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Today was a special day for 5/6 Team. It was our Genius Hour Exhibition!


























For the past ten weeks, we have spent every Friday from 9am to 10am working on a project of our choice.

Regular followers may remember that we have already completed one Genius Hour project. Click HERE to see our first round of Genius Hour projects from Semester 1.

Genius Hour has two rules…

1. You must learn something new

2. You need to have something to present at the exhibition

Genius Hour started with the search-engine giant, Google. Google let its workers spend 20% of their time to work on any project that they wanted. The idea was simple – let people work on something that interests them and they will work harder on their other work. Google’s policy has worked so well that it has been said that 50% of Google’s projects have been created during ‘Genius Hour’. Ever heard of Gmail or Google News? These projects are creations by passionate developers that blossomed from their Genius Hour projects. To read more about Genius Hour, click HERE.

Genius Hour has taught us a whole range of things. We have learnt specific skills from our projects, including sewing, how to use a program such as Scratch, Publisher or MovieMaker, how to create a blog, measuring, cutting, sanding and drilling. We have also learnt skills that we can use when we work on any project. These skills include how to work towards and meet a deadline, organising resources and time, working through problems, how to have a ‘Plan B’ (or ‘Plan Z’) and how to find answers for ourselves.  We all had some sort of challenge/s along the way and we all managed to overcome them successfully.

The video below shows our journey as geniuses over the past ten weeks.


We would like to thank everyone who has helped us over the last ten weeks. We have really enjoyed working with and learning from our parents, grandparents and family friends. Thank you!


What did you learn in Genius Hour?


What would you like to learn if you did another Genius Hour project?


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It never ceases to amaze me how much talent there is in this classroom! I can see a lot of exciting futures ahead. Everyone worked so hard and I hope you are all very proud of yourselves! Well done! 🙂

Thank you for my invitation to genius hour. Once again I was filled with pride as I listened to your presentations and walked around the exhibition. You have all outdone yourselves again. I was so impressed with the first round that I wondered whether this would be a bit disappointing as I thought that it would be hard for you to improve. Guess what? You all did improve and pushed the benchmark even higher. Well done and make sure that you use your newly learnt skills for future learning.

hi 5/6 team

I real liked Genius Hour it was real fun and I hope the grad 5 get to do it next year

Hi everyone,

I really enjoyed Genius Hour Round Two.

I loved learning new things like knowing new stiches to do and being able to do whatever design I wanted to. I would like to thank everyone that helped me to finish my project.

If I could do another Genius Hour project I would like to something to do with cooking.

From Laikyn

Hello world! 🙂

It’s Marnie here, reporting to you live from UPPS!!

For Genius Hour I made a rotating shoe rack for my friend Jessica. She rides horses like I do. She has shoes lying out the front of her veranda and I always trip over them so I thought she needed some storage!

I had so much fun that I wished Genius Hour round two would never end.

I have to run – sport rotations are on today.


Marnie xoxo

Hi Marnie,

I really like your rotating shoe rack. Hopefully your friend Jessica likes your rotating shoe rack and she uses it. I think I will do something to do with wood next time if we do it again but if we don’t I will do it at home with my dad. Hopefully you will be able to use your skills some time in the future.

Did you enjoy doing this project?
What was the hardest thing to do?

Got to go,
Olivia M

Hi 5/6 Team,

I had a lot of fun doing Genius Hour. It was great to see everybody’s project completed at the exhibition! I think everyone worked really hard.

I learnt lots of new things in Genius Hour, including how to make really cool things and how to sculpt a body.

I would make my clay set into an animation in Genius Hour round 3.

Ok, Seth is out. Bye!

Hi 5/6 Team,

It was a lot of fun doing Genius Hour and I had hoped we could do it again before the Grade 6s go to high school.

I learnt how to use Windows Movie Maker and the process of interviewing. I would like to use in my work in the future.

If I could do Genius Hour again I would probably do something with wood or clothes.

See you soon.

Hello everyone,

Genius Hour round 2 was better than the first round because we had more ideas from the first Genius Hour, more resources and more skills to use for our projects!

Some things I learnt were computer skills such as how to use Publisher properly and other skills I can use in my future job and my life!

If I did Genius hour again, I would like to learn woodwork skills!

Got to go,

Hello Tayla-Jade,

I will also use all my skills in the future for lots of things like you too. I think Genius Hour is good because it helps people when they get older with new skills for the future. In Genius Hour Round one was hard to think of something to do but in Genius Hour Round two it was easier because I had more ideas jumping around in my head so I had to choose from.

I really like your activity book.
Got to go,
Olivia M

Hey, it’s Tanyshah and Billie!

