How to Have a Great Day


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Literacy | Posted on July 30, 2014

Our regular blog visitors will know that we have been reading and writing procedures recently. A procedure is a text that tells you how to do or make something.

This week we all wrote about ‘How to Have a Great Day’. It was a writing moderation piece. This means that Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther will take our writing to a staff meeting and the teachers will talk about what we have done well and what we should do to improve our procedural writing. They will also use some documents from the Department of Education to help them because the Department has guidelines on what students need to do in each year level. The grade 3/4s also had to write a text with the same title.

Our writing moderation sessions went like this:
Tuesday: Planning (5 minutes)  & Drafting (20 minutes)
Wednesday: Drafting (20 minutes) & Revising and Editing (10 minutes)

Watch the video clip below to see us planning and drafting.


Here are some of our writing moderation pieces so far. We had to use a red pen to make any changes.








How would you have a great day?



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Such a big question! Hmmmmm…my great day would always start with a smile, a cappuccino and happy kids! From then on in it would be a matter of sharing that smile with everyone I meet, with the aim of them ‘paying it forward’ or sharing it back! There would also be a lot of laughs, loud music and a roast dinner at the very end…with dessert, of course! As for tomorrow’s plan for a great day…

Hi Liz,

I think starting with a smile is the BEST way to start the day. I like the idea of ‘paying it forward’. There’s a poem about smiling I read once about how smiles are contagious and I tend to agree.

I like the idea of a roast at the end of the day. Can you guess what edible goody would be part of my great day? Other ingredients for my great day would be time outside with the animals, riding, an afternoon nap and time to read a good book.

Miss Crowther 🙂

Hello everyone,

I would have a great day (on the weekend) by…
-Waking up late (around 10-11 am) so I could have a sleep in
-Switching on the T.V and watching it for a bit
-Inviting a friend to go out (Skate park or out for lunch)
-Going to my house, watching movies and having lollies

That was my ideal great day (on the weekend).

From Tayla-Jade 

How to have a great day.
Mine would begin with bacon and eggs, then a nice read of a magazine, next in line would be out for lunch with friends to have lots of laughs. maybe a nana nap would be next on my agenda or watching a good movie. OOOHHH time is getting on and I haven’t had a shopping trip. A quick trip to the shopping centre for maybe new shoes or a top. Home for tea which of coarse Brent would cook me…chicken and chips.. my favourite!!! Finally cuddle up on the couch with a big fat bowl of icecream. Yes this great day would suit me fine.

Hi Alison,

Your day sounds great! I REALLY like the idea of a nana nap in the afternoon. That would be part of my perfect day too. I think I’d also like to include a hot chocolate somewhere in my ideal day.

I see no reason why Brent can’t make your dinner wish come true?!

Miss Crowther 🙂

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