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We have been using Twitter to collaborate with other schools around the world. Twitter is a program that lets you send instant messages (called tweets) using 140 characters or less to other ‘Twitterers.’

We have learnt:

* That it is okay to use ‘text’ talk and spelling in a tweet to save on characters. For example, you can spell ‘great’ as ‘gr8’ and ‘to’ as ‘2’.

* The tweet still needs to have a beginning, middle and end.

* Sometimes you can take out words to give you more characters and the tweet will still make sense.

* You need to address your tweet using ‘@’ if you are sending it to someone specific.

* It is really important to reread, revise and edit your tweets to make sure they make sense – just like you would for any other text.

Our current ‘Twitter’ project is with Mrs Monaghan and Class 2 (@class2middleham) in England and Mrs Yollis’ and her third graders (@YollisClass) in America.  We have been tweeting clues for mystery numbers. Each class has a special day of the week that they tweet the clues and the other two classes try to work out the mystery number. When we tweet our clues on Monday, Mrs Monaghan and Mrs Yollis and their classes are still enjoying their weekend. Whilst we are sleeping on Monday night, they reply to our tweet.


Our Mystery Number conversation

Our Mystery Number conversation


Capture 1

Another ‘Twitter’ conversation



Capture 3


Tweeting mystery number clues has helped us use and learn mathematical vocabulary. Some of the words we use are the same and some are different. We learnt what a ‘digital root’ is because we had to Google it to find out what Mrs Monaghan’s clues meant.  To find the digital root you add the digits of a number together. For example, 234 has a digital root of 2+3+4 = 9


We have also been using Twitter to connect with Mrs S and 5/6CS in Tasmania for a weather tracking project. Mrs S set up a Google Docs spreadsheet for us to use to collect information about our weather. Some of our other blogging friends are also joining in so we have been able to compare weather from England, America, Darwin, Hobart and Melbourne.


Capture 2


Have you used Twitter before? Tell us about it!


Can you give us some ‘Mystery Number’ clues?


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Hi 5/6 TEAM, Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek

Yes, I haved used twitter at my friends house and at school of course with all 5/6 TEAM. I think twitter is a great website to get to know more people and have a chat about what has been going on around your place/house. When I am older I am going to have a twitter account. It is awesome getting to know more people around the world and getting to know what they have been up too like what I said before.

Yes, In class I have said about some mystery clues and most of them we have done have been tricky and fun, 5/6 TEAM loves writing mystery numbers because we only get 110 characters and we always try to fit a smiling face in!!! 🙂

I have lots of fun on twitter with 5/6 TEAM, I really have fun on it because we have a little joke when we go on twitter.

Bye Olivia S
P.S I better go now and I will speak soon!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 HA HA HA HA HA!!!
PPP P.S Have a good night

Hi Miss Crowther, Mrs Placek and all the 5/6 team

I was so glad to read the explanations in this post about your mystery number tweets as I had seen the tweets come through our class twitter feed and some of the terms you used had me very confused.

Your explanation of digital root was very clear and I have learnt something new. It is always nice to learn something new.

Our weather data has been very interesting to look at as each of our buddies has added some more information. It has been very interesting to see some of similarities between places that are so far apart. The Northern Hemisphere results compared to the Southern Hemisphere results for example.


Mrs S


Yes I have used Twitter before at my house to talk to my friends that are in the city at Yarraville where I used to live. Twitter is something that you can chat on and send messages to people like friends and family. 🙂

Sorry I can’t write any more I’m to leave to go to camping on the beach.

Talk to you soon. Bye!

Dear Miss Crowther & 5/6Team,
We are really enjoying working with you again! The twitter project is very challenging, but enjoyable. We have learned that it’s hard to be specific in so few characters, and we are practising writing mystery numbers with only one possible answer – that’s hard! This week we had to learn about the order of operations, and that anything within brackets must be calculated first. What a great learning tool!
Looking forward to more mystery numbers in the coming weeks,
Mrs Monaghan & A Room with a View

Mrs. Crowther and 5/6 students,
Sounds like you are very busy down under. Lots of projects going. We thought your tweets sounded interesting but difficult to keep the characters to just a few and vocabulary and math terms are different around the world.
If you kids want another challenge they might like tuning in to our National Park Mystery clues on our blog site. Right now the parks are in the US. So have a go and try to figure it out. The first clue is there now.

Dear Miss Crowther, Mrs Placek and 5/6 Team,
At home my mum uses Twitter sometimes to post what she is cooking for dinner. She puts the ingredients in and a ‘YUM’ at the end. For an example I’m going to use Roast Chicken in 123 characters:

Carrots, Beans, Pumpkin, Roast Chicken, Potatoes and Gravy, YUM!
I used 64 characters including spaces and punctuation, Twitter is really fun to use as class, I can’t wait to be 13!

On the mystery number side of things, I have a few for you to get!

(19-12) x3 = ?????

(12×4) + 2 (-4) = ?????

70 x 2 + (-39) = ?????

Can you guess any of my mystery numbers?

Eve 🙂

Dear Mrs Placek, Miss Crowther and 5/6 Team,

Yes, I have used Twitter before, I am in 5/6 Team. I like doing the Mystery numbers for other classes and also figuring out other classes Mystery Numbers. It is hard to do a comment on Twitter because you only have 140 characters to use. An example of a comment on Twitter is:

M.N: (23 + 48) + (3 x 7) – 12 = (?) What is the Mystery Number? Can you figure it out?

I used 88 characters (including spaces)! See what I mean? You don’t have a lot of characters.

Tayla-Jade (5/6 Team)

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