We really enjoyed Genius Hour this whole year. We liked the projects and speaking in front of all the guests.

What did you learn in Genius Hour?
How things don’t always go as you want them to go.

What would you like to learn if you did another Genius Hour project?
Maybe some woodwork because we have been doing a lot of sewing.

Happy Blogging! 🙂

Bye for now
Tanyshah & Billie 🙂

Hi 5/6 Team,

I learnt how to use Office Publisher and how to make a brochure.

If I had another Genius Hour I would like to learn how to make a blog.

From Aidan

Hi everyone,

As all say, Genius Hour round 2, has being a big success. Everyone has given it their all to complete a 10 hour project (roughly as some continued at home to finish) and now we can take away what we learnt and use it in future life.

My two Genius Hour projects were both to do with sewing and they were given as a special something to my sister and Mum.

Last Genius Hour I made some kitchen goods (apron, tea towels and an oven mit). This was for my mum.

In Genius Hour round two I made a piece of clothing for my younger sister. I learnt how to MAKE a pattern (very proud of that one!) and how to put in a zip at the back. I already knew how to sew but this project was the first to be used as clothing for someone else. I am very happy with how I presented my work and I intend to keep sewing in the future.

If I got to do another Genius Hour I would do something to do with woodwork (and this is not because I was sick of carrying my sewing machine up the hill every Friday!). I have always admired people who make things out of wood and I enjoy doing that too – at least I think I do. I may get sick of it- who knows!

I think Genius Hour is a great opportunity for students to get to make whatever they want since they may not get the opportunity at home or later in life.

Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hi 5/6 Team, Mrs Placek & Miss Crowther,

On 6th November we had to share our Genius Hour project. I made a joke and activity book.

At the start of the 10 weeks, I interviewed two students from each class. I faced challenges, but managed to get through them.

I learnt how to use Office Publisher better and how to type faster.

If I did another Genius Hour project it would be to make a dog bed or a football goal board.

I enjoyed Genius Hour and I am very proud of myself.

I would love to thank Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek for all their help.

Olivia S

Hello everyone,

On the 6th November 2014 everyone in 5/6 Team had to show and share their projects to family and friends. We got asked questions by family members and friends.

I learnt that using a sewing machine is easier than it looks. I also learnt how to make a pillow cover/slip and that making cushions takes not so long.

If I was to do another Genius Hour I would like to do something to do with wood or more computer skills. I would like to do Genius Hour again next year!

All of the skills from Genius Hour I will use in the future.

Got to Go,
Olivia M

Hello Olivia,

Do you like sewing? I think I might possibly do sewing at home some time after Genius Hour.

What would you do with wood or on computers next time? There are many things you could do.

Got to go,
From Kaitlyn

Hi Olivia,
You said you’d like to do something to do with wood or using computer skills next time we do Genius Hour! I would like to do something like that to but I’d really like to do woodwork and learn skills!

I will use my skills I leant in the future as well, Olivia!
Got to go,

Hello Kaitlyn,

Thanks for commenting/ replying to me. I enjoyed sewing. Hopefully all the girls like their Christmas present this year especially because they are homemade.

I think you would do a great job at sewing. What do you think you would make if you did do sewing after Genius Hour?

I was thinking of doing something to do with wood because my dad has done/built a lot of things for us out of wood. He has built our cubby house, pool deck, his own train room with benches and is now getting the sides done around the pool. He has done a lot.

I was thinking of building a letter box for our cubby house for the girls when they play mums and dads and kids.

If I didn’t want/do a letter box I would do a bird box for at my nan and pop’s house because they get lots of birds like rainbow birds and lots more.

I could also use the bird box at my house because we get nests in our cubby house and on our roof near the antenna they make it move sometimes and our TV doesn’t work.

Another thank you for replying back to me!

Got to go,
Olivia M

Hello Olivia M,

I do enjoy sewing too. I’m sure your sisters will love their cushions for their Christmas presents.

I’m not exactly sure what I would do if I did sewing, do you have any ideas? I would really appreciate some ideas.

It would be a great idea to do some woodwork. I really enjoyed woodwork last time and I think you will too. It would be nice to do something for you nan and pop. Maybe I might decide to do something for my nan and pop next year.

Hopefully it is easy to fix the antenna so you can watch all of your favourite shows. That doesn’t happen at my house.

Imagine if some birds decided to live in the bird house! That would be so cool!

Happy blogging!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

From Kaitlyn.

Hello everybody,

I learnt in Genius Hour you can’t felt with a broken needle.

I learnt how to ‘card’ with the special combs. Carding is like a comb for wool.

I want to learn how to make an easy designer dress so I can get better of using a sewing machine.

If we had another Genius Hour project what would you make? Why?

