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At Upper Plenty P.S every class focuses on the same text type for five weeks. This term our first focus was on procedural texts and now we are learning about information reports.

We read and write a range of the focus text over the five weeks so that we can learn about their purpose, structure, language and features. In our reading sessions we use our comprehension strategies to understand the text and we also analyse why the author has made certain choices.

Each class has a poster to help write their own texts. The posters were made at a staff meeting by all the teachers. The white space at the side is for us to put an example of an information report.


Information reports come in many shapes and sizes. Newspaper and newsletters are full of information reports written by journalists. This week we became journalists as we worked together to create the school newsletter. Our week went like this:


* Brainstorm articles

* Allocate articles (we worked with a partner or in a group of three)

* Create at least five open ended interview questions


* Conduct interviews

* Write introduction and body

* Think of a catchy title

* Save the document in a specific folder on the server


* Write conclusion

* Revise and edit article

* Take photos if required

* Cut and paste the article from individual document into school newsletter in Publisher


* Print draft copy of newsletter

* Read one page with a partner and highlight any errors

* Correct errors as a class (this was the first time we saw the whole newsletter)

* Print final copy and present to Mrs Laffan for approval

* Copy 160 copies for each family in the school

You can read our newsletter below. Click on the rectangle in the bottom right hand corner to make it bigger.

Update 21st August


Whilst we don’t usually get to write the whole school newsletter, we do take it in turns to write a class newsletter each week. Billie and Tayla-Jade wrote this week’s and you can read it below. You can read our previous newsletters HERE.



What do you like most about our newsletter/s?


What could we do to make them better?


What would you write an information report about?


Comments (3)

An awesome job everyone! The newsletter was absolutely wonderful. It was creative, covered lots of different topics, involved all members of the school and was entertaining. I think that you have outdone yourselves and should be very proud of your achievement.

Dear 5/6 Team,
What a lot of work you have put into your newsletter – it’s magnificent. I loved finding out about everything you are working on at school – what a variety of projects you’ve got going! Your lanterns look really special – but also rather flammable! Do you put candles inside them? How do you stop them from going on fire?
We have nearly finished our summer holiday, and will be back at school on September 1st – hopefully we will have more opportunities to work with you and we look forward to keeping up with all your news and events down under!

Mrs Monaghan
A Room with a View, England

Hello Mrs Monaghan,

We had a lot of fun publsihing the newsletter and learning how to write intereting articles. We are glad you enjoyed it!

The lanterns can catch on fire. There are people who walk along in the parade with a bucket of water! It is like a fire brigade on foot. Last time all the lanterns made it safely to the end of the parade. Hopefully this year the same will happen. The parade is in September and we will try to write a post about it to let you know.

We hope you enjoy your last week of the holidays. We wonder what projects we will do together this year?

From 5/6 Team šŸ™‚

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