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This week in spelling we are focusing on the ‘e’ as in bed sound. There are different ways we can make this sound. Sometimes the letter ‘e’ makes the sound, such as in the word bed. At other times, the digraph (two letters) ‘ea’ makes the sound, like in bread. Occasionally, the digraph ‘ai’ makes the sound in words such as said. The digraph ‘eo’  also makes the sound in the word leopard.

Today we decided to write a short story using as many words with the ‘e’ as in bed sound. Here it is…

One sunny morning, Fred was in bed. He fell out and bumped his head. He imagined he saw a leopard on a red sled eating bread. His mum Evelyn fled in from the shed holding a medical book. His dad, Ed, stayed outside and fed the family’s ten hens.


His mum said, “Fred, is your head okay? I hope you’re not dead!”

Fred said…


Can you continue the story using words with the ‘e’ as in bed sound?


What other letter/s do you know that can make this week’s sound?




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Hey 5/6 Team,

Liking the story but we’re here to make it better.

One sunny morning, Fred was in bed. He fell out and bumped his head. He imagined he saw a leopard on a red sled eating bread. His mum Evelyn fled in from the shed holding a medical book. His dad, Ed, stayed outside and fed the family’s ten hens.

His mum said, “Fred, is your head okay? I hope you’re not dead!”

Fred said, “I think I broke my head on the edge of my bed.”

Fred’s sister Benjalina was making some get well bread when she slipped and pushed Fred off the bed. Fred got up and sat on the balcony bed. Fred got a fright and fell off the edge into a ivy hedge and was eaten by Ed’s ten demented hens.


Evelyn said, “Ed come here. Fred might be dead.”

Ed came in and gave Fred dessert. Fred thought he was in the desert but then he said “Is that a hen in that pen?” Fred didn’t know what he was saying. Then after a while Fred was fine and he wasn’t dead.

The End.

Hi 5/6 Team, Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek,

Fred said…
“Ow, did I just bump my head?” Evelyn yelled, “You did not bump your head did you?”

So Fred said, “I must have burnt my head instead. I better to go outside and check if my hens are still there because what if the leopards eat my hens instead of the red bread?”

Evelyn said, “Fred where are you?”

Fred said, “I am outside checking my hens because what if the leopard eats my hens!!”

Evelyn said, “Get a move on Fred!!” 🙂

“Okay I will check my hens and will be back in Evelyn,” said Fred.

Written by Olivia S @ UPPS!!! 🙂

Hi this is Brian and Seth here,

Fred said nothing but “HENSSS.” His mum went crazy repeating herself saying, “FRED FRED FRED.”

Fred said, “HENSS again.” Then he stopped and said “My head hurts really badly. What happened mum? Am I ok?”

Fred’s mum said, “You are fine. You just need to go to the hospital.”

Fred was in shock and said, “Why?”

Mum said “Your head has split open.”

Fred said, “Whereabouts Mum?”

She said, “On top of your head.”

He started crying. By the time he got to the hospital he was a sleep.

Hi 5/6s,
I’ll continue the story for you…

“….I hope you’re not dead!”

Fred said, “Of course I’m not dead, that sure would be a sight!”

Evelyn looked in the medical book. “It says you need to go to the desert.”

Fred really did look dead now. “For a broken head?” He asked.

“BROKEN HEAD!” Fred’s Mum screamed.

Looking in the medical book, Fred frowned, “Screaming will make you lose your breath in 3, 2, 1, now.”

So, to cure herself, Evelyn had to eat dessert 4 times a day instead of once until she grew so fat she burst. But at least she was cured. That’s what the medical book said. And Fred went to the desert and he now doesn’t have a broken head. Or a Mum.

By Eve 🙂

Hi guys, this is the rest of the story that I continued on with:

Fred said…..
“Yes I’m dead”
Fred’s Mum Evelyn then called, “ED FRED’S DEAD!”
Ed came in and said “We need to call Ned our Head Master”
Mum said “Don’t be silly!”

Ed and Eveyln didn’t care about their son Fred. They just left him there. The leopard saw Fred and ate him in his bed.


From Bailey

Hi Everyone,

Here’s our continuation of Fred’s Head:

Fred said, “Yes, I am dead.” And then he died. He woke up in heaven and said “Where have my ten hens gone?”

Suddenly, there was ice cream in front of him.”YES!” he said.

He started enjoying the ice cream but then everything started to fade away. He woke up back in his bed. He checked his head but it didn’t hurt. It was all a dream.

Hello 5/6 Team, Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek,

Today on this comment we will be continuing the ‘e’ as in ‘bed’ story.

