A Marvellous Market Night


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On Friday afternoon we set up our stall at the school market.  For the past few weeks we have been planning and organising our market stall items and it was finally time to see if our hard work had been enough.  We made some of the items and people chose something from home to donate (with parent permission of course!). Click HERE to read Billie and Tanyshah’s previous post for more details about our preparations.

We were rostered on for different times throughout the evening and had a steady stream of customers all night. The lucky dip prizes were very popular and we sold out!  Towards the end of the evening we reduced our prices and sold a few more of the other items.



Having a market stall was lots of fun and it also helped us learn:

* You can do more if you work together

* People have different strengths and can use them to do different jobs

* You have to think about what items people will want to buy and what they will pay for them

* Deals like ’50 cents each or 3 for $1′ work

* How to calculate change

* Reducing prices at the end of the night helps sell a few more things

* It’s important to set up your stall well to advertise the items so people want to buy them

* There are expenses running a stall that you have to pay before you get to make a profit

It cost us $10 for the stall spot and we put in a $6 float for change. After paying Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther back, it looks like we have made abut $70 for our class bank account. We haven’t made a final decision on how to spend it yet. It might be used to rent a class pet, buy things for Genius Hour or other class projects.


What would you sell if you ran a market stall?


How do you think we should spend our $70?



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Hi everyone

The market was good fun. I liked the way you set up your stall. Making $70 is hard work so well done everyone!!!


Hi fellow bloggers

Well, I think I would sell thickshakes and toffee apples. It sounds like a strange combination but I’m sure it would sell. I’m not sure what you should spend your fair money on, maybe better sports facilities?


Hi 5/6 Upps

I’d have a cup cake stall with chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes and banana cup cake and it would come in two sizes small and large.
If I had $70 I’d save it for next time i do a stall.

Sincerely James E

Hello Miss Crowther and class,

I am Ben.

Now your question, if I had $70 I would buy Macdonalds apple pies. (I bet you that I would (sigh), but I dont have that kind of money)

See you next time!



I think you should spend your $70 on sports equiptment for your class.

If I ran a market store I might sell cakes and biscuits.


I think that your market stall was great. very creative items and well supported given that you raised $70! If you are having trouble with spending the money I have a few ideas for my office. A foot massage bath…a yoga mat…..a hot chocolate machine….a manicurist!!! Just putting it out there!

Hi everyone,

I think everyone in the 5/6 Team did an excellent job running the market stall on Friday. Team does go a long way!
With all the money we have I think we should put it towards our class pet. I think it would be enough for us to buy the pet and give it a cage (if needed!)

If I ran a stall I would sell some sewing things. I would one day like to own a shop with that stuff in it.

How do you think our stall went?
What are the improvements for another time?

Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hello everyone,

The market night was a long time ago now but I still remember how fun it was! I had a job at our stall and also had to help Mia with the stall she was running. It was a fun and busy night.

I also had fun afterwards, at the Skype night. Now to answer the questions above!

If you ran a stall, what would you sell?
If I ran a stall I would sell dance gear and singing gear, I think. I love singing and dancing so that’s what I would sell if I owned or ran a stall.

How do you think we should spend our $70?
I think we should spend our $70 on education stuff or something fun for our class to do or make!

Bye for now,
Tayla-Jade 🙂 🙂

Hello everyone,

I think the 5/6 team did a excellent job running the market night. if I were running a stall I would sell anything to do with music. With the $70 I think we should buy things to help with Genius Hour.

Bye Ebony

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