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Each Friday, teams of students take it in turns to teach the class something.  Lessons can be about anything but must teach the class a skill of some kind.  Instead of the normal weekly homework, the team of ‘Student Teachers’ fill out a lesson plan.  The lesson plan has a whole class focus, independent task and finishes with a reflection and summary – just like our other sessions!

This week was the first week our ‘Student Teachers’ ran a session.  The girls taught us how to make special cards.  In the whole class focus we revised why we write cards and brainstormed possible messages to put in them.  In the independent learning time we could make a card to anyone we chose.


The whole class focus

The whole class focus


Student teachers modelling the task

Student teachers modelling the task


photo (10)


photo (11)


photo (11a)


photo (13)


photo 1




photo (15)


We wonder what we will learn next.  Will it be a new sporting skill?  Maybe it will be how to use a new website?  Or, another art based session?  Whatever it is, we can’t wait!


What would you teach us if you were the teacher?


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This is a great idea. I would like to have learnt how to make the cards! Would you be able to let me know what classes are happening so that I can try and come to some.

I liked seeing, via the uploaded photos, that people had their hands up showing an interest in the girls presentation.

It also appeared that people were on task with the independent learning time. Which is fantastic 🙂

Working together to plan and implement a lesson is a brilliant way to improve teamwork skills.

I have a question – Does the group get feedback from their peers on their strengths and weaknesses?

Keep up the great work 😀

Hi 5/6, Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek,

I am having fun learning how to play games I have never played before at school and some I have played before, here are some games we have played…
*40, 40 Home Base
*Dodge ball
*We learnt how to make cards
*Super dodge ball
That is just about all.

When it’s my turn at being a teacher I am not sure what I will do. I have not decided yet.

Do you have an idea of what we could teach the class?

Have you done something like this before at your school?

Bye got to go
Olivia S @ 5/6

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