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Earlier this week, we had a visit from Shy and Harold from the Life Ed van. The Life Ed van comes to our school every second year to teach us about how to live a healthy and happy life.


Different year levels learnt about different things. Younger children learnt about making friends, people who can help us and medicines.  We learnt about alcohol and how it can harm our bodies. Shy told us some facts:

* Alcohol can affect lots of different parts of the body. It travels around the body through the blood.

* The brain keeps growing until we are 25 years old and alcohol is especially dangerous for brains that are developing.

* Long term alcohol use can result in memory loss, injury to the brain, muscle weakness and bleeding in the stomach.

We worked in small groups to complete activities, watched some short film clips and did some role plays about how we can handle tricky situations we might face as we get older.


Completing one of the activities

Completing one of the activities


Completing an activity to show the body parts affected by alcohol

Completing an activity to show the body parts affected by alcohol


Just before we left, Harold came out to say hello. Harold has been helping teach children about living well since Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther were kids! He said that we were all very well behaved and he hoped that we had enjoyed the session.



We would like to thank Miss Varker for arranging the Life Ed visit, Shy for teaching us about how to live well and Harold for helping Shy.

Have you been to the Life Ed van? What did you learn?


How do you live a healthy and safe life?


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Dear Y5/6 Team @ UPPS,
I hope you’ve all enjoyed your holidays and are happy to be back for your final term or 2014! We are heading rapidly through Autumn towards shorter days and longer nights, the weather has turned cool and damp and soon it will be dark before tea time!
What exciting things do you have planned for your term? It looks like you got off to a good start. In our Y5/6 class, we recently had a visit from Childline which is a charity which helps children who need someone to talk to – they can call Childline in confidence and with anonymity and talk through their issues. Later in the year, we will also take a trip to Crucial Crew, where we learn about keeping ourselves safe – from alcohol and drugs, fire, on the roads, on farms, by the sea and around electricity. It sounds a bit like what you have done with Shy and Harold. Do you remember their visits from when you were younger in the school? What do you like most about them? Do you think it’s a good way to get their message across?
Mrs Monaghan
A Room with a View

Hi Mrs Monaghan,

It is hard to believe that this is our last term for the year and we are zooming along towards our Christmas holidays. There’s so much we want to do before 1:30pm, 19th December! Our weather forecast for today is 30 degrees Celsius and it is daylight until 7:30pm or so. What time is it getting dark in Middleham at the moment? We think when it is your summer it stays light until later than it does in our summer time.

We have a ‘Kids’ Helpline’ in Australia. It sounds like your Childline. We found some photos of Harold and Shy’s last visit on our 3/4C blog. Everyone was so little! 🙂 We do think it is a good way to learn because it is fun but it is serious too.

Bye for now,
5/6 Team

Hello 5/6 team,

We hope you had a great time in the Life Ed van. What did you like in Life Ed van?

What was your favourite part about the Life Ed van ?

Sincerely yours

To 5/6 team,

Did you have fun at the Life Ed Van? I liked looking at your photos!

from 1/2J

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