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Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in ICT | Posted on October 26, 2014

Last week Snr Constable Peter Clarke visited 5/6 Team to speak about cyber safety.  Part of his job is to keep people safe when they use the internet.


Policeman Pete asked us to use three simple words when working online. Respect. Private. Think!

It is important to respect yourself and other people.  He told us that if we wouldn’t post it on the classroom window then we shouldn’t post it online. He also told us how when we share a photo online it is easy for other people to share that photo. It can be seen by lots of people, including people you don’t know. So, before you post a photo you have to think really hard about whether or not it is appropriate to share. Policeman Pete shared an example of how photos can still exist in cyberspace even when the person who posted it deletes it.

Policeman Pete reminded us that it is hard to know who you are talking to online. Someone might pretend to be someone they are not. This is why it is so important to keep information private.

In some cases, people have ended up in trouble for not following Policeman Pete’s advice.

We enjoyed Policeman Pete’s visit and will be keeping his words of advice in mind when we are online.

What advice do you have for staying safe online?


What rules do you follow when you use the internet?


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Dear 5/6 Team and Policeman Peter,

I really enjoyed Policeman Peter because I learned a lot about safety and he said some very interesting stories about police chases. You must remember ‘respect, private and think’ and to be safe around the internet.

Bye for now

Hello Everyone,

Policeman Peter’s visit was fun but I also learnt a lot on the day. I learnt a lot about Cyber Safety and about his own experiences in the Force. Three words to remember are RESPECT, PRIVATE and THINK!

Some advice I would give everyone when being online is don’t put anything on the internet that would be embarrassing for others or hurt their feelings unless you’ve got their permission. Also, some other advice is be careful who you communicate with on the internet. There could be someone pretending to be someone they’re really not! Be careful who you give ‘Social Media’ usernames to.

One rule I follow when on the internet is not to give out private information.

Got to go,

Hello everyone and Policeman Peter,

My advice to stay safe online is to stay off everything that you not meant to be on. On the internet you should not say anything bad to hurt anyone’s feelings or to make them go off the internet.

I DON’T GO ON: Twitter, Facebook, KIK, EBay, buy swap and sale and more

Bye people!

Hi everyone,

It was good when Policeman Pete came to our school because he gave us good advice on cybersafety.

From Mitchell

Hey everyone, it’s Laikyn.

I really enjoyed having Policeman Pete come to talk to us about cyber safety and telling us about his time being a policeman.

Some of the information that I learnt from Pete was that not to put up photos of other people and to not write mean stuff about them.

Some advice that I give to people when they’re online is to not give people your address, last name or phone number and not to use the internet for the wrong reasons.

Bye for now,

from Laikyn.

Hi everyone it’s Mia.

It was great when Policeman Pete came to talk to us about cybersafety. I took a lot in from this experience and I learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know before Policeman Pete came in and showed us a slide show on cybersafety.

The advice I would have for people to stay safe online is….
1. Don’t give out personal details
2. Not to use the internet for the wrong things
3. Make sure you know who you are talking to

The rules that I follow when I am online are….
1. Not to do things without an adult’s permission if you are under the age of 18
2. Report anything that is inappropriate

If you are in 5/6 team what are the three values to staying safe online?

Bye for now 🙂

Hello 5/6 Team,

How are you? I enjoyed reading your blog post about Policeman Pete’s visit to the school. We learnt about being safe online from your post.

Our advice for staying safe online is if it doesn’t look right then don’t post it. You should always make sure the things you look up on Google are appropriate.

The rules to follow when you use the internet is always ask your parents to go on a game. Only look at appropriate things on the internet. Don’t post anything silly on the internet because everyone will see it and you might not be able to ever delete it.

Did you have fun with Policeman Pete?

Goodbye 5/6 team.
From 1/ 2 J

Hello Miss Joy and 1/2 J,

We have been good. We enjoyed having Policeman Pete come in and give us advice about cyber safety. He said he has been to many schools to talk about cyber safety. We had lots of fun with Policeman Pete. We got to get a thermometer line because we sat on the floor for a long time not moving around all the time. All of the advice we have from Policeman Pete we will remember whenever we are on the computer.

Got to go,
Olivia M

Hello 5/6 team.
How was Policeman Pete?
It’s bad if you post inappropriate and put it on Facebook. If you delete it, it might still be there forever.
Did you enjoy the Policeman Pete?.
What sort of information did Policeman Pete give you?.
Goodbye 5/6 team.