Here it is…

Fred said, “I’m not dead but I was imagining a leopard on a red sled eating bread.”
Then his dad Ed came in and said, “What was that big thud in Fred’s bedroom?”
“It was just Fred because he fell off the bed,” said Evelyn.
Someone was knocking on the bed and they all didn’t know what it was. Everybody was scared and jumped on the bed and saw little Ned knocking on the bed with his little toy shed. Mum read all the pages about bumping heads and how to end the pain of bumping heads. After reading all the pages about bumping heads she gave the medical book to Fred. So Fred read the medical book and told Ed and Evelyn that he had to take some red medicine. After taking the red medicine he had to go to bed for ten hours. After ten hours he was really crazy.
The end

Bye for Now,
Olivia M and Alani

Fred said “Get me a pen”.
His friend Ned was at the door and said “Fred are you in there?”
Fred said “I’m on the floor and I might be dead.”
Ned said “I don’t think you’re dead Fred if you’re talking to me!”
Instantly Fred said “But I am seeing things and are out of y perfectly red bed”.
Ned burst open the door and started to yell at Fred and then said to Fred “you’re not dead, now come on get ready because Ted’s waiting to go sledding with us.”
So Fred got ready as fast as he could, ate his bread, got a red sled out of his shed and said goodbye to Ed, his dad. When he got to Ned and Ted he realised that there was a hen in his sled but the race started. So he went with the hen in the sled and won the race and won a trip to Mexico, a bowl of lettuce and a loaf of bread with fried hen. And that is the end of Fred’s Head!!!

Great stories, guys!
It reminded me of a story I used to read to my children when they were little, called ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ by Jez Alborough, I can still remember most of it! Eddy’s off to find his teddy, Eddy’s teddy’s name is Freddy! He lost him in the wood somewhere, it’s dark and horrible in there! Maybe you could have a go at making your stories rhyme?

This week we were doing the spelling sound ‘ee’ as in he, which has a lot of the same letter combinations as our ‘e’ – so for example head for your ‘e’ and bead for our ‘ee’. Can you think of an eo word which says ‘ee’? We could only think of one!
Mrs Monaghan

Hi Mrs Monaghan,

‘Where’s My Teddy?’ sounds like a great book. We could have a lot of fun rhyming with Eddy’s teddy called Freddy!

We are looking at the sound ‘ee’ as in he next week. You could be our teachers! I can only think of ‘people’ as a word that has ‘eo’ that makes an ‘ee’ sound. Was that the one you were thinking of?

English is such a tricky language when the same letters can make a different sound depending on the word they’re in. We also discovered a word like ‘read’ can be said in two different ways depending on the sentence. For example, I am going to read my book tonight and I read my book last night. One of them matches your sound of the week and one matches our sound of the week.

Happy spelling!

Miss Crowther

I dread to say, I tried to be led, and finish the story but it messed with my head, so I just wrote this comment instead! 🙂

Hi 5/6 Team, Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther
From Olivia S 🙂 🙂 🙂

Fred said…
“Of course I’m not dead, I just bumped my head on the bed.” Then Ed, his Dad came running in and said, “Did I hear that my son was dead? FRED, FRED, are you dead?”
Ben, Fred’s step brother said, “Did my step brother fall off the edge of the bed?”
“No, No, No! I’m not dead, I just hit my head on the bed head,” said Fred.

To be continued……

From Kaitlyn <3 🙂

Hey everybody,

How’s school? What fun have you had without me?

I like your new blog.

Fred said…
“No of course not. But I’ll tell you how it happened if you want. It started when I was walking back from Ben’s house – when I went past the shops on the way. I saw a bakery where there was bread, bread, bread (as far as the eye could see). So I went in and said, “Why is there so much bread, and why is there a bump on your head?” The baker replied, “When I was making some bread, I glanced over to the wall over at the far bench. There was a letter explaining that there would be a bed for sale on Wednesday. So on Wednesday, I went and bought the bed for exactly one hundred and ten dollars. So then I brought it home and jumped on it. Then I fell, knocked my head on the bed head. Jenny (my mum) thought I was dead. Take my advice and never, never jump on your bed.” “Ok,” I replied. So I kept walking home, past the shops, and past Jed’s house as well. But then I came to a wedding, taking place in Tredhill Park Reserve. I thought it was strange. But I kept on walking till I came to a betting store. I went in but the man said I had to be at least ten years old to bet. Then I went home. I remembered what the baker had said. So I decided to try it. And that is how I hurt my head on the bed head.” My mum replied, ” YOU ARE SUCH A NAUGHTY BOY! you’re grounded for ten weeks.

The End.

From Daniel. 🙂

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