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Guest post by Billie and Tanyshah

This week 5\6 Team have been really, really busy! We have been making bookmarks, loom bracelets, lucky dip prizes and signs for…



We are really excited about selling all sorts of stuff and raising money for our school. It has been super-dooper fun, enjoyable and we hope you can come (if you live locally!) There will be many stalls other than ours that are also very interesting. Just writing this is making me hungry because there is going to be a cupcake stall, MMM YUMMY!!

Here are some photos of us getting ready for our market stall.







We will fill you in with how it went after it has happened!

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Hi guys and gals,
Am looking forward to seeing your Market Stall goodies tonight, have you decided on your charity yet? I cant remember seeing the charity you chose to send your profits too. I hope you sell all your stock tonight as this will make you all feel very rewarded for all your hardwork!!! Well done 5’s and 6’s.
☆☆☆☆☆☆Good luck★★★★★★

Hi Andrea,

I can’t wait to see the stall set up either! We’re actually not sending any profits to a charity straight away. Instead, we are going to have a class bank account and decide how we may spend our money. It might be that we donate it to charity, rent a class pet or buy some materials for Genius Hour or another project we have in mind (but haven’t told the kids about yet!) for Term Three.

Everyone has worked so hard to make everything. It’s been a real team effort.

See you at the market!

Miss Crowther

Well done 5/6 team!
I can see in the photos you have produced a few different items to sell. The best part is that you are all having ‘super – dooper fun’ 😀
I hope you have a very successful market stall 🙂
Keep up the great work.

Hi Kerry,

We hope you like bookmarks because we have about 100 to sell! It has been a lot of fun making everything and doing all the preparations. Hopefully all the hard work pays off and we have a great night at the market.

See you there!

Miss Crowther

It’s great to see all the hard work you have done this week. I’m sure the 5/6 stall will be excellent. Have a great night!

Hi Ms Bolmat,

It was a super night! Everyone’s hard work paid off and we sold lots of bookmarks and bracelets. We also took lots of photos to show you.

Miss Crowther 🙂

Hi class 5/6,

If I had $70 I would buy sports equipment.

If i ran a market stall I would sell fresh fruit and vegtables and pets.

from Ava.

Hello everyone,

I bought a lot of stuff including horse statue, lots of book marks, games, a lucky dip prize and also a teddy that was so cute and fluffy I just could not say no!


It appears that you do some fun and exciting projects in your class.Your SKYPE night would have been heaps of fun I bet and raising money from a stall whether it be for a charity or for your own use is good practice for ‘life skills’ in knowing that to achieve good things you must make an effort.Thankyou for having me at your genius morning.It certainly was packed full of interesting projects and you are all certainly very talented indeed.

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