Giant Caterpillars, Candles & Spring


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For much of this year, the students in 5/6 Team have been working with UPPS’s amazing art teacher, Mrs Lewis, to create giant lanterns. When combined, the lanterns formed giant caterpillars.

The following excerpt is from The City of Whittlesea’s website

For the past 3 years we have been engaging in a collaborative art project in the Whittlesea Township and surroundings areas, as part of a community recovery and readiness process. Each year, people from local areas parade together as a personal, public and collective ritual to welcome Spring, reflect on the effect of enforced change in our lives and look to the future together.

Earlier tonight the lanterns were the feature piece in the ‘Into the Light’ lantern parade. There were other schools at the parade as well. Lots of people carried lanterns of all shapes and sizes and lit up the local showgrounds in order to welcome Spring.

Congratulations to Mrs Lewis and all the 5/6 students who built the lanterns and a special thank you to those students who were able to attend the parade.Β  A job very well done!


What was your favourite part of the parade?


Have you ever been in a parade? Tell us about it!


If you made a lantern, what would it be like?



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Wow! It was such a amazing night! I am so pleased we could be part of such an event! Not only was it fun making the lanterns, but seeing them all lit up was just magical! I look forward to next year πŸ™‚

Hi People it’s Marnie And Kayla here.

Kayla was at the lantern parade and she says it was fun and it was her first lantern parade. The best part was when the butterfly came up into the air.

Marnie was not able to make it but she loved seeing the pics.

From Marnie and Kayla

Hi Everyone,

It looks like the lantern parade was awesome! Unfortunately like you Marnie I couldn’t make it to the parade because I was sick πŸ™ However, it seems like you had lots of fun Kayla!

I have been to a parade before and it was magical – all our effort in art finally coming to use. The person in front of me though (Eve) had her lantern almost catch fire. A brown spot formed on the top of the lantern. She had to leave it aside for it to be put out! In the end her lantern did get saved but we had to share mine for the rest of the parade.

I quiet liked the pyramids we have made so I would like to make another one of those if I could.

Bye for now
from Alicia

PS: Please check out my blog at

Hello everyone,

We both weren’t able attend the parade so we don’t know what it was like, but we watched the video clip and we think we might have liked the butterfly best.

Tayla-Jade has never been in a parade (she has only been in a 3km marathon around Melbourne and more), but, Kaitlyn has participated in the Moomba Parade.

If Kaitlyn made a lantern she would make a sculpture of a dog and Tayla-Jade would build a horse or person.

Got to go,
Tayla-Jade and Kaitlyn

Hey 5/6 Team

Brodie didn’t go but would make a dog and has been in a parade.

Brock liked the parade and had to step on a candle because a cup caught on fire. Brock would make a snake and Brock has been in a parade too.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
from Brodie and Brock

Hey everyone :),

Have you ever been in a parade? Tell us about it!
No we haven’t been to a parade. πŸ™‚

If you made a lantern, what would it be like?
Our lantern would look like a love heart. πŸ™‚

Talk to you soon πŸ™‚
Bye πŸ™‚
Billie&Tanyshah! πŸ™‚

Hey Billie and Tanyshah,

I have been in a parade a couple even some in America. at some place I don’t remember much of it.

I would make my lantern Sphere Earth because it would look cool and it would be about 13 meters tall wide and thick.

Bye for now

Hi everyone,
We both enjoyed doing the lanterns at school with Mrs Lewis! It was so much fun being apart of making them and the final product looked amazing.
Chelsea wishes she could have come but due to a family outing, she was unavailable for the community night.
However, Eve got to come and enjoyed the atmosphere of the night and tasted an awesome ice cream before hand. She would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Lewis for helping us to make the two Caterpillars.

We would like to make a giant lantern that looks like a:
Chelsea: “…Big ball that could hang from my roof and light up my room.”
Eve: “…Giant replica of my cute brother or dog.”

Happy Blogging! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Chelsea and Eve

G’day class

Mitchell and Matthew were busy on the night of the parade. Mitchell went to the parade three years ago. Matthew went last year. This year he was going to go but when it was 6.30 hejust started eating dinner.

Bye bye

Matthew and Mitchell

Hey Mitchell & Matthew

I didn’t go to the parade either because I was in Queensland. I went to the lantern parade three years ago also.

Talk to you later

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately we did not go to the parade. We are sure it was tons of fun.

Previously we have been to a lantern parade two years ago. It was fun and exciting and I would do it again.

We are not sure which type of latern we would like to make.

How many parades have you been to?

Bye for now

Cam and Nick

Hello everyone,

I didn’t go to the parade but I’m sure it was fun. I have never been in a parade before but they look fun.

If I made a lantern I would make a heart shaped one with all different shapes on it.

From Laikyn

Hello everyone,

What was your favourite part of the parade?
Well unfortunately I didn’t turn up at the parade.

Have you been in a parade?
I’ve been to the lantern parade 2 years ago. it was fun.

If you made a lantern, what would it look like?
I would make it like a car.

Bye everyone

Hello class,

My favourite part of the parade was going around the butterfly with the lanterns.

No, I have not been to one so I can not tell you about it.

If I made a lantern I would make another caterpillar.

from Kayla

The lantern parade looks fun. What was it for?

by Mac, Sax and Coop

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