are nine more school days left before our Grade 5s become Grade 6s and our Grade 6s head off to other schools as Year 7s.

Last week we had our second ‘High School Day’ for the year.  We invited teachers from some of the secondary schools our Grade 6s will be going to in 2015. Five secondary school teachers, from three different schools, spent the day teaching us English, maths, science and art.  The day ran like a traditional day at secondary school.


We had to follow a lot of ‘High School’ rules. We were only allowed to go to our lockers at the start of the day, before recess, after recess, before lunch, after lunch and at home time. This meant we had to be organised and plan ahead. It seemed a bit funny taking our writing folders to art!

We have a healthy snack at 10am and 12:30pm. High School students only get to eat at recess and lunch time. Luckily, this was one rule we didn’t have to follow!


On the move - from first English to art

On the move – from first English to art


We learnt about art elements

We learnt about art elements


Our English class with Ms Barnes

Our English class with Ms Barnes


The fable we read in English with Mrs Coyle

The fable we read in English with Mrs Coyle


We learnt about acids and bases in Science

We learnt about acids and bases in Science


We worked out the mean, median and mode in Maths

We worked out the mean, median and mode of our heads in Maths



Today we completed some reflections about High School Day. Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther emailed us a High School Day feedback form using ePals. We had to complete it and send it back via email. Year 7s submit work electronically so it was perfect practise for us! You can read some of our reflections below.



Everyone enjoyed High School Day and it will make going to High School easier for us. We would like to thank Miss Perry, Ms Barnes, Mrs Coyle, Mr Devine and Mr Langdon for coming to Upper Plenty and teaching us. It was definitely the highlight of High School Day!


What is your favourite subject at school? Why?


Do you have any High School tips to share with us?




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Hi people that are reading this,

My favourite thing/subject at school is writing. I like this thing/subject because it does not involve maths or reading.

No, I don’t really have anything to share but there is one thing. If you’re organised you will do well in high school.

Ok, that’s all I have to say till next time,
Bye for now

Hi Everyone

I liked having high school day with high school teachers. The teachers were awesome and they let us ask questions about high school.

My favourite subject was art with Miss Perry. We got to create leaves and then we stuck them on a big tree! 🙂

Yes, I have a high school tip. It is to always be ready to learn and ready to create (in art).

I think that everyone in 5/6 team enjoyed high school day and I certainly enjoyed it too!

I would just like to say thankyou to all the high school teachers and especially Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther for all their effort they put in to making high school day happen!!

Olivia S

Hi everyone,

High school day was so much fun! I loved every class!

Thank you to all the teachers that came on the day. You were so much fun!

My favourite subjects are reading, art, science and music because they are all really fun and I enjoy learning about them!

Got to Go

Hello 5/6 Team,
It’s Kaitlyn and Tayla here. We loved high school day and think it was really successful. We would love to do it again!

What is your favourite subject at school? Why?
We can’t decide on just one or two favourite subjects, although we did learn a lot in Science. We enjoyed all of the individual activities run by the five high school teachers.

Do you have any High School tips to share with us?
-Don’t judge a book by its cover. Meaning; don’t judge a person before you get to know them.
-Be generous and friendly to everyone.
-Keep out of trouble.
-High school is a lot different to primary school. It might be scary at first, but you’ll get used to the change.

We loved high school day and hope we can do it again someday!
From, Kaitlyn and Tayla

Hello 5/6 Team,

I really enjoyed high school day and I liked it better than the first one as we had REAL high school teachers. It made it feel more like high school.

Some of my favourite school subjects are: sport, art, Genius hour and earn and learn.

I don’t really have many tips for high school except to be really organised. If you’re not it will be very hard at high school (I know this because somebody else told me.)

What did you like about high school day?

Got to go,
From Bailey

Hi people around the world,

Q1 Brent, sport because it is fun and I like sport a lot.
Q2 Brent, always be organised and always listen and ask questions so you know what you are meant to be doing.
Q1 George, sport because it is fun and I learn different sports.
Q2 George, always listen to teachers and do what you’re supposed to do.

from Brent and George

Hello everyone,

My favourite subjects at school are maths and science. In maths I learn a new strategy everyday and in science we do projects that we can learn from our mistakes and we research information that we might have not have known before. 🙂 🙂 😉

Don’t let people change who you are, that is one of my high school tips.
🙂 🙂


My favourite subject here at school is sport because I get to run around a lot. I love running. I am fast at running.

