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Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Numeracy | Posted on April 27, 2014

Last week we had a maths test. Except, it wasn’t like our normal tests. Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther told us what the topics were going to be and even let us have a ‘cheat sheet.’  A cheat sheet is an A4 sheet of paper with definitions and examples about the topics on the test.

The topics on the test were:

* Addition and Subtraction

* 12 and 24 hour time

* Data – mean, median and mode

* Counting patterns

* Rounding

* Shape

* Roman numerals

Even though we were allowed to use a cheat sheet during the test we still had to know the information and how to use it. Making a cheat sheet helped us revise the things we learnt last term. Before the test we hadn’t really learnt about Roman Numerals so it was also an opportunity for Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther to see how we could research something and find out about it ourselves. Cheat sheets are used in Secondary School so using one is also helping us to get ready for future types of tests at Secondary School.

The photos below show parts of some of our cheat sheets.

cheat sheet 1

cheat sheet 2

cheat sheet 3

cheat sheet 4

There were also some surprise questions on our test. We wonder if you can spot them and work out why they were included?

Do you think cheat sheets are a good or bad idea? Why?


Why do you think the ‘surprise’ questions were included in the test?




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Hi, I think this is a great idea but it did remind me very much of high school!

Hello world,

We are George and Brian. The maths test was really hard but we all think we had did pretty well.

Bye from George and Brian.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hey guys and gals!

The maths test to my point of view was not that hard at all! I actually didn’t need my cheat sheet, but honestly I think that sometimes, you don’t need a cheat sheet because questions like the surprise ones are based off of what the student knows! However, for tests like NAPLAN, which are harder and have a question for each subject is where you would want a cheat sheet, but from my view, they are good or bad in some situations, it just depends on the user themselves.

I think that the surprise questions are:
17 and…
You may make a reply to share which ones you think the surprise questions are OR to correct me. Also, I think the surprise questions are there because the teachers needed to test the raw knowledge of the child or student.

These are my answers and my question is:
Which ones do you think are the surprise questions?

I hope you all have a nice day!


Hi Grayson,

I agree that the surprise questions were 5, 8, 17 and 23. Question 14 was also a bit of a surprise question because tests don’t normally ask you who are sitting next to. The surprise questions were thrown in because you never know completely what to expect in a test and you should always have a go at all questions. After all, you have nothing to lose! The surprise questions were also different types of questions (multiple choice, box etc) and it’s good to be prepared for all sorts of questions.

Glad to hear that you found the test okay.

Miss Crowther 🙂


I think the cheat sheet was a good idea because it gives us a head start on high schooling so we won’t be wasting our time asking questions and will get the test done. Well that’s easy because you already told us that – it’s to see if we were reading the questions right!

Bye Alani

Hi everyone it’s Mia,

I think the maths test was a lot of fun. I think the cheat sheet was a great idea because it helped us out and it made the test a bit easier. The reason why I think the surprise questions were included in the test was to make the test fun!!

What was your favourite part of the test?

Bye for now from Mia 🙂

It seemed to me that everyone did enjoy the test, everything from developing your cheat sheet to the actual day of the test. Well done everyone. I saw many people learn something new as they worked on their cheat sheet. Now it is XI o’clock so I better go!!


I think revision sheets are a very good idea, they help you re-learn a bit and they help you get ready just before your test, so you don’t have to get worried.
I don’t like the name cheat-sheet because it sounds like you are doing something wrong

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for visiting our blog! Yes, I suppose cheat sheets do sound like you are doing something wrong. I hadn’t really thought about it like that before. Perhaps we will rename them revision sheets as you suggest. I agree that they help you get ready for your test and help calm the nerves!

Miss Crowther

I think that this is a great opportunity to sample the way things are done in Secondary School. I like the idea of cheat sheets because it allows you to concentrate on the process and not on recalling numerous rules and formulas. I would love to see the results of your tests. It will be interesting to see how your estimate of your score compares with what you actually achieve.

Good luck!

Hi Everyone,

I found the test quite easy but a bit challenging.

Cheat sheets definitely give you an advantage going into the test and make it a lot easier. I think the surprise questions were added to make it funnier and to make it more fun.

From Cam 🙂

To Everyone,

I loved doing the test it was so fun! Cheat sheets are a great idea because it helps you understand the test before it and you can get ready for the test.
You told us what the surprise questions were for!

From TaylaJade 🙂

Hello everyone,

I think having a cheat sheet is good to have with you when you are doing a test because you don’t have to spend all your time thinking about what the answer is and when you need to do a cheat sheet for high school most people will be asking lots of questions about how to do it. But we will know.

The surprise questions were to see if you were reading the test questions correctly.

Bye for Now,
Olivia M

Hi Everyone,

Do you think the cheat sheets are a good or bad idea:
I think cheat sheets are a good idea because you get prepared for secondary school. It is also good because you get advice from your teacher rather than when you’re in high you just get told what to do. So people at Upper Plenty get to know what it is like getting a cheat sheet.

Why do you think the surprise questions were in the test:
I think they were included so that we could have a 2 min break and think about something fun instead of thinking maths! (even though I think maths is FUN!!) 🙂

Have you done a test like that in high school before?
What is it like being in high school?

Written By Olivia S

Hello everyone!

What I think of cheat sheets is that they are useful because it is a sort of bypass.

Why I think the surprise questions are included is because maybe it is for bonus points.

Hello everyone,

The cheat sheet is a good thing to have because it can help you do your test.
I think the surprise questions were in the test to test us!

From Kayla:)

Hi Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek,
It’s great to know the maths test is over! But, I think that doing the surprise questions were a good idea! I believe you put them in so it wasn’t as likely to get 100% as it would be without them.

See you later(and please, no more maths tests!) I’ve even looked it up in French:
S’il vous plaît, des tests plus de maths!

Eve! 🙂

Bonjour Eve!

That was very clever of you to look up the French way to say please no more maths tests. 🙂 Unfortunately, it won’t work!

I think everyone did a brilliant job preparing their cheat sheets/revision sheets, reading each question carefully and answering all the questions. It is great preparation for high school and you might thank us down the track!!

Au revoir
Miss Crowther 🙂

Hi all,
I think that the maths test was a great chance for high school. 91% I THOUGHT WAS A GREAT SCORE FOR ME AND I LOOK FORWARD TO MORE tests with Cheat sheets in the future.
Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi Chelsea,

I agree, the maths tests were great preparation for high school. Everyone did a great job preparing their cheat sheets/revision sheets and concentrating throughout the whole test. We were really impressed with how everyone showed their workings out. It certainly earned extra marks!

Congratulations on your test. There will certainly be more tests to look forward to!

Miss Crowther 🙂


It was a really good and hard maths test because I forgot to bring my cheat sheet. But next time I will remember to bring it in so I get a higher score. But I still did a pretty good job.

Ok, bye for now. Seth is out

OMG! The test scared me to death but luckily my fabulous teachers thought of the cheat sheet to help me along the way. I got a result that I would never expect!

Thanks Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek for letting us do the cheat sheet!

From Marnie

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