G’day Tommy,

Policeman Pete’s visit was quite nice and he’s a very funny and nice man. If you get the chance to meet him then you should.

Policeman Pete gave us “the three words” and they have a meaning, here they are;
Respect: if you post a comment to someone then think about that person’s feelings before you post the comment.
Private: Always, ALWAYS, keep information like passwords private, otherwise the person who you gave the information to will be able to go into your account and put some rude stuff up on it.
and think: Before you even start a comment think: is this a good idea? and before you post the comment think: would I put this up on my window or the window of the classroom?

He also told us about some car chases and a few scrapes he had as well as why police can go faster than what we can.

See you later, Tommy.

Hi Tommy,

We, 5/6 Team have been good.

Some things Pete told us were….
It is bad if you post something inappropriate online. If you think it’s going to hurt someone’s feelings you shouldn’t post it on the internet because it might get into a fight over the internet. That is right – it will still be there if you think you have deleted it. So, that means anyone all over the world can see it. If it’s a photo it could be screen shot and used for something really bad and to hurt your feeling.

We all enjoyed Policeman Pete’s visit.

Have you ever had a talk to someone about cyber safety?
What would you do if someone asked you for personal details?

Bye for Now,
Olivia M

Hello 5/6 Team

How have you been?
Did you enjoy Policeman Pete’s visit?
Did he give you a lot of information?
I learnt if you post some thing online you can’t delete it

from Oscar

Hi Oscar,

We did learn a lot from Policemen Pete’s visit. We learnt that sometimes people can say that they are a 12 year old girl when really they are a 56 year old man. So, if you are talking to people make sure you completely know who you are talking to. Sometimes it is better to see him/her face so you now that you are safe.

ox from Marnie
5/6 team

Hello Oscar,

I have had a good week so far.
I enjoyed having Policeman Pete come over to our school, it was fun.
He gave us lots of information about keeping safe.

Three things I learnt?
#1 Never share people’s data and keep it private.
#2 Not to use the internet for the wrong things.
#3 Respect others online and think about what you say online.

What rules do I use?
#1 Private, Respect and Think
#2 Don’t go on Twitter, Facebook, KIK and EBay

How do you keep safe online?
What website do you use online?

Bye for now, from Tash.

Hey 5/6 team,

Was it fun with Policeman Pete? I learnt that the internet can be dangerous. I heard lots about Policeman Pete to be safe on line. I learnt that you shouldn’t send any silly things online.

Bye the best 5/6 team,
From Jayde.

Hello Jayde,

Thanks for commenting on our blog!

It WAS fun with Police Pete! Yes, that’s right, things you do on the internet can be very dangerous.

The things you learnt are important when online!

One thing you learnt was BE SAFE ONLINE and that is important because if you’re not safe you can get bullied or tracked. Never put your phone number, surname, or private information up online! Remember, anyone and EVERYONE can see it!

The other thing you learnt, DON’T SAY OR SEND SILLY THINGS ONLINE is vital! You can hurt someone’s feelings or get yourself hurt! Policeman Pete said don’t put something online if you wouldn’t put it up in the classroom for everyone to see!

Ok, well you learnt very good things and now I told you more!

Got to go,

Hey 5\6 team

I heard lots about Policeman Pete and how to be safe online.
Hearing all that information makes me think about being safe online.
Did you get to do any activities with Policeman Pete?
Can you even remember all that information anyway?
How did you feel when Policeman Pete ?

Thank you for reading my blog comment.
Sincerely Jett L

Hi Jett,
Thanks for the comment on our blog! I think we all enjoyed Policeman Pete’s visit and I recommend him to see your class too!
When Policeman Pete came, everyone felt fine. Most of us had seen a policeman before so we weren’t worried.
Pete told us all the important things about cyber safety however, we didn’t do any activities.
Yesterday, the leadership group went to Wallan Secondary Collage for our last leadership meeting and we actually saw Pete there! He talked a bit more about being safe but mainly about the roles in leadership he has to take on during his job.
Advice I give to people out there is only the join websites that say the recommended age to be on. This is to be safe. So, if you are under 13 you are not allowed on the following websites!:

Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hey world, what’s up.

I will give you some advice for staying safe online you need to not talk to people you don’t know. Don’t spam or hack into games or you could go to court.

The rules I follow when I stay on the internet are:

1.Do not spam.
2.Talk to people I know.
3.Don’t swear at people.
4.Don’t pretend to be someone else.

Bye for now


Hi 5/6 Team,

Police man Pete’s visit sounded fun. I was in Queensland at the time but I have heard lots about his visit. His visit sounded like it was funny.

