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Saturday morning. 7am. 4 degrees Celsius.

What would you do? Well, we headed off to a local market with a car load of goodies to sell that we had either made, collected through donations from letters written to companies or donated ourselves.

Open for business!

Open for business!






It was all part of our work with numeracy and economics and our quest to earn $1000 by the end of the year. If we reach our target we will be able to plan our very own excursion. It doesn’t even have to be about what we are studying – we can go ANYWHERE…as long as we can afford it!

Throughout the year we have been working steadily towards our goal of $1000. Regular blog visitors may remember our first market stall held at our school market night. Since then we have sold ANZAC cookies, run an iTunes Raffle (winner received a $20 iTunes card) and held a ‘Guess the Lollies in the Jar’ competition.  We earned $117 at the local market which brings our total savings to $635.90.

Having a class bank account and working together to earn and save money has been lots of fun. It has also taught us many things. Here are just a few of them:

– How to present our ideas well. We have written proposals and presented them to our principal, Mrs Laffan. Two people have to present to School Council.

– How to count different money amounts. We take it in turns to ‘bag up’ the money into little bank bags so it can be banked. There are bank rules about how much money can be put in a certain bag according to the type of coin.

– How to ‘sell’ and advertise our events.

– How to work together to get everything done so that an event can run smoothly.

– Lots of maths skills including rounding, estimating, budgeting, adding, subtracting and working out discounts. We were even doing maths on a Saturday at the market!

Future plans include a food stand for interval at our school productions, a gold coin donation ‘Pyjama Day’ (after our school production) and a Kid’s Trivia Night.  We might also hold a movie night.

What has been your favourite event so far? Why?


What are some of your tips for saving money?


What events do you think we should run in the future?


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Chilly it was, but it looked like so much fun. Well done, everyone! I think we may of came away with the title of ‘first customers’?! I think we got some great bargains too :). I also liked the first market stall but my favourite event would have to of been this stall. Hopefully you get to run another one before the end of the year when the weather is a bit warmer. As for my money saving tip…it’s an oldy, but a goody…whenever you earn some cash for doing odd jobs, rather than spend it all, try and save half! When it comes to other events you could run, maybe a cake stall out the front of a local shop on a Saturday morning? Yum! Good luck, although if my Maths abilities serve me well, working on the fact we are just over half way through the year, things are looking very good for reaching your goal!

Hi Liz,

Yes, it was VERY chilly! You most certainly were our first customers. Thank you for shopping at our stall! 🙂

I hadn’t thought of the cake stall outside a local shop. Would I have to cook? Because, that could be interesting!!

It has been a lot of fun having a class bank account this year. I think everyone is doing a great job thinking of events and then making them happen. I have my fingers crossed we reach our goal!

Miss Crowther 🙂

Dear Miss Crowther & 5/6 team,
It’s great to catch up with your blog and see what you’ve been up to! In England it is the summer holidays at the moment, so it’s funny to see you guys all wrapped up and looking cold… it’s normally the other way around! Well done with your money making efforts, it looks like you are doing splendidly, and having fun too.
Here is my money saving tip… There is a saying we have (you probably have it too?) – Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves.
As for money making ideas… we had great fun with a penny arcade just before the end of term… I am hoping I may get around to a blog post about it in the next few days, and that would be a good way to make some money and have some fun. We also make our own Christmas cards and sell them to parents and family. The money we make goes to charity, but you could use that as a money-raiser as well. Do you learn a language? We ran a French Cafe and served croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast on European Day of Languages last year. It’s September 26th… perhaps you could join in and do something like that!
I look forward to seeing how your fund-raising progresses. Good luck!
Mrs Monaghan

Hello Mrs Monaghan!

It certainly was a cold market day. You’re right, we’re normally the warm ones and you are rugged up. You would probably think our cold is not really that cold at all! I hope you are still enjoying nice warm summer weather.

We are on camp at the moment. The weather has been around 13 degrees each day. Friday is going to be 15 which seems warm compared to what we have had.

I like your saying about pennies and pounds.

Hope your enjoy the rest of your holidays. I think we should definitely do something on Day of Languages. We have started learning Indonesian this year so maybe we could teach you some Indonesian and you could teach us some French?

Great to hear from you. 🙂
Miss Crowther

Hi everyone,
What a chilly morning that was. I agree that it was so much fun being a part of the 5/6 Team market stall last Saturday.
Saving money can be hard for some! But others such as myself, like to save up and buy something big at the end of it. A tip to save money is to not know how much money you have until you have reached your goal. That way, you will save until you think you have enough and your ‘stash’ won’t be dropping because you won’t have bought anything else.

Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hi Chelsea,

I had fun at the market stall too. Perhaps we will have to organise another stall!

Saving money can be hard. We are doing well with our class bank account. I enjoyed listening to this week’s discussion at our class meeting about how much money we should allocate to each prize on Pyjama Day.

I like your tip about not looking until you think you have saved enough money. I do that with my piggy bank. I am very tempted to empty it and count it but I always think, ‘oh, just wait another week or two.’ With my memory that soon turns into a month or two! Then I think just wait a little longer and be surprised at (hopefully) the amount I have saved. I love the word ‘stash’ that you used. 🙂

Happy Blogging and Saving!!

Miss Crowther 🙂

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