Genius Hour Round 2!


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Our Genius Hour projects earlier this year were so educational and enjoyable that we decided we would have Genius Hour Round 2!

You can check out some of the action shots from Genius Hour Round 1 in the slideshow below. We had everything from aprons to animations, birds houses to blogs and sewing to sanding!



After 10 weeks of planning and creating we held a Genius Hour exhibition. Everyone had to create their own display space with their actual project as well as some information about how it was created and the skills learned along the way. We had a lot of family and friends visit to see our creations and we even ended up with a full colour page in the local paper! Throughout the exhibition some students also spoke about their projects and there was also a ‘Question and Answer’ panel with six students to answer any audience questions. You can see some photos of the exhibition in the slideshow below.



On Friday the 5/6 Team began their new Genius Hour projects and the room was buzzing with excitement as students drew plans, chopped wood, stitched fabric and researched information for their brand new blogs.

The rules are the same as last time:

1) Students have to learn something new

2) Students have to have something to present at our Genius Hour Exhibition.

The students created a plan for homework, outlining their project, including information about where they may seek help or information, materials needed and what they will share.


What are you creating in Genius Hour?


What did you learn in Genius Hour Round 1 that may help you in Genius Hour Round 2?


What skills are you hoping to learn?


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Hi 5/6

I like Genius Hour because you get to create something that you don’t get to create every day.
I am creating a plane made out of wood.
I learnt how to sand in Genius Hour Round 1 and that will help again this time. I also learnt that when you are painting, do not mix the colours together otherwise it turns a grey colour. This time I will have to paint one coat and one colour at a time.
This time I am hoping to learn how to make the wood smoother so the paint goes on smoother and easier. I would also like to glue the wood together. Last time I didn’t use glue at all.

What are you building in Genius Hour? If you couldn’t do that, what else would you do instead?

From Dylan

Hi everyone this is Brian and Seth here,

In Round Two of Genius Hour Brian is doing a target board. You can handpass a footy into it and shot it with nerf guns. For Seth’s Genius Hour, he is doing a play set out of plasticine. You can make little characters and make castles.

One skill that Brian learnt was how to put a hinge in the wood and it was also a bit of practice with power tools. Practice with the power tools will help me with Round Two because I will need lots of tools to build the next part and I need to use the jigsaw.

Seth learnt in how to organise himself more and get ready quickly. It will help him in round 2 to organise his space. He is hoping to learn how to use and create things with plasticine.

Bye for now Brian and Seth.

Brent is creating a cool dog for his robot metal man.
I learned how to weld last Genius Hour and it will help me this Genius Hour. I will learn different design skills and handling different tools and more.

Jarrad is making another blog for Genius Hour. I learnt how to make it and post comments and make cool animals for my blog.

Ethan’s making a blog for sports and things that are happening around the place. I chose to do it because it’s a good way to keep socialised.

Bye for now
From Brent, Ethan and Jarrad

Hi everyone
So let’s get straight into the questions:
Q 1: What am I doing for genius hour ?
A 1: I am doing a rotating lazy Susan circle shoe rack for a four year old friend of mine!!!!
Q 2: What did you learn in Genius Hour Round 1 that may help you in Genius Hour Round 2?
A 2: I can’t really say that there is anything that will help me in Genius Hour Round Two from Round One because I did sewing and now I am doing wood work and you may already know that they are completely different.
Q 3: What skills are you hoping to learn?
A 3: I am hoping to learn how to get my nails in through the wood without bending them.

So that is all, my friends! Talk later


Hi 5/6 Team

Matthew: I’m creating a spitfire for my Genius Hour project.
Mitchell: I’m creating an old fashioned wooden boat.

Matthew: I don’t really have any sort of help from last time.
Mitchell: I learnt to use my time wisely.

Matthew: I would like to learn how to carve wooden objects.

From Mitchell and Matthew

Hello 5/6 team

What are you creating in Genius Hour?
(Aidan) I will be making a coffee table.
(Nick) I will be making a wooden laptop model.

What did you learn in Genius Hour round 1 that may help you in Genius Hour round 2?
(Aidan) I learned how to use tools.
(Nick) I learned to spend your time wisely.

What skills are you hoping to learn?
(Aidan) I am hoping to learn how to use power tools.
(Nick) I am hoping to learn how use use tools.

From Aidan and Nick

I will be making a star vegie garden in round 2 Genius Hour.

In Genius Hour 1 l learned to draw a plan of my project before I started it.

This time I will be learning planting skills. I will learn how important the sun and water is for the vegies to grow.

From Ethan HH

Hi everyone,

We all enjoyed round one of Genius Hour and are so excited to do round two!

It is so good to see that everyone has already made progress and we can’t wait to see the finished products.:)

Laikyn: I’m doing embroidery

Kayla: I’m doing a letterbox

Alicia: I’m doing a blog about kids news

Natasha: I’m doing felt animals

We learnt that it’s about enjoying what you’re doing and using your time wisely.

Laikyn: How to use a small needle and learning all different stiches.
Alicia: I did a mail box last time but it was supposed to be a boat so I learnt how to deal with a problem and fix it to be something better.
Kayla: I did a bird house last time so I learnt the wood work skills I need for this genius hour.
Natasha: Last time I made hair accessories but this time I am doing something completely different and that is needle felting so I didn’t learn anything to help me this time round.

What skills are you hoping to learn?
Natasha: I am hoping to learn how to felt 3D animals.
Alicia: I am hoping to learn responsibility and more computer skills.
Kayla: I am hoping to learn different ways to stick wood together.
Laikyn: I really don’t know.

Bye for now
From Alicia, Kayla, Laikyn and Natasha

I can’t wait to see what you aspiring geniuses come up with in this round. The genius hour project is an amazing opportunity for all of you to excel and explore your own interests. Make the most of it and don’t forget to let me know when the presentation is on!!!

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