My Class Ate My Homework!!


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Indonesian, Inquiry | Posted on June 12, 2014

You’ve probably heard the old excuse about not being able to hand homework in because “The dog ate it.” Well, this week, Sam handed in his homework and the class ate it!

This term our Unit of Inquiry centres around Indonesia. For homework we have a grid with a variety of tasks to complete to help us learn about our Asian neighbours. One of the tasks is to research and make a model of a volcano. Sam made an edible model of Sangeang Api which last erupted in 1999 and is a Category 3 volcano. The highest category is Category 4.

Sam's 'Cake Volcano'




Thanks Sam for sharing your homework! It was delicious.

We have had lots of very creative homework tasks arrive at school. There have been  Lego models of famous landmarks, playdough models of Indonesia, models of houses, exploding volcanoes and jewellery creations. People have also created posters about currency, clothing, inventions, and famous places to visit. Here’s a small selection of our recent homework tasks:










What are your favourite types of homework tasks? Why?


What do you know about Indonesia?


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I have to confess…I ate some of Sam’s homework!!! It was very tasty. I think all of your creative ideas for this homework task were a credit to you all. Well done!

Mrs Laffan

Thanks Sam for bringing in an edible homework piece, it was delicious!

My favourite type of homework to do is a hands on activity. That is why Bailey and I chose to make a map out of play dough as a task for one week. I really enjoyed that!

Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂
+ Happy Homeworking (I am doing mine right now!)

Hi guys, it’s Brian here.

I like the idea Sam! It looked ok but I was full so did not have any. I wish I did! What type of cake was it? How did you start making the cake? I like the idea. For my homework I was going to make a volcano but not a cake.


My favourite task was ‘Free choice’ because I got to choose anything I’d like to do for homework, as long as it related to Indonesia.
Just a few things I know about Indonesia are that Indonesia is made up of lots of islands, different cultures/islands speak a different language and there are different pieces of clothing for different events.

Got to go,
Tayla-Jade 🙂

Hi everyone,

Sam’s volcano cake was delicious and it looked so cool!

All of the homework was amazing. My favourite type of homework would have to be making things because it does not feel like homework. It is something I would like to do everyday.

From Ebony

Hi guys, it’s Natasha here!

I love Sam’s idea because it was different and unusual. I wish I had thought of it but I wonder where he got the idea from?

How did he make the shape of the volcanoe cake?

Bye for now
from Natasha

Hi everyone,

The cake was awesome. It was yummy! Well done Sam 🙂

We both enjoy projects for homework because you don’t have to write much because it’s usually typed on a computer.

We both know that Indonesia has thousands of islands and is surrounded by the ring of fire making it have tons of volcanoes.

Bye for now 🙂

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