On the 27th the leaders went to Wallan Secondary College college and he visited there. He spoke to us about his role and how he uses values.

I recommend that you don’t type passwords, username and anything that is a family secret. I also recommend to keep any private information to yourself.

If anything bad happens always remember to ask a teacher or parent for help.

When I am online I always remember not to type anything private or type any passwords on the internet. Sometimes people do the wrong thing online and cyber bully others.

What is one cyber safety rule you use?
If someone was cyber bulling you, who would you tell?

Happy Blogging!
Olivia S

Dear 5/6 Team and Policeman Peter,

Policeman Pete told as a lot about being safe on the web and how to use the web safely

from brock

Hello everyone,

Pete’s visit was a HOOT – really funny and informational too.

We asked a series of questions and we loved and found the responses FUNNY from Pete. He showed and talked about how the internet can be very dangerous. People can not be who they say they are. When you are on the net you can never be 100% sure who you are talking to without physically seeing their face.

It is a MASSIVE rule of social media that you absolutely under no circumstance whatsoever never give any details out to people that can use it to hack or anything else into your private stuff.

ox from Marnie in the 5/6 team

Hi everyone,

I enjoyed Policeman Pete’s visit but I already knew most of the information he talked about due to the fact that my dad is a policeman.

The advice I would give to someone would be the same as the rules I follow, which are:
Never give personal information out online, never use your whole name, don’t talk to people you haven’t met in real life, if you don’t trust a website don’t join it, don’t say anything that could offend someone online, if anything pops up asking for personal information because you have done something don’t click on it because it most likely is a scam, if something doesn’t look right tell an adult before checking it out yourself.

I could go on for pages but these are the main ones I look out for.

Bye for now,

Hi Class,

I hope you all had a great time with policeman Pete and learnt some new stuff!

I wasn’t at school on that day so I didn’t get to see him but it was ok because he had also come to our school earlier in the year and I saw him then! I also saw him yesterday at Wallan Secondary College where he told us some things about being a good leader. All the school leaders from the 15 schools around our area were there to learn some new leadership skills.

Anyway, back to the subject… My advice is really the same as Peter’s. Don’t give away personal details and don’t bully or be mean. Be nice 🙂 I follow Pete’s rules and always make sure I do the right thing online!

Do you agree with my rules about being safe on the internet?

Do you like using the internet?

What websites do you use? I don’t use many talking ones on the internet except for my blog. ( but my mum uses Facebook.

Thanks for reading my blog comment! 🙂 🙂 🙂
See you later

Heey 🙂

Its Bilzza (Billie) and Fri’chickenisha!(Tanyshah) 🙂
It was funny how the boys weren’t afraid to ask RaNDoM questions like; “Have you ever Tasered anyone?” “Have you ever shot anyone?” “what type of gun do you use?” and stuff like that!

What advice do you have for staying safe online?

*Don’t post anything your not sure about because it stays there forever. Also when you go for a job they can see what you have posted on the internet
*If you don’t want to show your parents or your grandparents videos or pictures then don’t post them online.
*If your getting cyber bullied and you don’t want to tell your parents the dial the police or Kids Helpline.
*even if you think that you have a private account of a social media website other people can still see your pictures and videos with out you knowing
*Never give out personal information
*If your not sure about a person your talking to the just block them or tell your parent/guardians.

What rules do you follow when you use the internet?
*Not to look up rude or inappropriate photos/videos
*Block people you don’t know or finish the conversation
*Tell your parents anything your worried about.

Happy Blogging!
Talk to you soon 🙂
From Billie & Tanyshah


I really liked Policeman Pete because he talked about cyber safety and I’m really good with computers and things like that so I know a lot more now.

Here are three facts for people about cyber safety that I learnt….

1. Never text or talk to anybody online that you haven’t met in real life.

2. Don’t put on pictures that are inappropriate or without a adult’s permeation.

3. Always follow RESPECT, PRIVIATE and THINK

Here are two rules that you should follow on the internet….

1. Don’t put a photo without a adult’s permission

2. Report things back that inappropriate if you see any.

That’s all. Bye!


Hi 5/6 Team,

Some advice I would give is to tell some you can trust if you are unsure of something online.
I have a rule that if you need to download something you should ask.

Hi 5/6 Team,

How was the visit with Policeman Pete?

Was Policeman Pete wearing his police uniform?

Did Policeman Pete tell you anything important?

Did you like the visit?

from Harry, James and Bailey

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