Bye for now,

Hello everyone,

Round 2 of Genius Hour was a success and we all learnt more than we did last time. One of my highlights of Genius Hour Round 2 was the exhibition.

I learnt to always have a ‘Plan B’, because when I thought something wasn’t going to be finished I had to resort to ‘Plan B’. I also learnt more things about Microsoft Word and computers.

I would also like to learn more about computers next time for Genius Hour. I’m not quite sure what I would do with a computer next year but I have plenty of time to think.

I noticed that one or two thankyous were missing so I will write them.

An ENORMOUS thankyou for Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther for organising and running Genius Hour this year.

From Kaitlyn

G’day all, Grayson here, with my personal opinion/s on the questions that are on this blog post.

Here are the questions I am answering today:
Question 1:What did you learn in genius hour?
Question 2:What would you like to learn if you could do another Genius Hour project?

Here are my answers to the said questions:
Answer 1: I learnt about a process known as programing, which is where you take something known as a sprite, then you can give it a script, (like the ones you would use in a play) something like: “When space key pressed: play note 48 for 0.5 beats, glide to: X-450 Y-110, ask: “What’s your name?” and “Wait, stop script” which means that when I press the space bar the sprite will make a sound, move to the said position, then say “What’s your name?” and wait until you answer. Programming is also the way in which games can be made.

Answer 2: If I did another Genius Hour project I would probably like to learn how to build a shelf.

That’s all for today and I apologize for any headaches and enjoy your day!


Hi guys,

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVVVVEEEEDDDD Genius Hour and I cannot WAIT until the next one next year.
I think we should do it again because, if you think about how successful it was this year, we did a pretty good darn job!

I learnt a lot!!!! I learnt that whatever you plan, you ALWAYS have to have a back-up plan because when I did my Genius Hour project I messed up aalllllooottt of times!!!!!

If I was going to do another genius hour project I’d do a blog.

Bye now,



Hi everyone,
First of all, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek for coming up with Genius Hour. I know everyone is very thankful, but I really would like to make sure the message gets through, 5/6 Team are grateful.


Hey 5/6s,

We both enjoyed Genius Hour. One of the reasons that we liked it was because we didn’t have to do school work!

This Genius Hour Ethan learnt how to put widgets on to a blog. Mitchell learnt how to put a picture on to the full screen.

Ethan would like to learn something to do with electricity. Mitchell would like to learn about electricity.

Bye for now.
Ethan and Mitchell

Hey Mitchell and Ethan,

I agree It was fun doing that instead of school work. But my real favourite thing was seeing everyone’s projects come together.

For my genius hour I learnt how to use Microsoft movie maker and interviewing skills.

Bye for now,

Hi everybody,

If we did another Genius Hour I would do a woodwork project or embroidery.

I would like to learn how to embroider or build something.

I really liked Genius Hour.

Bye for now!


Genius hour sounds like a fabulous idea – although it must have been quite difficult to organise so many different projects to work on at the same time! It looks like you produced some marvellous things, and I enjoyed seeing the different range of items and projects, from practical skills using your hands to computer skills, art, writing… it made me wonder what I would do if I had a genius hour! Did Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek take part, too? What would they have done if they had an hour a week to do what they liked? (Apart from sleep!!!)
Kaitlyn, you made an interesting point when you said that Round 2 worked better than Round 1 – why do you think that was? Do you do Genius hour once a year or every term?
Great work everyone, it was really interesting to see the fruits of your labours! Thank you for sharing!
Mrs Monaghan
A Room with a View

Hi Mrs Monaghan,

Genius Hour certainly was good fun and we had a good variety of projects. Mrs Placek and I were going to learn how to knit. However, you know us too well because sleeping was our number one pick! In the end we didn’t get to complete our project as we became too involved with everyone else’s projects!

It was a busy hour with all sorts of things on the go each week, but students had to be largely responsible for organising themselves and their resources. Mrs Placek and I took on more of a supervisor role – just without the high vis vests! Although, there’s an idea for next time…

We did two Genius Hour projects this year and I have a feeling it will be back again next year due to popular demand!

Is there anything similar to Genius Hour in England? What do you think your GH project would be?

Miss Crowther 🙂

To all the 5 and 6s,

I really liked how you put photos and a slideshow on the blog.

How was it making all things in Genius Hour?

How did all of your class make your Genius Hour projects?

From Aimee

Hi 5/6 team,
Looks good. Hey I have some questions for you to answer.
Question number 1: How long did you have to complete and finish your projects?
Question number 2: Out of 10 how do you think others did with their projects?
Question number 3: Did you set a goal and completed your goal with in the time you have been given?
Question number 4: Did you have fun making your project?

From Becky

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