Hello everyone,

I enjoyed High School Day. I wasn’t there for the first High School Day so it was good that I didn’t miss out on the second one. It was fun and I will know lots for high school when I head off to high school.

Question 1: What it your favourite subject in school? Why?
Answer: My favourite subjects would have to be Art and English. I really enjoyed having different teachers for High School Day and getting taught how high school runs. I liked how Miss Perry said good try when you got it wrong.

Question 2: Do you have any High School tips to share with us?
Answer: Always remember to bring all of your things for all classes you have between morning to recess, recess to lunch, lunch to end of the day. This is because you are not allowed to go back to your lockers.

I think that from all of these High School Days, diaries and much more, all of us will go to high school and know how to run well.

Got to go,
Olivia M

Hi 5/6 Team,

I really liked High School Day because it was really fun.

My favourite subject would be art or science. The reason why is that art was really good and the art teacher was really nice even if you got the answer wrong she would say, “Sorry it was wrong,” but she said it really nicely.

Science was really fun. The teacher was really fun too but sometimes he said “We’re still waiting for one more person” that person was ME! He said that he tries to make high school fun so after the hard things we got to make sherbet.

My tips are-
1. Never be someone else – just be yourself
2. Don’t judge a book by its cover
3. Be kind
and finally DON’T BE LATE FOR CLASS 🙂

Bye for now,

Hi Everyone

High school day was fun and interesting and I would like to do it again one day because I enjoyed it.

My favourite subject at school is either PE or Science. PE is fun to play with different things and try new things and I think it makes you feel healthy when you do it.

I also like science because you experiment with things and find new things out every science lesson. You can have fun with finding different results and it’s nice to know that it pays off once you succeed.

I do have a tip which is always to be organised because you can’t go back to class to grab something.

I would like to thank all of the High School Day teachers and our teachers Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther.

Bye for now 🙂

Hello everyone!

High School Day was AWESOME! It definitely helped me prepare for high school. By participating in high school days I have become more organised and ready for high school.

What’s your favourite subject at school? Why?
My favourite subject would be art because in every art class I always learn a new skill or technique that I will continue to use on future art projects.

Do you have any high school tips to share with us?
Yes I do, the tip would be to stay organised and make sure you have all your books because there is no going back.

Are you looking forward to high school? Why?


Hi Team 5/6 @ UPPS,
How exciting that you are heading off to high school… and sad too! You have done so many wonderful, interesting things in your time at UPPS, that I am sure you will reflect upon your time there with great fondness. I like the idea that you have high school in your own school… most of the children from our school will just go to one school (there aren’t many choices where we are!) and so we have a three day visit in the summer term, where the Y6 children go and spend three days in the school on a special programme. It’s lots of fun and helps you to get used to what life will be like at Secondary.
I hope that we will see you for one last time to sing carols next week… it has been wonderful working with you, singing with you, exchanging e-mails and being blog buddies with you all. You’ve written lovely comments on our blog so many times… a big, big thank you and a big good luck to you all in your futures.
Your English pals,
Mrs Monaghan & A Room with a View

Hello to all you people out there!

I will be answering all the questions stated in the post above and possibly asking one or two!

Q1: What is your favourite subject at school and why?
A1: Probably all the specialist subjects (art, music, science, food tech, etc.) because they are all interesting and have something different to do other than reading, writing and math.

Q2: Do you have any high school tips to share with us?
A2: No, sorry I don’t.

Here are the questions that I am asking!
Q1: What is your favourite literacy subject (reading, writing, math, etc.) and why?
Q2: What is your favourite specialist subject (science, art, music, etc.) and why?

There you go, two questions answered from my view and some questions asked for YOU to answer.

See ya next time!

Hi 5/6 Team

My favourite subject is science because I find it really interesting.

I also have some advice for high school – make friends on the first day because it is really helpful to have friends on the first day.


Hello Everyone,

I really enjoyed High School Day and meeting the teachers that came from the different high schools!

If I had to give anyone advice for high school, it would be to try your hardest and make as many friends as possible.

My favourite subject in high school would be sport because I love all types of sport but my favourite subject from our high school day would have to be science because now I can make sherbet at home instead of persuading my parents to let me buy it for myself!

I am looking forward to high school and now we have had a High School Day and I have had my orientation I can’t wait to go to high school!


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